Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Region 7AA-8AA)

The playoffs are upon us and as is usual this time of the year I like to put forth my All-Region teams. I have gotten some input from coaches and I have been to over 200 games this season and seen over 130 different teams. Hope you enjoy. These selections are based on the regular season. Each team will consist of an MVP and 9 other members, as well as; 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. Players are listed in particular order on the All-Region team.




Region 7AA

District 13AA Projected Champion: Westview

District 13AA Projected MVP: Garrett Sams (Westview)

District 14AA Projected Champion: Jackson Southside

District 14AA Projected MVP: D.J. Jackson (Fayette-Ware)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 7AA All-Region Team

Garrett Sams (Westview) MVP

D.J. Jackson (Fayette-Ware)

Joe Wiggins (Obion County)

Justin Johnson (Westview)

Terrandous Smith (Jackson Southside)

Kevin Spencer (Dyersburg)

Mikkel Normant (Fayette-Ware)

Josh Greer (Jackson Southside)

Nathan King (Obion County)

Geordan Reed (Jackson Southside)


Honorable Mention

Logan Dyess (South Gibson)

David Terburgh (Bolivar Central)

Tedrick Hughes (Jackson Southside)

Christian Linton (Lexington)

Brandon Walker (McNairy Central)

Cordarious Miller (Fayette-Ware)




Region 8AA

District 15AA Projected Champion: Haywood

District 15AA Projected MVP: Isaiah Crawley (Ripley)

District 16AA Projected Champion: Sheffield/Craigmont

District 16AA Projected MVP: Antonio Reed (Douglass)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 8AA All-Region Team

Isaiah Crawley (Ripley) MVP

Tristan Jarrett (Haywood)

Cedric Jefferson (Craigmont)

Adell Mooney (Sheffield)

Reggie Holmes (Covington)

Antonio Reed (Douglass)

Dedric Boyd (Haywood)

Neil Blanchard (Craigmont)

Chavis Fuller (Jackson Northside)

Malcolm Taylor (Covington)


Honorable Mention

Chris Joyner (Raleigh-Egypt)

Mickey Falls (Trezevant)

Damien Fleming (Manassas)

Diego Womack (Jackson Northside)

David Murry (Liberty Tech)

Martavious Porter (Westwood)

Mario Williams (Sheffield)



Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected State Tournament Participants: Westview and Craigmont