Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Region 3AAA-4AAA)

The playoffs are upon us and as is usual this time of the year I like to put forth my All-Region teams. I have gotten some input from coaches and I have been to over 200 games this season and seen over 130 different teams. Hope you enjoy. These selections are based on the regular season. Each team will consist of an MVP and 9 other members, as well as; 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. Players are listed in particular order on the All-Region team.




Region 3AAA

District 5AAA Projected Champion: Bradley Central

District 5AAA Projected MVP: Kenny Bunton (Walker Valley)

District 6AAA Projected Champion: White County

District 6AAA Projected MVP: Cade Crosland (White County)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3AAA All-Region Team

Kenny Bunton (Walker Valley) MVP

Brad McCurdy (Bradley Central)

Cade Crosland (White County)

Josh Jones (Walker Valley)

Cole Copeland (Bradley Central)

Pierce Whited (White County)

K.K. Curry (Cleveland)

Bryric Savage (Cookville)

Mitchell Lamb (White County)

Silas Clark (Cumberland County)


Honorable Mention

Trevor Gaines (Warren County)

Bryce Nunnelly (Walker Valley)

Cantrell Ware (Cleveland)

Jacob Fresh (White County)

Justin Dozier (East Hamilton)

Tristan Norman (Stone Memorial)

Noah Hiliger (Cookeville)




Region 4AAA

District 7AAA Projected Champion: Blackman

District 7AAA Projected MVP: Cedriontis Wilson (Blackman)

District 8AAA Projected Champion: Columbia Central

District 8AAA Projected MVP: Brandon Levier (Columbia Central)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4AAA All-Region Team

Cedriontis Wilson (Blackman) MVP

Kirk Kemp (Lawrence County)

Brandon Levier (Columbia Central)

Marquis Davis (LaVergne)

Christian DeWitt (Blackman)

Tre Jones (Oakland)

Paris Brown (Columbia Central)

Jarrell Reeves (Blackman)

Bryce Clifft (Lawrence County)

Jonathan Matthews (Riverdale)


Honorable Mention

Jamal Harden (Shelbyville)

Donovan Sims (Blackman)

Braxton Eddings (Siegel)

Brayden Jackson (Stewart's Creek)

Cody Lester (Franklin County)

Tavon Jelks (Oakland)

Omar Lyons (Siegel)



Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected State Tournament Participants: Blackman and Walker Valley