Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Region 3AA-4AA)

The playoffs are upon us and as is usual this time of the year I like to put forth my All-Region teams. I have gotten some input from coaches and I have been to over 200 games this season and seen over 130 different teams. Hope you enjoy. Each team will consist of an MVP and 9 other members, as well as; 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. Players are listed in particular order on the All-Region team.




Region 3AA

District 5AA Projected Champion: McMinn Central

District 5AA Projected MVP: Bryce Mason (McMinn Central)

District 6AA Projected Champion: Chattanooga Central

District 6AA Projected MVP: Ryan Montgomery (Chattanooga Central)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3AA All-Region Team

Ryan Montgomery (Chattanooga Central) MVP

Dajonte Ross (Brainerd)

Bryce Mason (McMinn Central)

Braden Strickland (Sequoyah)

Kevin Cameron (Tyner Academy)

Malik McConnell (Red Bank)

Terron Hayes (Chattanooga Central)

Jessie Walker (Brainerd)

Brett Spurgeon (Sweetwater)

Jordan Carter (McMinn Central)


Honorable Mention

Kentrell Evans (Brainerd)

Jeremy Elston (Tyner Academy)

Austin Harmon (Sequoyah)

Kolbi Suttles (Red Bank)

Dalton Bogus (Loudon)

Braven Horton (Hixson)

Jamichael Poole (Chattanooga Central)



Region 4AA

District 7AA Projected Champion: Notre Dame/Chattanooga Christian

District 7AA Projected MVP: Tyler Byrd (Notre Dame)

District 8AA Projected Champion: Upperman

District 8AA Projected MVP: Ben Guffey (Upperman)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4AA All-Region Team

Tyler Byrd (Notre Dame) MVP

Josh Endicott (Upperman)

Colton Blevins (York Institute)

Ryan Rhodes (Chattanooga Christian)

Camron Huff (Smith County)

Ben Guffey (Upperman)

Michael Asburn (Macon County)

Noah Bartley (Sequatchie County)

Austyn McWilliams (Upperman)

Jalen Sheperson (Smith County)


Honorable Mention

Austin Martin (Cannon County)

Riley Melancon (Bledsoe County)

John Rhoades (Chattanooga Central)

Xander Miller (Livingston Academy)

Seth Carlisle (Macon County)

Kolbi McGowan (Notre Dame)

Austin Shrum (Upperman)

Shemar King (Smith County)



Tennessee Prep Hoops Projected State Tournament Participants: Chattanooga Central and Upperman