Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams (Region 1AA-2AA)

The playoffs are upon us and as is usual this time of the year I like to put forth my All-Region teams. I have gotten some input from coaches and I have been to over 200 games this season and seen over 130 different teams. Hope you enjoy. These selections are based on the regular season. Each team will consist of an MVP and 9 other members, as well as; 5 to 8 honorable mention selections. Players are listed in no particular order on the All-Region team.






Region 1AA

District 1AA Regular Season Champion: Sullivan East

District 1AA Tournament Champion: Sullivan East

District 1AA Regular Season MVP: Gavin Grubb (Sullivan East)

District 2AA Regular Season Champion: Grainger

District 2AA Tournament Champion: Grainger

District 2AA Regular Season MVP: Justin Warner (Grainger)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2AA All-Region Team

Gavin Grubb (Sullivan East) MVP

Michael Robinson (Elizabethton)

Takeem Young (Greeneville)

Justin Warner (Grainger)

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County)

Cole Green (Sullivan East)

Nathan Hayes (Grainger)

Dorian Goddard (Greenville)

Evan Morris (Sullivan South)

Marquis Fifield (Grainger)


Honorable Mention:

Austin Hicks (Happy Valley)

Dalton Conn (Grainger)

Tyler Arnold (Sullivan North)

Dylan Putnam (Unicoi County)

Alex Norwood (Elizabethton)

Preston England (Cumberland Gap)



 Region 2AA

District 3AA Regular Season Champion: Fulton

District 3AA Tournament Champion: Fulton

District 3AA Regular Season MVP: Chris Hunter (Austin East)

District 4AA Regular Season Champion: Knoxville Catholic

District 4AA Tournament Champion: Knoxville Catholic

District 4AA Regular Season MVP: Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2AA All-Region Team

Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic) MVP

Dante Harris (Alcoa)

Isaiah Sulak (CAK)

Trey Davis (Fulton)

Adam Hurd (Carter)

Brock Jancek (Knoxville Catholic)

Hunter Reynolds (CAK)

Markeese Sheeley (Fulton)

Jack Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic)

Chris Hunter (Austin East)


Honorable Mention:

Barron Nease (Union County)

Chase Kuerschen (Knoxville Catholic)

Zayquan Gillespie (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Darius Harper (Austin East)

Edward Lacey (Fulton)

Jonathan Webb (Alcoa)

Micah Wilkinson (Pigeon Forge)