Team Nashville Keeps it Right at Mullens High Profile

Over in St. Louis the Mullens High Profile event featured the styling's of Team Nashville as its Volunteer state representative.




In the 17 and under division Team Nashville finished 3-2 behind sterling play from newcomer Chad Culbreath (Ripley). The rising senior guard is what some may consider an under the radar talent. He has a scoring mentality and understands how to play the game. Once he grasps the point guard mentality to the fullest he will be hard to deal with.


Jalen Washington (Stewart's Creek) and Yalen Reed (Station Camp) each had outstanding events in the Gateway City. Washington is a lanky wing/power forward who has a slight build but has the length and skill level to be effective. His best basketball is still years away from him. Reed, a 2016 kid, continues to improve his shooting and has realized his body and length are his biggest weapon. Bright future.

Coaches were quick to praise the effort and contributions of Kevonta Davis (Hillsboro).

Ladarious Chester (Florida) can wow the crowd with his athletic prowess but the former Memphis prep and current Prep School member is beginning to understand there is more to the game than highlight dunks.

Down in the 16 and under division, Team Nashville played some tight game desite finishing the event at 1-4. James Boone (Kentucky) was the top scorer consistently throughout the event while Case Bouldin (Ravenwood) provided key buckets with his deep range and shooting prowess.

Coaches sighted the play of Cedric Kirk (McGavock) for his effort and consistency on the boards and defensively while kudos were drawn for Anthony Ramsey (Pearl Cohn).

2-2 was the final mark for Team Nashville in the 15 and under division. Tavin Lovin (Kentucky) played solid throughout the event as Team Nashville showed they were a viable competitor at this age group.

Ruot Monyyong (Hunter's Lane) continues to improve on the interior and point guard Omar Lyons (Siegel) had a solid weekend according to the coaches.

The addition of the newcomers from Class AAA state champion Blackman went a long way in helping Team Nashville remain consistent and compete throughout the weekend. Donovan Sims (Blackman), David Ivey (Blackman) and Jalen White (Blackman) all made major contributions to the success achieved by the 15 and under group.