Team Memphis SBDR………Final Four at Battle of the Bluff

I always try to get information out on whomever is playing in the various events around the country. I try to attend what I can but many events overlap and thus I must depend on coaches, fans, parents or college coaches for info from a particular venue. Sometimes I have little to no info on a particular team and find out later the appropriate information.

It came to my attention that we missed on a pretty significant event at this past weeks Battle at the Bluff in Memphis.

Team Memphis SBDR advanced to the final four of the 16 and under division at the Battle falling in a tough double overtime contest for a chance to play in the title game.

This squad is full of talented players including from the guard spot Eric Watson (Mississippi), who also excels on the gridiron, Johnny Dunavent (Bolton), lefty stroker, Clay Hillyard (Bartlett) and Terry Ayers (Cordova).

Inside and on the wing another unsung talent who will raise some eyebrows this high school season is Walter Davis (Southwind). At 6-4 he's an incredible leaper, who once his strength comes along will be a viable player for the next level.

Quinton Alton (Fairley), Tevin Moore (Mississippi) and Cartrell Peterson (Treadwell) provide most of the inside spark. Peterson is another player who is lacking in the publicity department. He is one of the best rebounders in the city and has a solid back to the basket game. His stock is certainly on the rise as well.

Anderson Cunningham (Cordova) is a talented player with size and skill who is consistency away from being mentiioned with some of the best in his class.

Great job by the boys from the Bluff city and hopefully we will hear more about them in the coming weeks.