Team Camp Treasures



Hectic time of the year with the Pilot Rocky Top season getting ready to kick off, so I am in scramble mode trying to catch up some stories from a week ago.

Team Camps dominated the landscape last week and I had the fortunate experience of attending a few including Maryville College, Webb School @ Grace Christian and Tennessee.

10 Players who grabbed my attention:

T.J. Kimble (Maryville)

Played under control and was sticking the short jumper and making good basketball decisions for a group of teammates who can flat knock down the perimeter jumpers.

Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central)

"The Franchise" looked very comfortable on the court knocking down easy jumpers or exploding over everyone and throwing down a dunk on a teammate's missed shot.

Devin Schmidt (Sevier County)

Sports fans don't sleep on this kid, he has skills with the ball, great vision, shoots nicely and a real high basketball IQ, he has a solid body to go along with a substantial skill set.

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

The gangly striker was sticking them in from everywhere on the court. He even showed some extra moves off the dribble, when he gets to 6'7 we can say we knew him when.

Jalin Henderson (Oak Ridge)

Very active with the ball and finally finished at the rim, he is getting tougher and stronger the more he plays with the round ball.

Andre Wilson (Austin East)

Big guard is really starting to come into his own as a player and a leader for a talented group of Roadrunners.

Jordan Hall (Lenoir City)

Shot the ball very well and secured his first offer in the process. Hall has deep range and understands the game very well, bright future if he wants it.

Braxton Bonds (CPA)

He always had the moxie now he is getting the body to make some of this magic happen. Bonds is creative, smart, scores when needed and leads a team with poise.

Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial)

The coaching change did little to curtail the shooting exploits of our Mr. Rowan. When he is on just sit back and enjoy the show.

Burton Sampson (Knoxville Webb)

"Big Money" is a keeper for the Spartans. He knows how to score, when to score, when to drop dimes and always has a nose for the boards. He is special.


Here are some more guys who played well during my time at the three team camps:

Cory Fagan (Oak Ridge)

Rian Hall (Oak Ridge)

Isaac Merion (Oak Ridge)

Braxton Blackwell (CPA)

Parker Howell (CPA)

Jamal Johnson (Cleveland)

Devin Sibley (Karns)

Brian Landers (Maryville)

John Garrett (Maryville)

Gage Spence (Stone Memorial)

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial)

Jacob Whaley (Sevier County)

Reggie Upshaw (Baylor)

Trey Stewart (Grace Christian)
Charles Mitchell (Carter)

Jordan Belvin (Loudon)

Justin Jenkins (Knoxville Webb)

Jacob Elliott (South Doyle)

Brody Rollins (South Doyle)