State Tournament Scoring Leaders (Average and Individual)

The 2015 state tournament came to a rousing close this weekend, three newly crowned champions in three classifications.




Here is a breakdown of the numbers from the tournament with the top single game scoring performances and the top scoring averages from the tourney as well.


Top Scoring Averages (2 Game Minimum)

Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 25.0

Chad Culbreath (Ripley) 23.0

K.J. Lawson (Hamilton) 22.0

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 21.5

Jordon Varnado (Haywood) 21.3

Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell) 20.7

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood) 19.3

Cedriontis Wilson (Blackman) 16.0

Isaiah Crawley (Ripley) 15.5

Naba Echols (Mitchell) 15.0

Dedric Lawson (Hamilton) 15.0

Alex Lomax (Memphis East) 14.5

Parker Stewart (Union City) 14.3

Jalen Lawson (Brentwood) 14.0

Lane Myhan (Loretto) 13.5

Isaiah Hart (Blackman) 13.0

Tanner Tapp (Brentwood) 12.7

T.J. Moss (Memphis East) 12.5

Tyger Campbell (CPA) 12.5

Yosmond Fenderson (Fulton) 12.3

Donte Simpson (Union City) 11.7

Rodnarius Washington (Memphis East) 11.5

Jordan Cummings (Hamilton) 11.3

Christian Dewitt (Blackman) 11.0


Single Game Scoring Exploits:

Braxton Blackwell (CPA) 31pts vs. Brainerd

K.J. Lawson (Hamilton) 29pts vs. Blackman

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 28pts vs. Clay County

Jordan Bowden (Carter) 26pts vs. Haywood

Chad Culbreath (Ripley) 26pts vs. Chattanooga Central

Alex Lomax (Memphis East) 25pts vs. Oak Ridge

Kordell Henderson (White County) 25pts vs. Brentwood

Jordon Varnado (Haywood) 24pts vs. CPA

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood) 23pts vs. White County

Tanner Tapp (Brentwood) 22pts vs. White County

Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell) 21pts vs. Hampton

Jordon Varnado (Haywood) 21pts vs. Carter

Dedric Boyd (Haywood) 20pts vs. Carter

Isaiah Crawley (Ripley) 20pts vs. Chattanooga Central

Chad Culbreath (Ripley) 20pts vs. Fulton

Naba Echols (Mitchell) 20pts vs. Grace Christian

Dedric Lawson (Hamilton) 20pts vs. Hillsboro

K.J. Lawson (Hamilton) 20pts vs. Hillsboro

Jeremiah Martin (Mitchell) 20pts vs. Grace Christian

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 20pts vs. Loretto