Siegel Play Day Kicks Off on Saturday

Its that time my friends.

The laces are tied tight and the squeaking of the sneakers has begun.





With the start of the basketball season one thing always come to mind, yes the annual Siegel play day.

This Saturday at the home of the Stars teams from East and Middle Tennessee descend on the Murfreesboro campus including four of last years state tournament participants.

Here are some of the top players that will be in attendance:



James McPherson (Brentwood)

Grant Teichmann (Brentwood)

Jalen Lawson (Brentwood)

Tanner Tapp (Brentwood)

Garrison Mathews (Franklin)

Micah Davis (CPA)

Deonte Miller (Siegel)



Braxton Blackwell (CPA)

Yalen Reed (Station Camp)

Braxton Eddings (Siegel)

Geevontay Gee (Oak Ridge)

Evan Ragsdale (CPA)

Brandon Levier (Columbia Central)



DeAndre Gibson (Oak Ridge)

Tajoin Jones (Oak Ridge)

Clay Washburn (CPA)

Drew Scott (CPA)


Freshman and 8th Graders:

Tyger Campbell (CPA)

Jonathan Daniels (Bearden)

Dakota McGowan (Bearden)



Schedule is listed below:

Main Gym:

8:00 DeKalb County vs. Station Camp

10:00 Siegel vs. Station Camp

11:00 CPA vs. Columbia Central

12:00 Siegel vs. Oak Ridge

1:00 CPA vs. Oak Ridge

2:00 Siegel vs. Bearden

3:00 Franklin vs. Oak Ridge

4:00 Brentwood vs. Bearden


Auxiliary Gym:

8:00 Columbia Central vs. Wilson Central

10:00 DeKalb County vs. Wilson Central

11:00 Franklin vs. Wilson Central

12:00 Lebanon vs. Bearden

1:00 Franklin vs. Lebanon

2:00 Lebanon vs. Brentwood