Saluki’s Collar Memphis Standout

And the commitments just keep on comin.

Number 9 and couting for the Class of 2009.

Drew Barham (CBHS) became the newest member of the burgeoining Class of 2009 to pledge his commitment.

Barham will join Chris Lowery and the Salukis of Southern Illinois.

The Missouri Valley stalwarts come off an 18-15 season after a couple trips to the big dance.

Barham, who hooped this summer with the Nashville Celtics, is just whnat the doctor ordered for SIU.

His tall long frame and ability to stroke the three will bode him well on the next level and especially with the three-point line being moved back a bit.

His intelligence and length make him better than expected on the defensive side of the ball and his shot gives him the ability to score from out or take the step past the defendr and score to the glass or from mid-range.

The Salukis are getting a competitor and a great kid. Congrats to Drew and look for him as we continue our diary forum as one of the players who will be sharing his experinces for his upcoming senior season.