Rocky Top High School Fall League Week 1&2 Game Capsules

All three Fall League are underway, so we are playing catch-up with game breakdowns. Here are the game captions from the opening weekend of the Rocky Top High School Fall League at Alcoa and the second week at Knoxville Catholic High School.






Team O'Hara 64

Team Watts 53


Sean Oglesby (Knoxville Central) got the 10th annual Rocky Top Fall League off to a rousing start pumping in 32 points as Team O'Hara moved to 1-0 with a 64-53 win over Team Watts.


Tevin Summers (Knoxville Central) added 10 markers for the victors.


Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) led Team Watts with 20 points followed up by Keshaun Colbert (South Doyle) with 11.



Team Patterson 68

Team Steinmetz 67


Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) was a presence in and around the bucket scoring 22 points and snatching double digit boards as Team Patterson slid past Team Steinmetz in Worldwide Division action 68-67.


Shawn Park (Gibbs) and Presley Patterson (Knoxville Catholic) scored 13 and 12 points respectively for the winners.


Marcus Smith (Oak Ridge) led Team Steinmetz with 20 markers while Javonte Thomas (Oak Ridge) added 15 in defeat.



Team Sewell 80

Team Upchurch 76


Dante Harris (Alcoa) led a group of four in double digits with 19 as Team Sewell opened up Fall League action with a hard fought 80-76 win over Team Upchurch.


Joe Anderson (Maryville) led all scorers with 24 in the narrow loss.


Marae Foreman (Dobyns-Bennett) bagged 13 while Reese Blanken (Kingston) and Ben Knight (Gateway Christian) chipped in with 10 each.


J.D. Thaxton (Loudon) added 13 in the loss.



Team Arnold 62

Team Morton 57


Mykail Ayl (Alcoa) led a fearless foursome of double digit scorers with 13 as Team Arnold came up victorious with a 62-57 win over a determined Team Morton.


B.J. Marable (Grace Christian) chipped in with 12, Jordan Crawley (Grace Christian) added 11 and Tyler Nordin (Bearden) closed with 10 in the victory.


Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) led all scorers with 18 while David Sanger (Knoxville Webb) chipped in with 11 in the tough loss.



Team Feltner 69

Team Cate 66


Melo Wadsworth (Dobyns-Bennett) and Ariah Releford (Dobyns-Bennett) scored 17 and 16 points respectively as Team Feltner escaped with a 69-66 win over a burgeoning Team Cate.


B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) is one of the best young players in East Tennessee. the rising youngster led all scorers with 18 markers in the loss.


Luke Burnett (Knoxville Webb) added 12 and Uriah Powers (Knoxville Webb) pitched in with 11.



Team Haskell 71

Team Julian 57


Trent Stephney (Bearden) dropped 19 and Kordell Kah (Bearden) added 18 as Team Haskell got off to a gtreat start with a sound 71-57 victory over Team Julian.


Wes Maples (Sevier County) led all scorers with 24 in the loss followed closely in the scorebook by Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic) with 17.



Week #1 League Leading Scorers

Sean Oglesby (Knoxville Central) 32pts

Joe Anderson (Maryville) 24pts

Wes Maples (Sevier County) 24pts

Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) 22pts

Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) 20pts

Marcus Smith (Oak Ridge) 20pts

Dante Harris (Alcoa) 19pts

Trent Stephney (Bearden) 19pts

B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) 18pts

Kordell Kah (Bearden) 18pts

Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) 18pts





Team Haskell 70

Team Steinmetz 60


Trent Stephney (Bearden) poured in 26 points as Team Haskell moved to 2-0 with a tough 70-60 win over Team Steinmetz.


Blake Atwood (Johnson County) added 13 and Kordell Kah (Bearden) tossed in 12.


Marcus Smith (Oak Ridge) scored 17 to lead Team Steinmetz. Brett Newcomb (Stone Memorial) added 14 while Javonte Thomas (Oak Ridge) finished with 10.


Team Haskell (2-0) put their unblemished mark on the line on September 15th when Fall League action resumes at CAK against Team Morton (0-2), a tough squad with two close losses looking to put themselves on the correct side of the ledger.


Team Steinmetz (0-2) looks to right the ship against Team O'Hara (1-1).



Team Feltner 83

Team Upchurch 74


Grant Ledford (Grace Christian) made his Fall League debut scoring 21 points and helping Team Feltner move to 2-0 with a tough 83-74 win over Team Upchurch.


Makai Olden (Morristown West) led all scorers with 25 for Team Feltner while Jared Strickland (Dobyns-Bennett) scored 12 and Dante Oliver (Knoxville Webb) finished with 10.


Christian Gale (Maryville) scored 24 in the loss for Team Upchurch. Joe Anderson (Maryville) added 14 and Elmo Gara (Maryville) closed with 12.


Team Feltner (2-0) puts their perfect mark on the line when action resumes on September 15th against Team Watts (1-1) while Team Upchurch (0-2) is mere points away fro being 2-0 they will tangle with Team Cate (1-1).



Team Julian 80

Team Morton 54


Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic) shook off his opening game jitters blasting 22 markers as Team Julian captured their first win of the year with an 80-54 win over Team Morton.


Noah Savini (Sevier County) pitched in with a season high 18 markers and newcomer Chad Hegler (Daniel Boone) added 16.


Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) had another fine game scoring a game high 24 points in the loss. Barron Nease (Union County) added 14.


Team Julian (1-1) will put their one game win streak on the line when action resumes on September 15th against Team Patterson (1-1).


Team Morton (0-2) looks to get off on the right foot taking on another unbeaten squad in Team Haskell (2-0).




Team Arnold 74

Team Patterson 71


C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) scored 30 points as Team Arnold remained unblemished with a 74-71 win over Team Patterson. Tyler Nordin (Bearden) chipped in with 19 in the win.


Team Patterson placed four in double digits led by Shawn Park (Gibbs) with 18. The incoming freshman duo of Presley Patterson (Knoxville Catholic) and Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) each scored 15 and Emilio Cornelio (Maryville) closed with 10 in the loss.


Team Arnold puts their unbeaten mark on the line when next we play against Team Steinmetz (0-2). Team Patterson (1-1) goes up against division foe Team Julian (1-1) as they jockey for playoff positioning and supremacy.




Team Watts 68

Team Sewell 62


Keyshaun Colbert (South Doyle) led a balanced Team Watts attack with 18 markers helping his squad into the win column with a 68-62 victory over Team Sewell despite 30 from rising junuor guard Dante Harris (Alcoa).


Jayden Doyle (South Doyle) contributed 14, Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) added 13 and Trey Prater (Carter) closed with 10 in the victory.


Team Watts (1-1) likes it in the win column and they hope to remain there as they take on unbeaten Team Feltner when action resumes on September 15th.


Team Sewell (1-1) looks to turn things around against Team O'Hara (1-1).




Team Cate 74

Team O'Hara 69


B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) notched 26 and Turner Heitzmann (CAK) added 16 as Team Cate got the victory over diviison foe Team O'Hara 74-69.


Edward Lacey (Fulton) had 26 for Team O'Hara joining Tevon Summers (Knoxville Central) and Trey West (Fulton) who scored 15 an 14 respectively.




Week #2 Game Scoring Leaders

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 30pts

Dante Harris (Alcoa) 30pts

B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) 26pts

Edward Lacey (Fulton) 26pts

Trent Stephney (Bearden) 26pts

Makai Olden (Morristown West) 25pts

Christian Gale (Maryville) 24pts

Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) 24pts

Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic) 22pts

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian) 21pts


Week #3 Game Schedule (September 15th) @ CAK

10:00 Team O'Hara (1-1) vs. Team Sewell (1-1)

11:00 Team Haskell (2-0) vs. Team Morton (0-2)

12:00 Team Upchurch (0-2) vs. Team Cate (1-1)

1:00 Team Julian (1-1) vs. Team Patterson (1-1)

2:00 Team Watts (1-1) vs. Team Feltner (2-0)

3:00 Team Arnold (2-0) vs. Team Steinmetz (0-2)