Rocky Top High School Fall League Championship Week Game Capsules and Scoring Leaders

Championship week for the Rocky Top High School Fall League came to a close with some outstanding games including an epic finale.





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Team Boals 81

Team Dawson 72


Jeremy Miller (Oak Ridge) took matters into his own hands in the second half as his game high 22 markers lifted Team Boals to an 81-72 victory in the opening game of the playoffs for the Rocky Top High School Fall League.


Miller was joined in scoring column by Jake England (William Blount) with 20, Kell Slater (Oak Ridge) with 19 and Jonathan Milloway (Oak Ridge) with 11.  


Jackson Garner (Clinton) finished with 19 in the tough loss.


Jaylon Greene (Knoxville Webb) added 16 in his best performance of the season while David Sanger (Knoxville Webb) and Lane Harrison (Clinton) closed with 15 and 12 respectively.




Team Sewell 68

Team Bridges 67


Greg Moore (Knoxville Central) drained a foul shot with seconds on the clock lifting Team Sewell to a hard fought 68-67 win over Team Bridges in playoff action at the Rocky Top High School Fall League.


Moore finished with a game high 23.


Emmanuel Adkins (Grainger) added 13 in the win.


Grady Branton (Gatlinburg-Pittman) led Team Bridges with 14 followed by Lucas Searcy (Oak Ridge) and Hayden Moseley (Bearden) with 11 each and Grady Smith (Gatlinburg-Pittman) with 10.




Team Biven 72

Team Garner 66


Eiram Cuevas (Knoxville West) saved his best for last in one of the best games of the week, as the rising sophomore posted 28 markers lifting Team Biven to a 72-66 overtime triumph over a stubborn Team Garner group.


Houston Dyer (Knoxville West) chipped in with 13, Kolby Raymer (Kingston) added 12 and Harper Neal (Kingston) closed with 11 markers in the win.


Taj Kimber (Fulton) led Team Garner with 19 and Lukas Walls (Knoxville Webb) chipped in with 18.


Raley Henson (Karns) added 11 in the tough defeat.




Team Marshall 100

Team Feltner 71


Dillon Atwell (Farragut) and Trey Morrow (Scott) scored 25 and 24 respectively as Team Marshall took the third place contest 100-71 over Team Feltner on Championship Thursday at the Rocky Top High School Fall League.


Desmier Hatchett (Fulton) added 17 for the victors while Luke West (Scott) and Carter Mayfield (Farragut) finished with 13.


Braden Ilic (Morristown East) had his best showing of the season scoring 20 markers in the loss.


Dante Oliver (CAK) added 14 while Bryce McKeehan (Carter) had 11 and Luke Carter (CAK) finished with 10.




Team Rice 77

Team Watts 70


Hayden Treadwell (Bearden) led a group of four in double digits with 18 as Team Rice outlasted a short handed Team Watts 77-70 to capture the second place game at the Rocky Top High School Fall League.


Treadwell had his best game of the season and was joined in the scoring column by Charlie Rice (Maryville) with 15, Josh Seiler (Maryville) with 14 and Walker Kyle (Bearden) with 13.


Hayden Llewellyn (Kentucky) had his best scoring effort of the season dropping a game high 30 markers for Team Watts. Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) added 13 in the loss.




Team Cate 88

Team Chandler 85


Connor Martin (Anderson County) led a pack of six in double digits with 23 as Team Cate bested Team Chandler 88-85 in overtime in what was one of the best championship games in Rocky Top League history.


The win gives Team Cate the crown as 2020 Champions of the League.


Martin, who netted 23 points, was assisted in the scoring column by Juan Rodriguez (Concord Christian) with 18, Bryson Boles (Kingston) with 11 and Jose Rodriguez (Concord Christian), Kobe Parker (Jefferson County) and Jack Browder (Dobyns-Bennett) with 10 each in the tough victory.


Jonathan Zhao-Olmos (Sevier County) was at his best scoring a game high 32 points in the narrow defeat.


Blue Cain (Knoxville Catholic) added 25 including a game tying bucket in regulation.


Danny Stanton (Sevier County) closed with 15 while Stafford Shanklin (Oak Ridge) added 10.





Jonathan Zhao-Olmos (Sevier County) 32pts

Hayden Llewellyn (Kentucky) 30pts

Eiram Cuevas (Knoxville West) 28pts

Dillon Atwell (Farragut) 25pts

Blue Cain (Knoxville Catholic) 25pts

Trey Morrow (Scott) 24pts

Connor Martin (Anderson County)  23pts

Greg Moore (Knoxville Central) 23pts

Jeremy Miller (Oak Ridge) 22pts

Jake England (William Blount) 20pts

Braden Ilic (Morristown East) 20pts


Here are the results from games played in Week #3 of the Rocky Top High School Fall League.


Team Bridges 86

Team Dawson 68


Lucas Searcy (Oak Ridge) 29pts

Lane Harrison (Clinton) 21pts

Jaylon Harris (Knoxville Central) 15pts

Tai Cates (Alcoa) 14pts

Jaylon Greene (Knoxville Webb) 12pts


Team Garner 76

Team Watts 69


Lukas Walls (Knoxville Webb) 23pts

Hayden Llewellyn (Kentucky) 21pts

Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) 20pts

Wyatt Shomaker (Bearden) 18pts

Denaj Kimber (Fulton) 15pts

Ra'Tyler Lee (Fulton) 13pts


Team Cate 90

Team Feltner 81


Connor Martin (Anderson County) 23pts

Micah Simpson (Morristown East) 21pts

Kobe Parker (Jefferson County) 19pts

Jose Rodriguez (Concord Christian) 18pts

Luke Carter (CAK) 17pts

Dante Oliver (CAK) 16pts

Bryce McKeehan (Carter) 12pts

Bryson Boles (Kingston) 11pts

Braden Ilic (Morristown East) 10pts


Team Rice 57

Team Biven 54


Walker Kyle (Bearden) 17pts

Eiram Cuevas (Knoxville West) 14pts

Charlie Rice (Maryville) 14pts

Kolby Raymer (Kingston) 12pts

Jack Brown (Maryville) 11pts

Josh Seiler (Maryville) 11pts

Brady Luttrell (Kingston) 10pts


Team Marshall 80

Team Chandler 75


Danny Stanton (Sevier County) 25pts

Stafford Shanklin (Oak Ridge) 24pts

Desmier Hatchett (Fulton) 20pts

Jonathan Zhao-Olmos (Sevier County) 16pts

Damin Holt (Fulton) 15pts

Dillon Atwell (Farragut) 12pts

Trey Morrow (Scott) 10pts

Cash Tucker (Scott) 10pts


Team Sewell 63

Team Boals 49


Greg Moore (Knoxville Central) 18pts

Jeremy Miller (Oak Ridge) 16pts

Jaxson Williams (Grainger) 13pts

Spencer Boshears (Campbell County) 12pts

Kell Slater (Oak Ridge) 11pts