Rocky Top Fall League Week #4 Game Capsules

Week #4 brought some high scoring efforts as well as some interesting takes on the division races. Lets see how everything went down.




Team Bingham 82

Team Steinmetz 56


Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) dropped 28 markers as Team Bingham pushed their season record to 3-1 with an 82-56 win over Team Steinmetz.


Joining Holland in the scoring column for the victors was Chris Coudriet (Stone Memorial) with 13, Tony Sapp (South Doyle) with 12 and Jack Eldridge (Stone Memorial) with 11.


Jonathan Milloway (Oak Ridge) led his squad with 13 in the loss. Quintin Carr (South Doyle) added 12 while Clayton Smith (Oakdale) closed with 11.




Team Biven 87

Team Upchurch 85


Robbie Geron (Farragut) had his best game of the season netting 22 as Team Biven raised their season mark to 3-1 with a hard fought 87-85 win over Team Upchurch.


Will Biven (Knoxville West) added 19 while Greg Moore (Knoxville Central) chipped in with 13.


The loss overshadowed a big time scoring effort for Josh Seiler (Maryville) who closed with 33 markers. Roger Meadows (York Institute) added 25 and Riley Cooper (York Institute) closed with 21.




Team Feltner 79

Team Sewell 73


Tyler Nordin (Bearden) put the gauntlet down as he stakes the first claim to league MVP status dropping 35 points as Team Feltner slides past Team Sewell in Rocky Top Fall League action at Knoxville Catholic High School.


Cahlib Edwards (Bearden) added 14, Elijah Bredwood (Bearden) had 13 and Josh Templin (Cumberland Gap) finished with 11 as Team Feltner moved their season mark to 3-1.


Rising freshman sensation Hayden Llewellyn (Jellico) closed with 22 in the loss. Dante Harris (Lakeway Christian) added 14, Jai Jordan (Lakeway Christian) had 12 and Ben Knight (Lakeway Christian) finished with 11.




Team Watts 85

Team Cate 84


B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) and Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic) scored 28 and 21 points respectively as Team Watts moved to 3-1 on the season with a tight 85-84 win over Team Cate.


Jack Neizgoda (Hardin Valley) added 13 and Sam Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic) finished with 10 in the victory.


Ty Hurst (Carter) finished with 26 for Team Cate. He was visited in the scoring column by Brady Luttrell (Kingston) with 15, Dawson Epperson (Union County) with 13 and Jack Brown (FBA) with 10.




Team White 79

Team Patterson 66


Edward Lacey (Fulton) led five in double digits with 22 as Team White moved to 3-1 on the season with a hard fought 79-66 win over Team Patterson.


Nico Ashley (Elizabethton) added 15, Spencer Boshears (Campbell County) had 11 and Trey Morrow (Scott) and Adam Robinson (Fulton) each closed with 10.


Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) had his best game of the season finishing with 20. Charlie Rice (Maryville) finished with 18.




Team Boals 72

Team Rocky Top 67


Marvin Castro (Sevier County) and Camden McElhaney (Sevier County) scored 18 and 16 respectively as Team Boals rocked a 3-1 season mark with a tough win over Team Rocky Top 72-67.


Wes Maples (Sevier County) added 12 for the victors.


A.J. Pruitt (Bearden) had another fine outing dropping 23 in the narrow defeat.


Nick Roberts (Alcoa) closed with 19 and Chase Lockard (Clinton) closed with 10.







Tyler Nordin (Bearden) 35pts

Josh Seiler (Maryville) 33pts

B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic) 28pts

Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) 28pts

Ty Hurst (Carter) 26pts

Roger Meadows (York Institute) 25pts

Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic) 23pts

A.J. Pruitt (Bearden) 23pts

Robbie Geron (Farragut) 22pts

Edward Lacey (Fulton) 22pts

Hayden Llewellyn (Jellico) 22pts

Riley Cooper (York Institute) 21pts

Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic) 20pts





10:00 Team Watts (3-1) vs. Team Upchurch (2-2)

11:00 Team White (3-1) vs. Team Steinmetz (1-3)

12:00 Team Biven (3-1) vs. Team Feltner (3-1)

01:00 Team Boals (3-1) vs. Team Patterson (0-4)

02:00 Team Sewell (0-4) vs. Team Cate (1-3)

03:00 Team Bingham (3-1) vs. Team Rocky Top (2-2)