Rocky Top Fall League Week #1 Game Capsules

The first week of the Rocky Top Fall League saw some major performances from some newcomers and some steady hands continuing to polish the resume. Lets take a look at what went down.

Team Biven 78

Team Watts 69


Tavon Summers (Knoxville Central) dropped 18 markers as Team Biven notched their first win of the season with a steady 78-69 win over Team Watts.


Summers effort overshadowed a big scoring effort from Sam Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic) who notched a game high 23 in the loss.


Joining Summers in the scoring column were Greg Moore (Knoxville Central) and Will Biven (Knoxville West) with 13 each.


Lance Davis (Powell) added 17 for Team Watts along with Reid Barnes (Powell) and Jack Neizgoda (Hardin Valley) each with 10.


This week we travel to the new digs at Johnson University where Team Biven (1-0) puts their unblemished mark on the line against Team Cate (0-1).


Team Watts (0-1) looks to right the ship against Team Sewell (0-1).



Team Steinmetz 70

Team Patterson 64


Jonathan Milloway (Oak Ridge) dropped 20 as Team Steinmetz gathered the victory over Team Patterson 70-64.


The effort overcame a monster scoring performance from rising sophomore Terrence Dorsey (Maryville) who netted 30 in his Rocky Top debut for Team Patterson.


Clayton Smith (Oakdale) added 14 to the winners column while Quintin Carr (South Doyle) and Jeremy Miller (Oak Ridge) each finished with 12 in the win.


Connor Martin (Anderson County) was the lone fellow double digit scorer for Team Patterson with 10.


Team Steinmetz (1-0) goes up against fellow fast starter Team Boals (1-0) while Team Patterson (0-1) looks to be full strength against Team Rocky Top (0-1).



Team Upchurch 100

Team Sewell 74


Joe Anderson (Maryville) led a gaggle of players in double digits with 21 as Team Upchurch topped the century mark with a 100-74 win over Team Sewell.


Cameron George (William Blount) had 16, Joseph Burroughs (Maryville) netted 15, Cole Gibson (William Blount) and Riley Cooper (York Institute) pitched in with 13 and newcomer Josh Seiber (Maryville) finished with 10.


Dante Harris (Lakeway Academy) took game scoring honors with 28 markers. Rising freshman Hayden Llewellyn (Jellico) added 10 in the loss.


Team Upchurch (1-0) takes on Team Feltner (1-0) in an early Prestige Division showdown while on the other side Team Sewell (0-1) chooses to make their move against Team Watts (0-1).



Team White 82

Team Rocky Top 64


Nico Ashley (Elizabethton) scored a game high 18 points as Team White captured the victory with an 82-64 win over Team Rocky Top.


Spencer Boshears (Campbell County) added 15 for the victors while Nate Walden (Campbell County) and Dalton Greer (Karns) scored 11 and 10 respectively.


T.J. Martin (Alcoa) and A.J. Pruitt (Bearden) scored 15 each for Team Rocky Top. Izaiah Bredwood (Bearden) added 10 in the loss.


Team White (1-0) struts into Saturday at his alma mater Johnson University ready to battle Team Bingham (0-1).


Team Rocky Top (0-1) will be under new leadership as the take on Team Patterson (0-1).



Team Feltner 74

Team Cate 64


Tyler Nordin (Bearden) scored a game high 24 as Team Feltner got off to a rousing start with a hard fought 74-64 win over Team Cate.


Cahlib Edwards (Bearden) added 16 in the win. Dante Oliver (CAK) and Elijah Bredwood (Bearden) finished with 11 each.


Ty Hurst (Carter) had a solid game dropping 18 while Braden Clevenger (Carter) closed with 14 in the narrow loss.


Team Feltner (1-0) prepares for a big game with Team Upchurch (1-0) while Team Cate (0-1) is bound and determined to battle Team Biven (1-0) to a victory.




Team Boals 79

Team Bingham 62


Camden McElhaney (Sevier County) led a balanced attack with 15 points as Team Boals cruised to a 79-62 win over Team Bingham.


Wes Maples (Sevier County) chipped in with 14, Blake Staininger (Pigeon Forge) added 12 and Marvin Castro (Sevier County) and Avery Bohannon (Pigeon Forge) each finished with 10.


Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) had a fine effort in defeat dropping 25 points. Tony Sapp (South Doyle) finished with 14.



Terrence Dorsey (Maryville) 30pts

Dante Harris (Lakeway Academy) 28pts

Kendrick Holland (South Doyle) 25pts

Tyler Nordin (Bearden) 24pts

Sam Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic) 23pts

Joe Anderson (Maryville) 21pts

Jonathan Milloway (Oak Ridge) 20pts

Nico Ashley (Elizabethton) 18pts

Ty Hurst (Carter) 18pts

Tevon Summers (Knoxville Central) 18pts




10:00 Team Boals vs. Team Steinmetz

11:00 Team Upchurch vs. Team Feltner

12:00 Team Bingham vs. Team White

01:00 Team Rocky Top vs. Team Patterson

02:00 Team Watts vs. Team Sewell

03:00 Team Biven vs. Team Cate