Rocky Top Fall League Player Rosters

Rocky Top Fall League Rosters. Games will begin on August 17th at Alcoa High School. If you are on a roster and you know you cannot participate would you be so kind as to let us know so that we can get someone in your place. We have a huge waiting list of guys who would like this opportunity.


August 17th @ Alcoa

August 24th @ Johnson University

August 31st @ CAK

September 7th @ Knoxville Catholic

September 21st @ Knoxville Catholic

September 28th @ TBD


Contact information will be sent out to the coaches early next week.


Team Watts

Coach: Brent Watts

B.J. Edwards (Knoxville Catholic)

Akeem Odusipe (Knoxville Catholic)

Sam Sompayrac (Knoxville Catholic)

Jack Niezgoda (Hardin Valley)

Avery Sonnenshein (Hardin Valley)

Lance Davis (Powell)

Logan Sutton (Powell)

Reid Barnes (Powell)

Elijah Langley (Wartburg Central)

Tucker Carroll (Wartburg Central)


Team Feltner

Coach: Kevin Feltner

Braden Ilic (Morristown East)

Trent Lovelace (Morristown West)

Ji Batts (Morristown West)

Dylan Bartley (Sullivan East)

Dante Oliver (CAK)

Jake Templin (Cumberland Gap)

Jaden Shirtz (Cumberland Gap)

Tyler Nordin (Bearden)

Cahlib Edwards (Bearden)

Elijah Bredwood (Bearden)


Team Cate

Coach: Tyler Cate

Harper Neal (Kingston)

Brady Luttrell (Kingston)

Jack Brown (FBA)

Noah Harris (FBA)

Zach Firman (FBA)

Ty Hurst (Carter)

Gabe Harper (Carter)

Braden Clevenger (Carter)

Dawson Epperson (Union County)

Aaron Shoffner (Union County)


Team Boals

Coach: Doug Boals

Wes Maples (Sevier County)

Marvin Castro (Sevier County)

Cam McElhaney (Sevier County)

Micah Wilkenson (Pigeon Forge)

Avery Bohannon (Pigeon Forge)

Blake Staininger (Pigeon Forge)

Jake Robinette (Seymour)

Avery Bryson (Seymour)

Zach Tilley (King's Academy)

Ainger William (King's Academy)


Team Sewell

Coach: Trey Sewell

Ben Knight (Lakeway Christian)

Dante Harris (Lakeway Christian)

Jai Jordan (Lakeway Christian)

Brody Grubb (Grainger)

Luke Jones (Grainger)

Tristan Warfield (Grainger)

Skyler Hurst (Washburn)

Kade Beeler (Claiborne)

Hayden Llewelyn (Jellico)

Bobby Zecchini (Jellico)


Team Upchurch

Coach: Eddie Upchurch

Joe Anderson (Maryville)

Josh Seiler (Maryville)

Joseph Burroughs (Maryville)

Roger Meadows (York Institute)

Noah Smith (York Institute)

Isaac Pottorff (Maryville Christian)

Cameron George (William Blount)

Cole Gibson (William Blount)

Donovan Blankenship (Loudon)

Lucas Bivens (Loudon)


Team Bingham

Coach: Trey Bingham

Kendrick Holland (South Doyle)

Tony Sapp (South Doyle)

Jack Eldridge (Stone Memorial)

Chris Coudriet (Stone Memorial)

Will Heckler (Stone Memorial)

Reese Dykes (Cumberland County)

Mason Wyatt (Cumberland County)

Uriah Powers (Knoxville Webb)

David Sanger (Knoxville Webb)

Jaylon Greene (Knoxville Webb)


Team Patterson

Coach: Brett Patterson

Handje Tamba (Knoxville Catholic)

Presley Patterson (Knoxville Catholic)

Shawn Parks (Gibbs)

Caden Cupp (Gibbs)

Charlie Rice (Maryville)

Terence Dorsey (Maryville)

Connor Martin (Anderson County)

Carter Jett (Anderson County)

JaTrevor Stagnolia (Anderson County)

Parker Rothery (Heritage)


Team Steinmetz

Coach: Tyler Steinmetz

Jonathan Miloway (Oak Ridge)

Jeremy Miller (Oak Ridge)

Tim Williams (Oak Ridge)

Clayton Smith (Oakdale)

Quinten Carr (South Doyle)

JaQuan Gillette (South Doyle)

Hayden Lee (Rockwood)

Keenan O'Leary (Rockwood)

John Ogle (CAK)

Tyree Gibson (CAK)


Team Moss

Coach: Sam Moss

Tavon Summers (Knoxville Central)

Ahmad Belton (Knoxville Central)

Greg Moore (Knoxville Central)

Robby Geron (Farragut)

Aaron Dozier (Farragut)

Dillon Atwell (Farragut)

Nathan Bowling (Oneida)

Dalton Yancey (Oneida)

Will Biven (Knoxville West)

Noah Johnson (Knoxville West)


Team White

Coach: Kenny White

Edward Lacey (Fulton)

Dominique Holland (Fulton)

Adam Robinson (Fulton)

Dalton Greer (Karns)

Traven Jackson (Karns)

Trey Morrow (Scott)

Logan Goodman (Scott)

Spencer Boshears (Campbell County)

Nate Walden (Campbell County)

Nico Ashley (Elizabethton)


Team Rogers

Coach: Adam Rogers

Evan Winchester (Clinton)

Chase Lockard (Clinton)

Demarcus McKamey (Clinton)

Nick Roberts (Alcoa)

T.J Martin (Alcoa)

Nate Marsh (Alcoa)

A.J. Pruitt (Bearden)

Justin Orler (Bearden)

Izaiah Bredwood (Bearden)

Kobe Finch (Northview Academy)