Rocky Top Fall League (Knoxville) Master Schedule


   Below you will find the schedule for the upcoming Rocky Top Fall League in Knoxville. Games begin on August 23rd at Grace Christian. Schedules will be available at each game.







   Rocky Top High School Fall League

                 Master Schedule


Stokes Division                                                   McRae Division

Team Lawhon (1A)                                             Team Matthews (1B)

Team Holt (2A)                                                   Team Garman (2B)

Team Jeffers (3A)                                              Team Driscoll (3B)

Team Steinmetz (4A)                                        Team Sharp (4B)

Team Coffin (5A)                                                Team Upchurch (5B)

Team Watts (6A)                                                 Team Feltner (6B)


(08/23) (Grace Chr.)               (08/30) (Grace Chr.)                        (09/6) (Alcoa)

          10:00          1A vs. 2A                       3B vs. 5B                                1A vs. 4A

          11:00          1B vs. 2B                       3A vs. 5A                                2B vs. 5B

          12:00          3A vs. 4A                       2A vs. 4A                                3A vs. 6A

          1:00            3B vs. 4B                       1B vs. 6B                                3B vs. 6B

          2:00            5A vs. 6A                       2B vs. 4B                                2A vs. 5A

          3:00            5B vs. 6B                       1A vs. 6A                                1B vs. 4B


(09/13) (Alcoa)                                 (9/27) (Concord Christian)

          10:00          2A vs. 6A                       1A vs. 5A

          11:00          4B vs. 5B                       4A vs. 6A

          12:00          1A vs. 3A                       4B vs. 6B

          1:00            1B vs. 3B                       1B vs. 5B

          2:00            4A vs. 5A                       2B vs. 3B

          3:00            2B vs. 6B                       2A vs. 3A


Championship Day (Maryville College) (10/5) (Sunday)


                             11:00          Stokes #6 vs. McRae #6

                             12:00          Stokes #5 vs. McRae #5

                             1:00            Stokes #4 vs. McRae #4

                             2:00            Stokes #3 vs. McRae #3

                             3:00            Stokes #2 vs. McRae #2

                             4:00            Stokes #1 vs. McRae #1 (League Championship)