Rocky Top Fall League Championship Day Game Capsules and Final Scoring Leaders

Championship Thursday always brings out the best in the players and coaches. Great games highlighted by the advancement of six squads to play on September 24th at the 2nd annual 423 vs. 865 Showdown at Jefferson County High School.



Team Biven 116

Team Brewster 96


Brennan Scott (Oak Ridge) on loan from another squad to fill for the shorthanded Team Biven showed his skills dropping 49 markers as Team Biven got the victory over Team Brewster in the 6th place contest.


Silas Webster (South Doyle) had his best game of the circuit scoring 36 markers in the victory.


Spencer Reynolds (South Doyle) added 18 for the victors.


Drake Ingram (Knoxville Webb) finished a banner Fall League with a 42 point effort in the loss.


Mason Keeton (Oneida) joined Ingram in the scoring sweepstakes with 20 followed by Lucas Garman (Maryville) with 16 and Alex Akard (Maryville) with 12.




Team Chandler 113

Team Dawson 97


Grady Robertson (William Blount) and Elia Bongiorno (King's Academy) scored 34 and 33 respectively as Team Chandler exploded for a big 113-97 win over Team Dawson to capture the 5th place contest on Championship Tuesday at the Rocky Top Fall League.


Six players dropped double digits for Team Chandler including Reece Pride (William Blount) with a season high 26, Damjan Simun (King's Academy) tossed in 17, Shane Cherry (Austin East) added 11 and Kaden Brightharp (Oak Ridge) closed with 10.


Cole Nease (Union County) lead the way for Team Dawson with 26 followed by Reed Ownby (Sevier County) with 23, Jack Smith (Hardin Valley) finished with 17, Kaleb Walker (Powell) added 16 and Bryce Jardret (Powell) closed with 15.




Team White 107

Team McNew 98


Cade Capps (Stone Memorial) made his push for the league scoring title dropping 48 points as Team White got the victory over Team McNew 107-98 in the 4th place contest.


Matthew Bilbrey (Stone Memorial) finished with 20 and was joined in the scoring column by JaMichael Blair (Bearden) and Braden Bohannen (Bearden) with 13 each.


Harrison Rollins (King's Academy) led a five pack of double digit scorers for Team McNew with 23 markers.


Justin Nordin (Bearden) and Drew Brillhart (Bearden) added 18 each while Jayden Capshaw (Loudon) and Nelson Karnowski (Bearden) closed with 12 apiece in the narrow defeat.




Team Holt 85

Team Coffin 70


Dallas Carbaugh (Farragut) and Dominic Van Acker (Farragut) dropped 23 and 22 points respectively as Team Holt captured the 3rd place contest with an 85-70 win over Team Coffin.


J.D. Harris (Knoxville Central) added 19 in the victory.


J.J. Faulkner (Karns) led Team Coffin with 20.


David Atkins (Campbell County) chipped in with 19 and Jacob Dooley (Anderson County) added 11.


With the loss Team Coffin get the 9 AM game at the 423 vs 865 Showdown while Team Holt will play at 10.




Team Feltner 89

Team Murphy 81


Robbie Eldridge (Maryville) netted 22 points as Team Feltner got a hard fought 89-81 victory over Team Murphy in the 2nd place contest at the Rocky Top Fall League.


Eldridge led a five spot of double digit contributors including Dalton McNew (Carter) with 18, Grayson Strader (Oak Ridge) with 17, Nick Johnson (Maryville) added 14 and Zane Brown (Carter) closed with 10.


Isaac McNeely (Jellico) led Team Murphy with 18 markers followed closely by Cade Murphy (Knoxville Catholic) with 17, Deondrea Lindsey (Knoxville Catholic) with 13 and Parker Trammell (Lenoir City) with 11.


Team Murphy will play at 11 this Saturday while Team Feltner gets the noon time slot.




Team Lane 84

Team Jarnagin 57


Caleb Asbaty (Knoxville Catholic) scored 29 as Team Lane captured the Rocky Top Fall League championship with an 84-57 triumph over Team Jarnagin.


Yesan Warren (Knoxville Catholic) was again outstanding scoring 18 while Jordan Wrancher (Fulton) added 15, Brizen Solomon (Grainger) added 12 and Drew Branson (Grainger) closed with 10.


Denaj Kimber (Fulton) finished with 29 while Tyler Lee (Fulton) added 18 in the loss.


With the win Team Lane gets a shot at the top seed from the 423 league this Saturday at Jefferson County High School.


Team Jarnagin will play the 1 PM contest.




Championship Tuesday Rocky Top League Scoring Leaders

Brennan Scott (Oak Ridge) 49pts

Cade Capps (Stone Memorial) 48pts

Drake Ingram (Knoxville Webb) 42pts

Silas Webster (South Doyle) 36pts

Grady Robertson (William Blount) 34pts

Elia Bongiorno (King's Academy) 33pts

Caleb Asbaty (Knoxville Catholic) 29pts

Denaj Kimber (Fulton) 29pts

Reece Pride (William Blount) 26pts

Dallas Carbaugh (Farragut) 23pts

Reed Ownby (Sevier County) 23pts

Harrison Rollins (King's Academy) 23pts

Robbie Eldridge (Maryville) 22pts

Dominic Van Acker (Farragut) 22pts


Final Scoring Average Leaders for the Rocky Top Fall League (Minimum 5 games Played)

Denaj Kimber (Fulton) 32.0

Cade Capps (Stone Memorial) 31.8

Jaylen Roberts (Karns) 30.8

Drake Ingram (Knoxville Webb) 30.2

Grady Robertson (William Blount) 26.4

Matthew Bilbrey (Stone Memorial) 25.7

Dalton McNew (Carter) 24.4

Yesan Warren (Knoxville Catholic) 24.2

Caleb Asbaty (Knoxville Catholic) 23.1

Tyler Lee (Fulton) 21.3

Cade Murphy (Knoxville Catholic) 20.7

JD Harris (Knoxville Central) 20.6

Nick Johnson (Maryville) 20.2

JJ Faulkner (Karns) 19.8

Justin Nordin (Bearden) 19.5

Robbie Eldridge (Maryville) 18.8

Deondrea Lindsey (Knoxville Catholic) 18.7

Reed Ownby (Sevier County) 18.7

Alex Akard (Maryville) 18.3

Kaleb Walker (Powell) 17.6

Drew Brillhart (Bearden) 17.5

Shane Cherry (Austin East) 17.3

Taj Kimber (Fulton) 16.8

Dallas Carbaugh (Farragut) 16.7

Breenan Scott (Oak Ridge) 16.4

Jack Smith (Hardin Valley) 16.4

Jayden Capshaw (Loudon) 16.2

Reece Pride (William Blount) 16.1

Dominic Van Acker (Farragut) 16.0