Rocky Top Fall League All-League Teams and Final Scoring Leaders

With the conclusion of the Rocky Top Fall League we would like to officially list the All-League teams. The 1st and 2nd team were released this weekend on twitter but here is the entire squad from top to bottom. We will also list the final scoring leaders in this story as well.





1st Team All-League (Taking Home the Prize)

Geevantay Gee (Oak Ridge) MVP

Easton Upchurch (Maryville)

Kenny Bunton (Walker Valley)

Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic)

Miles Thomas (South Doyle)


2nd Team All-League (Finishing Strong)

Seth Lenard (Sweetwater)

Chase Cerny (CAK)

Tajoin Jones (Oak Ridge)

Justin Barnett (Sevier County)

Conley Hamilton (Powell)


3rd Team All-League (At the Rim)

Shaquan Gibson (Oak Ridge)

Bryric Savage (Cookeville)

David Henson (Hardin Valley)

Trey Davis (Fulton)

Josh Endicott (Upperman)


4th Team All-League (In the Paint)

Nathan Hastings (Berean Christian)

Maverick Smith (Oakdale)

Calvin Keeble (Heritage)

Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale)

Josh Jones (Walker Valley)


5th Team All-League (On the Perimeter)

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian)

Silas Clark (Cumberland County)

Spencer Lowe (Maryville)

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian)

Blake Ervin (Heritage)


6th Team All-League (Leading the Break)

E.J. Bush (Oak Ridge)

Cameron Gregg (Jefferson County)

Thomas Carroll (Wartburg Central)

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian)

Justin Warner (Grainger)



Final Rocky Top Fall League Scoring Leaders

Chase Cerny (CAK) 20.6

Miles Thomas (South Doyle) 20.4

Shaquan Gibson (Oak Ridge) 19.5

Trey Davis (Fulton) 19.3

Seth Lenard (Sweetwater) 19.2

Kenny Bunton (Walker Valley) 18.0

Geevantay Gee (Oak Ridge) 16.0

Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic) 16.0

Justin Barnett (Sevier County) 15.7

Nathan Hastings (Berean Christian) 15.0

Bryric Savage (Cookeville) 14.8

Conley Hamilton (Powell) 14.7

Calvin Keeble (Heritage) 14.3

Tajoin Jones (Oak Ridge) 14.2

Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale) 14.0

Easton Upchurch (Maryville) 13.5

E.J. Bush (Oak Ridge) 13.3

David Henson (Hardin Valley) 13.3

Josh Jones (Walker Valley) 11.8

Garrett Anderson (Alcoa) 11.4

Maverick Smith (Oakdale) 11.4

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 11.3

Josh Endicott (Upperman) 10.8

Grant Ledford (Grace Christian) 10.3

Blake Ervin (Heritage) 10.2

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 10.0