Rocky Top D-League Championship Day Capsules and League Final Scoring Leaders

Championship Tuesday brings the end to another exciting D-League season. We had a player break the season scoring record, we had a huge comeback in the title game and overall the kids showed up and played hard. Thanks to all the players, parents, coaches, staff and everyone for making this happen. Now lets talk about the games.





Team Ingram 82

Team Boles 75


Raquan Watson (Oak Ridge) dropped a season and league high 40 points as Team Ingram closed up shop with a big 82-75 win over Team Boles.


Cruz Coggins (Cosby) finished with 17 while Eli Williams (Heritage) finished with 12.


Luke Robertson (Maryville) put the finishing touches on a fine Rocky Top season leading his squad with 21.


Joining Robertson on the scoring charts were Jack Townsend (King's Academy) and Jonathan Woodlee (Maryville) with 15 each and Scout Hightower (Grainger) with 12.


Moon Division leads 1-0




Team Meadows 108

Team Bridges 82


Ben Brophy (Hardin Valley) and Bryson Frey (Hardin Valley) scored 28 and 26 points respectively as Team Meadows closed the season with a couple strong wins including this 108-82 triumph over a shorthanded Team Bridges.


Five players finished in double digits for the winners including Christian Vela (Grace Christian) and Barron Sheetz (Hardin Valley) with 13 each and Bo Wright (Clinton) added 12.


Dylan Thompson (Maryville) had his best game of the season dropping 25 markers in the loss.


Will Meadows (Knoxville Central) and Kris Sigmund (Maryville) closed with 20 each while David Clark (Knoxville Central) had 11.


Moon Division leads 2-0




Team McGhee 105

Team Hall 61


David Marsh (Heritage) was superb dropping 25 markers as Team McGhee scored early and often besting Team Hall 105-61.


Dominic Mahoney (Bearden) finished strong dropping 18 while high school teammate Andrew Baker (Bearden) closed with 17 for the victors.


Owen Brooks (Sevier County) closed out the scoring for Team McGhee dropping 12 of his own.


Cam Swearingen (Knoxville Webb) came back from injury to lead his squad with 23 markers.


Brian Hall (Anderson County) finished with a season high 18 and Kip Parker (Jefferson County) added 14.


Moon Division up now 3-0




Team Webb 75

Team Holt 67


Garrett Giles (Greenback) finished the season on a high note dropping a game high 29 points as Team Webb bested Team Holt 75-67 in Rocky Top D-League Championship Tuesday action.


Assisting Giles in the scoring books were Zion Oliver (Carter) with 12 and Daniel Lanning (Farragut) with 11.


Parker Lane (Farragut) and Maurice Clark (Knoxville West) each scored 20 in the tough loss.


Jailon Hill (Knoxville West) completed a very solid season adding 15 points.


Moon Division running away with it at 4-0




Team Dawson 70

Team Keeton 60


Brayden Hazelbaker (Knoxville Webb) and Alex Leeth (Knoxville Webb) put the finishing touches on a very good D-League campaign scoring 20 and 19 respectively and leading Team Dawson to a 70-60 win over Team Keeton in the battle of the #2 squads in the respective leagues.


Cam Richardson (Gatlinburg-Pittman) finished with 13 for the winners.


Brandon Dake (Anderson County) finished with 16 to lead his squad.


Isaac Ratliff (Hardin Valley) finished with 10.


Jackie Division gets their first win making the running total Moon 4 and Jackie 1.




Team Evers 78

Team Gregory 68


Team Evers needed a 3 point barrage in the second half to overcome an 18 point deficit to remain unbeaten and capture the crown at the Rocky Top D-League 78-68.


Team Gregory came out hot behind the scoring of Jibriel Koko (Alcoa) who would finish with a game high 27 points.


Jayson Gainey (Knoxville Catholic) and Christopher Cowan (Knoxville West) started dropping bombs from deep making up that deficit in a hurry and helping their squad cruise to the win.


Gainey finished with 22 points and Cowan added 20.


Carson Asbaty (Knoxville Catholic) finished with 12 for the victors.


Shemar Greene (Oak Ridge) was money on the offensive glass snatching caroms galore and finishing with 13 points in the narrow defeat.


Jackie Division gets the championship game but finishes 2-4 in the medal count.


All League Teams, Honorable Mention and the League MVP will be announced via twitter in the coming weeks


Rocky Top D-League Top Scoring Efforts (Championship Tuesday)

Raquan Watson (Oak Ridge) 40pts

Garrett Giles (Greenback) 29pts

Ben Brophy (Hardin Valley) 28pts

Jibriel Koko (Alcoa) 27pts

Bryson Frey (Hardin Valley) 26pts

David Marsh (Heritage) 25pts

Dylan Thompson (Maryville) 25pts

Cam Swearingen (Knoxville Webb) 23pts

Jayson Gainey (Knoxville Catholic) 22pts

Luke Robertson (Maryville) 21pts

David Clark (Knoxville Central) 20pts

Christopher Cowan (Knoxville West) 20pts

Braydon Hazelbaker (Knoxville Webb) 20pts

Parker Lane (Farragut) 20pts

Will Meadows (Knoxville Central) 20pts

Kris Sigmund (Maryville) 20pts


Rocky Top D-League Scoring Average Leaders (Minimum 5 games Played)

Parker Lane (Farragut) 22.8

Cam Swearingen (Knoxville Webb) 21.0

Raquan Watson (Oak Ridge) 20.8

Garrett Giles (Greenback) 20.5

Jibriel Koko (Alcoa) 20.0

Ben Brophy (Hardin Valley) 19.8

Bryson Frey (Hardin Valley) 19.2

Alex Leeth (Knoxville Webb) 17.8

Owen Lentz (Knoxville Webb) 17.6

Carson Asbaty (Knoxville Catholic) 17.3

Eli Owenby (Maryville) 16.6

Riley Gladwin (Knoxville Catholic) 16.4

Brayden Hazelbaker (Knoxville Webb) 15.7

Luke Robertson (Maryville) 15.7

Christopher Cowan (Knoxville West) 15.5

Barron Sheetz (Hardin Valley) 15.5

Aaron Layne (Kingston) 15.0

Jailon Hill (Knoxville West) 14.7

Jack Townsend (King's Academy) 14.7

Daniel Lanning (Farragut) 14.3

David Marsh (Heritage) 14.3

Kris Sigmund (Maryville) 14.0

Brandon Dake (Anderson County) 13.8

Cam Richardson (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 13.8

Ethan Jones (Oliver Springs) 13.4