Regions 5AAA-8AAA Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams


With region play ready to tip this weekend we have put together
our Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams encompassing all three
classifications. We will release our selections each day starting
with Class A Regions 1-4 followed in succession by Class A Regions
5-8, Class AA Regions 1-4, Class AA Regions 5-8, Class AAA Regions
1-4, Class AAA Regions 5-8 and DII Class A and AA. As always we
consulted coaches and respected people in the appropriate areas to
assist us in this information. Some areas we had less success than
others obtaining information so that could be reflected in our
selections. The All-Region team will consist of 10 players. There
will be an additional 7-10 players selected as honorable mention for
each district. Players are listed in no particular order except MVP.




District 9AAA Regular Season Champion: Hendersonville

District 9AAA Regular Season MVP: Jacob Williams (Wilson

District 10AAA Regular Season Champion: Kenwood/Dickson County

District 10AAA Regular Season MVP: Jequan Lewis (Dickson


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 5AAA All-Region Team

Jequan Lewis (Dickson County) Region MVP

Jacob Williams (Wilson Central)

Daniel Norl (Kenwood)

David Sheehan (Hendersonville)

Darrius Brown (Northeast)

Reagan Johnson (Mt. Juliet)

Axel Magnuson (Rossview)

Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville)

Tyler Spicer (Dickson County)

Brandon Donaldson (Henry County)


Honorable Mention:

Phillip Smith (West Creek)

Nolan Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

Drake Young (Clarksville)

Phillip Baites (Beech)

Matt Hall (Wilson Central)

Caleb Tuck (Dickson County)

Kyle Anderton (Station Camp)

Trent McLaurin (Kenwood)

Tramon Moore (Northwest)

District 11AAA Regular Season Champion: Brentwood

District 11AAA Regular Season MVP: Jamonte Davis (Hillsboro)

District 12AAA Regular Season Champion: McGavock

District 12AAA Regular Season MVP: C.J. McEwen (McGavock)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 6AAA All-Region Team

Jamonte Davis (Hillsboro) Region MVP

Asa Duvall (Brentwood)

Joey Barnes (Ravenwood)

Matt Pond (Centennial)

Vic Wharton (Independence)

C.J. McEwen (McGavock)

Ivan Alsup (Nashville Overton)

James McPherson (Brentwood)

Devonta Odom (Hunter's Lane)

Andy Schumpert (Brentwood)

Honorable Mention:

Khan Hosey (Antioch)

Shaq Davis (Nashville Overton)

Cam Miller (Independence)

DeQuan Bond (Cane Ridge)

Cody Shelton (Brentwood)

Kyle Tackett (Franklin)

District 13AAA Regular Season Champion: Dyer County

District 13AAA Regular Season MVP: Robert Hubbs (Dyer County)

District 14AAA Regular Season Champion: Craigmont

District 14AAA Regular Season MVP: Ladarius Coleman (Craigmont)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 7AAA All-Region Team

Robert Hubbs (Dyer County) Region MVP

Jonathan Starks (Munford)

Ladarius Coleman (Craigmont)

K.J. Bates (Arlington)

Will Shelton (Hardin County)

Markeston Bostic (Dyer County)

Chris Taylor (Bolton)

Kameron Foster (Munford)

Rhyan Townes (Arlington)

Lamarcus Mosley (Dyer County)

Honorable Mention:

El Paso Johnson (Millington)

Nate Hoover (Bartlett)

Chris Smith (Hardin County)

Lorenzo Hunt (Brighton)

Chester Hooker (Cordova)

T.Q Brewster (Craigmont)

James Kilpatrick (Cordova)

Malik Pugh (Dyer County)

Antonie Williams (Jackson Northside)

District 15AAA Regular Season Champion: Ridgeway

District 15AAA Regular Season MVP: Jujuan Johnson (Southwind)

District 16AAA Regular Season Champion: Hamilton

District 16AAA Regular Season MVP: Nick King (Memphis East)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 8AAA All-Region Team

Jujuan Johnson (Southwind) Region MVP

Dedric Lawson (Hamilton)

Leron Black (White Station)

Jonathan Burroughs-Cook (Ridgeway)

Jonathan Williams (Southwind)

Nick King (Memphis East)

Josh Jones (Memphis Central)

Marcanvis Hymon (Whitehaven)

Desean Dockery (Ridgeway)

Keelon Lawson (Hamilton)

Honorable Mention:

Marlon Hunter (Melrose)

Nych Smith (White Station)

Peyton Husley (Southwind)

Keith Collins (Houston)

C.J. Anderson (Whitehaven)

Kennedy McKinney (Germantown)

Chris Chiozza (White Station)

Deckie Johnson (Southwind)