Regions 1AA-4AA Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams


With region play ready to tip this weekend we have put together
our Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams encompassing all three
classifications. We will release our selections each day starting
with Class A Regions 1-4 followed in succession by Class A Regions
5-8, Class AA Regions 1-4, Class AA Regions 5-8, Class AAA Regions
1-4, Class AAA Regions 5-8 and DII Class A and AA. As always we
consulted coaches and respected people in the appropriate areas to
assist us in this information. Some areas we had less success than
others obtaining information so that could be reflected in our
selections. The All-Region team will consist of 10 players. There
will be an additional 7 players selected as honorable mention for
each district. Players are listed in no particular order except MVP.




District 1AA Regular Season Champion: Sullivan East

District 1AA Regular Season MVP: Chase Arnold (Sullivan North)/
David Casady (Sullivan East)

District 2AA Regular Season Champion: Greeneville

District 2AA Regular Season MVP: Landon Duncan (Greeneville)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 1AA All-Region Team

Chase Arnold (Sullivan North) Region Co-MVP

David Casady (Sullivan East) Region Co-MVP

Landon Duncan (Greeneville)

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton)

Brian Dempsey (Johnson County)

Corey Swinney (Chuckey-Doak)

Jonathan King (Sullivan East)

Nathan Hatmaker (Cumberland Gap)

Will Robinson (Elizabethton)

Josh Price (Happy Valley)


Honorable Mention:

Tristan Noe (Claiborne)

Logan Bales (Grainger)

Chase Phillips (Johnson County)

Lucas Henley (Unicoi County)

Grayson Ball (Sullivan North)

Austin Fleenor (Sullivan East)

Aaron Miller (Elizabethton)




District 13AA Regular Season Champion: Austin East

District 3AA Regular Season MVP: Andre Wilson (Austin East)

District 4AA Regular Season Champion: Stone Memorial

District 4AA Regular Season MVP: Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 2AA All-Region Team

Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial) Region MVP

Andre Wilson (Austin East)

Micah Goss (Fulton)

Kenny Dean (Alcoa)

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial)

Oterriah Lee (CAK)

Jay Cade (Gibbs)

Blake Golden (Fulton)

Dejon McGill (Austin East)

Justin Simmons (Stone Memorial)

Honorable Mention:

Jordan Belvin (Loudon)

Kelvin Jackson (Fulton)

Matt Waggoner (Austin East)

Brett Kendrick (CAK)

Clay Leatherwood (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Jordan Bowden (Carter)

Jordan Huddleston (Kingston)

District 5AA Regular Season Champion: McMinn Central

District 5AA Regular Season MVP: Andrew Millsaps (Sequoyah)

District 6AA Regular Season Champion: Howard

District 6AA Regular Season MVP: Brandon Walters (Howard)


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 3AA All-Region Team

Brandon Walters (Howard) Region MVP

Andrew Millsaps (Sequoyah)

Max Miller (McMinn Central)

Levi Woods (Meigs County)

Orlando Moore (Brainerd)

Josh Scudder (McMinn Central)

D'Monta Smith (Hixson)

Jemicah Bowman (Tyner Academy)

Tim Webb (McMinn Central)

Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah)

Honorable Mention:

Marquis Tipton (Brainerd)

Alex Watkins (Tyner Academy)

Evan Ball (Polk County)

Cody Knox (East Hamilton)

David Holley (Chattanooga Central)

Blake Cook (McMinn Central)

Sadik Spence (Tyner Academy)

District 7AA Regular Season Champion: Bledsoe County

District 7AA Regular Season MVP: Jamal Worthington (Bledsoe

District 8AA Regular Season Champion: DeKalb County

District 8AA Regular Season MVP: Mason Ramsey (Livingston


Tennessee Prep Hoops Region 4AA All-Region Team

Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy) Region MVP

Jamal Worthington (Bledsoe County)

Braxton Atnip (DeKalb County)

Joe Jones (Upperman)

Cory Hensley (Cannon County)

Stedman Ford (Notre Dame)

Sonni Fullilove (DeKalb County)

Lannom Sowell (Signal Mountain)

Eric Hale (Bledsoe County)

Brock McCoin (Livingston Academy)

Honorable Mention:

Tyler McWilliams (Upperman)

Stephen Howell (DeKalb County)

Wade Eldridge (Livingston Academy)

Clark Marshall (Chattanooga Christian)

Jacob Campbell (Grundy County)

Blake McCloud (Bledsoe County)

Jordan Craighead (Smith County)