Region Scoring List…Long and Extensive

One of our favorite features is back. Coaches have told me this is what they wait for each week. I have scoured the news sources from around the state and come up with the top scoring efforts. This has become increasingly harder as the local newspapers are no longer putting box scores in the paper. I could use your help if you find or know of anyone scoring over 25 points in a game, please let me know. I can be reached at or @tnprephoops on twitter.





Better late than never. Here is the Region Scoring List. Sub-State list will post by the end of the week.


East Tennessee

Connor Jordan (Morristown East) 41pts vs. David Crockett

Kahlib Edwards (CSAS) 33pts vs. Harriman

Dru Owens (Hampton) 33pts vs. Cosby

Dalton Conn (Grainger) 32pts vs. Unicoi County

Tyler Cullen (Greenback) 32pts vs. University

Dante Harris (Alcoa) 32pts vs. Fulton

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 32pts vs. Elizabethton

Barron Nease (Union County) 31pts vs. Kingston

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 28pts vs. Greeneville

Bryce Mason (McMinn Central) 28pts vs. Red Bank

Darius Allen (Jefferson County) 26pts vs. Daniel Boone

Jaevon Gillespie (Greeneville) 26pts vs. Unicoi County

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 26pts vs. Grainger

Nate Brackett (Rockwood) 25pts vs. Sale Creek

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 25pts vs. Tipton Rosemark

Ques Glover (Bearden) 25pts vs. Oak Ridge

Caleb Tripp (Powell) 25pts vs. Maryville

Ty Way (Cosby) 25pts vs. Hampton

McHale Bright (David Crockett) 24pts vs. Morristown East

Ryan McCain (Rockwood) 24pts vs. Oakdale

DaVae Hughley (East Hamilton) 23pts vs. White County

Lucas Brown (Red Bank) 22pts vs. McMinn Central

Jeremy Elston (Tyner Academy) 22pts vs. Red Bank

Troy Podvin (Unicoi County) 22pts vs. Greeneville

Elijah Smith (North Greene) 22pts vs. Cosby

Trent Stephney (Bearden) 22pts vs. Karns

Riamello Wadsworth (Dobyns-Bennett) 22pts vs. South Doyle

Blake Atwood (Johnson County) 21pts vs. Chuckey-Doak

Thomas Brown (Sullivan North) 21pts vs. Hancock County

Matt Burk (Sullivan North) 21pts vs. Hancock County

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 21pts vs. Webb School

DaVae Hughley (East Hamilton) 21pts vs. Stone Memorial

Myles Rasnick (Webb School) 21pts vs. Lausanne

Chase Ridenour (Knoxville Webb) 21pts vs. Harding Academy

Charlie Vargo (University) 21pts vs. Greenback

Joe Anderson (Maryville) 20pts vs. Anderson County

Isaiah Benjamin (Cosby) 20pts vs. Hampton

Dalton Conn (Grainger) 20pts vs. Chuckey Doak

Joseph Harless (University) 20pts vs. Greenback

Jackson Hicks (Oakdale) 20pts vs. Harriman

Ryan McCain (Rockwood) 20pts vs. Sale Creek


Middle Tennessee

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 43pts vs. Nolensville

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 41pts vs. Clay County

Silas Clark (Cumberland County) 33pts vs. Livingston Academy

Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy) 31pts vs. Cumberland County

Carson Cary (Columbia Academy) 30pts vs. Jo Byrns

Reece Glover (Franklin) 30pts vs. Brentwood

Carson Cary (Columbia Academy) 29pts vs. McEwen

Dennis Stallings (White's Creek) 29pts vs. MLK

Alec Keglar (Northeast) 28pts vs. Wilson Central

Brett Newcomb (Stone Memorial) 28pts vs. McMinn County

Nick Hamlett (Central Magnet) 27pts vs. Waverly Central

Noah Hilliker (Cookeville) 27pts vs. Cleveland

Preston Tomlinson (Watertown) 27pts vs. Grundy County

Landon Woodcock (Clay County) 27pts vs. Van Buren County

Eddie Jackson (Lebanon) 26pts vs. Rossview

Ryan Weathers (Loretto) 26pts vs. Summertown

Kendall Winston (Hunter's Lane) 26pts vs. Centennial

Kevonte Boyd (Stratford) 25pts vs. White's Creek

Darius Garland (Brentwood Academy) 25pts vs. CBHS

Dennis Stallings (White's Creek) 25pts vs. Stratford

Dylan Wade (White's Creek) 25pts vs. Stratford

Alex Garrett (Cookeville) 24pts vs. Cleveland

Reece Glover (Franklin) 24pts vs. Antioch

Justin Headrick (Stone Memorial) 23pts vs. McMinn County

Josh Dykes (Cumberland County) 22pts vs. Livingston Academy

Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian) 22pts vs. Cornersville

Grant Slatten (White County) 22pts vs. East Hamilton

Isaac Stephens (Mt. Juliet) 22pts vs. Kenwood

Isaac Stephens (Mt. Juliet) 22pts vs. West Creek

Jack Thurman (Brentwood) 22pts vs. Franklin

Jaydon Canipe (Upperman) 21pts vs. Marion County

Walker Galbreath (Columbia Academy) 20pts vs. Jo Byrns

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 20pts vs. Grace Christian

Jayden Kanipe (Upperman) 20pts vs. Watertown

Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian) 20pts vs. Cascade


West Tennessee

Vennie White (McNairy Central) 37pts vs. South Gibson

Tyler Harris (Cordova) 36pts vs. Bolton

Damien Nance (Crockett County) 31pts vs. Lexington

Nathan Hicks (South Gibson) 30pts vs. Crockett County

Jordan Johnson (Hamilton) 29pts vs. Covington

Alden Applewhite (Lausanne) 28pts vs. Goodpasture

Mylhan Davis (MASE) 27pts vs. Power Center Academy

Nathan Hicks (South Gibson) 27pts vs. McNairy Central

Martrell Brooks (Hamilton) 26pts vs. Ripley

Bruce Guy (Cordova) 25pts vs. Bolton

Justin Pankey (Humboldt) 24pts vs. Union City

Jamey Sanders (WEB Dubois) 24pts vs. MAHS

Jeff Walker (Bartlett) 22pts vs. Arlington

R.J. Abernathy (Humboldt) 21pts vs. Union City

Brayden Johnson (Wayne County) 21pts vs. Huntingdon

Carrington Maclin (Fayette-Ware) 21pts vs. Mitchell

Bryce McBride (Jackson Southside) 21pts vs. Dyersburg

Martrell Brooks (Hamilton) 20pts vs. Covington

Travion Collier (Jackson Northside) 20pts vs. Dyersburg

Brandon Williams (Dyersburg) 20pts vs. Jackson Northside