NPA Camp Showcase Evaluations (Next to the Last Group)

Fall Leagues are all underway so we are playing catch up to get all the NPA Showcase evaluations in the books. Here are the next group of players.






Jaden Rogers (Fern Creek)

Camp Number: 95


Out of state small guard who showed a very dynamic first step and a decent outside stroke. He was solid on both ends of the floor, showed the ability to slash to the basket for easy scoring chances. He runs the floor regardless of if he is leading the break or filling a lane. His size will be an issue as he defends bigger and stronger athletes but his competitive nature and skill level will allow him to always hold his own.


JaColby McKee (Spring Hill)

Camp Number: 96


Good size for an incoming freshman  but he will need to work on getting into better basketball shape. He plays with little to no confidence when his skill level is really quite adequate for his age grouping. He has a decent shot, despite his willingness to want to push instead of actually shoot. He will need a basketball IQ upgrade, and remember we are taking about a kid who has yet to play a high school basketball game. He tends to keep his head down and likes to go 1 on 1 instead of getting everyone around him involved.


Rodney Thweatt (Hillsboro)

Camp Number: 97


My first observation was he was only giving a half effort during some of the drill work but he grew on me as the camp moved on. He has a smoothness, he glides when in motion and has a decent body to get things done at the proper level. He has a decent shot and the confidence to shoot it. His shot form is adequate but could some minor tweaking form wise. He obviously has things to work on but he showed a willingness once the games got underway.


Isaiah Jones (East Nashville)

Camp Number: 101


Young man has great size and length. He plays with effort and can do so many things on the floor. He handles the ball well enough to play some on the perimeter and he has the length and skill to score on the block as well. He has unlimited potential if his lack of maturity doesn't derail this effort. He loves to talk and complain to the refs, please stop that. He is a creative finisher, he is unselfish with the ball and he can score on every level. He is an impressive young player with mega potential just don't let the meaningless stop this progression.


Jalen Macon (Hillsboro)

Camp Number: 120


Another super impressive athletic young guy from the Nashville area. His athleticism outweighs his skill level at this point but the potential is there in multitudes. He can score with his length off the bounce or from the perimeter. His confidence in his shot isn't there yet but he plays with a passion that makes me believe he wants to get better. He could be a lock down defender if he has that mentality, lets encourage that for him. I think he will be a major sought after recruit as he gets stronger and more mature.  


Davonta Brady (Smyrna)

Camp Number: 121


Small guard who shows a level of skill. His tendency is to go 1 on 1 and at this size you need to start thinking lead guard and what that entails. He has a really decent shot from the perimeter which could be an asset when and if he decides he is a point guard. He plays with his head down and is singularly focused on scoring when he has the ball. The change to the opposite guard spot will be the challenge he faces as he grows in the prep game.


Sky Polk (Columbia Academy)

Camp Number: 123


Thick scoring guard who understands how to use his bulk and size for easy buckets against smaller competition. He is slow and deliberate but that works as he is confident and consistent. He has a set shot form and doesn't get any elevation on the shot either but seems to get the ball in the basket which is after all the object of the game. He will never be able to break anyone down off the dribble or explode past a defender but he understands what he is and that's half of the game. "Know your role and shut your mouth", words to live by.


Jake Messer (Lawrence County)

Camp Number: 124


Kid who loves to play, he gets after it and plays with effort. He is limited athletically but understands how to make up for some of these shortcomings with his basketball IQ. He is more of a system kid and was at times a bit overwhelmed with the theatrics and selfishness of the camp game. He has a decent shot and moves well without the ball, finding opening for easy shots. He needs to work on his body and get himself stronger and more capable on the glass and on the perimeter, he has decent size so skill work and working on his explosiveness and lateral quickness will be beneficial to his growth as a player.


Noah Thomas (Lipscomb Academy)

Camp Number: 125


Found a gem here with a kid who was injured majority of last season but has a nice skill set and could be a small college steal for someone on some level. He can score the ball, was very adept from mid-range, he scored around the goal with hands and at 6'5 was capable on the glass as well. He doesn't overwhelm you with his quickness or athleticism but he is savvy enough to make plays and be a very solid player for the next level. A stretch four was bounded about by several evaluations.


Damon Fann (Oakland)

Camp Number: 127


Young player seems to get it. He doesn't have marvelous size but he was very capable. He looks to pass and create offense for his teammates. He has handles and a moderate skill level that will improve as he will be coached and seems to want that for his overall growth. He tends to get into bad situations with the ball, driving too deep, leaving his feet when unnecessary, these are all things which will rectify itself with experience.


Hayden Morgan (Columbia Academy)

Camp Number: 128


Relentless young guard who doesn't really have the size or the athleticism but he has heart and determination and just keeps plugging away. Coaches love this trait by the way. He makes good decisions with the ball, he understands the flow of the game and he gets everyone involved which was quite the feat in a camp setting. He has decent length at 6'1 and his body will catch up soon. A very capable player who will only get better as he works his tail off.