NPA Basketball Elite Camp Player Evaluations (41-50)

The following are player evaluations for the NPA Sports Elite Camp concluded on August 5th and 6th. The camp features 85+ players ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade of all skill levels. Evaluations will be done numerically with each segment covering a 10 digit sequence. Player name, year and school were provided so if any changes need to be made please let me know.






  1. Reese Glover (Franklin) 2019

"Best shooter in the gym", was a note I scribbled early and often describing this kid, who is electrifying from deep. When his feet are set and he's not trying to fade away, his shot is as pure as anyone in the state bar none. He has a tendency to forget his fundamentals at times, succumbing to his size and using the step back or the fade away to compensate when patience and movement would afford him another shooting opportunity with a much more prolific result. He has point guard size for the next level and will need to start adhering to this concept as he is more of a two-guard at this juncture. Incorporate more leadership traits, get more people involved and having the weapon he possesses would make him a dangerous lead guard at the proper level. He prefers the offensive side of the ball, who doesn't, but he will need to become a more competent defender. Adding some strength and quickness will allow him to defend better and give him more leverage to use his deadly stroke, one dribble pull-ups and head fake short jumpers would be welcome additions as defenders fly by him wanting to avoid the deep threat.    



  1. Noah Morrison (Independence) 2019

We had several players attending this camp that really had a good grip on how to play the game. They understood the flow, they knew when and how to position themselves but their lack of physical size and strength prevented them from executing some of these acknowledgements. This young man has a real good feel for the game but was at his worst when he was forced to speed up against his will, he turned the ball over and made bad decisions. Some of this due to inexperience and more so due to lack of physical ability. Playing within yourself is something I'm sure everyone hears and thinks, just more basketball babble, but it is vital. You have to know your shortcomings and play to your strengths, when the game flowed he fit right in when it got hectic and fast, he struggled. He showed he could knock down the outside shot when fundamentals were in place.



  1. David Smith (Cane Ridge) 2018

This kid simply loves to play, if there is a hoop and a ball he is ready. Very solid offensively, he can score the ball in a variety of ways, he likes to defend and he is a competent teammate. His size dictates he needs to continue working on his point guard skills. I feel he can guard the position on the next level but his offensive handle of the spot needs to become a priority for him heading into his senior campaign. Decision making with the ball, getting everyone involved, he has a penchant for scoring due more to his high schools plethora of small guards, relegating him to more of the off guard role. His handles are very loose, as he keeps the ball much to far from his body. He has confidence in his outside stroke and it is more than solid, he likes to hit runners and can finish at the rim despite his lack of size. Fearless and determined, I have no doubt he will work and find his way into a program at the next level, just needs a chance.  



  1. Caleb Fields (Marshall County) 2018

Great build for a guard who really seems to embrace the concept of defense. He is one of the best on-ball defenders in the area and he appears to enjoy taking on the role of leader and trend setter with his defensive prowess. He likes to kick start the action, he is a lead guard and has some of the necessary skills to excel at this spot on the next level. His size allows him to make plays and not get deterred off his track when heading to the bucket for finishes. He challenges contact and likes the confrontation at the rim. His ball handling is good but could be better as he does take chances with keeping the ball too far from his body. His shooting is the area that needs the most improvement, while he has worked on this area, there is minimal improvement but he continues to make it a priority in his development as a leader. He has a winners mentality and he loves to compete.


  1. Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian) 2020

There seems to be a proliferation of young players who need to get on strength programs and work on their body, it becomes apparent as they attend these type of showcases and play in the summer at a high level. There is no doubt this young man understands the game, he has an above average IQ, he understands movement and likes to be a facilitator. We have written three sentences without mentioning his ability to knock down the open shot from deep. He is certainly one of the best shooters in his class and in the entire mid-state area. As his body matures, his range will increase and his confidence will also rise making him a deadly stroke from deep, if you've watched much basketball lately, you have noticed that really good outside shooting is a commodity. This kid loves to play and will put in the work to make himself a viable candidate to play at the next level when his prep career is concluded.



  1. Quanie Clending (Stratford) 2019

Typical athlete who uses his running and jumping skills to show out more at this type of event while really needing to work on becoming a basketball player who is skilled and athletic, not simply athletic. He played hard which is a plus but he seemed lost in majority of the drills and didn't always follow instructions as to how these types of skill sessions help to improve you as a player. His shooting form was simply not good, this an immediate area he will need to have tweaked from his form to his release. His motor allowed him to be a competent defender as long as the ball was in his view, when left to defend in the half court he struggled with back cuts and simply using the basic fundamentals of keeping yourself between your guy and the basket.



  1. Isaiah Shaw (Davidson Academy) 2021

As I have mentioned on several occasions during this evaluation process, I love the young players who show no fear and are truly ready to compete. This kid was ultra thin, really young having yet to play a high school basketball game but he seriously knows and understands the game. His lack of strength at this juncture does not allow him to complete plays but he sees them and knows them. A lefty with an unorthodox release, he was confident in his shooting stroke, he nailed several deep jumpers and used his head fake to get mid-range chances and to make easy assists to happy teammates for buckets. He was very adept at moving without the ball, finding open shooting lanes and making smart decisions with the ball. Defensively he was a bit overmatched due to physical limitations but he gave effort and played with passion, he loves this game.