NPA Basketball Elite Camp Player Evaluations (31-40)

The following are player evaluations for the NPA Sports Elite Camp concluded on August 5th and 6th. The camp features 85+ players ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade of all skill levels. Evaluations will be done numerically with each segment covering a 10 digit sequence. Player name, year and school were provided so if any changes need to be made please let me know.







  1. Price Tramel (Oakland) 2019

"Growing on me", was the first note I took when I started watch this rising junior guard from the 'boro. Slight in size, lean in body but slick in skills and plays because he has a genuine love for the game. Point guard skills, likes to pass the ball, maybe a bit too much, as my coach would say "sugar" in his antics, but effective none the less. We don't want to take the joy away from him just realize the easy pass is usually the best pass. Love his short pull-up game, he plays fearless, not afraid to take the ball hard to the rack. He can shoot the outside shot but will need to lift his delivery for a bit higher trajectory point and as his body continues to mature his range will increase. He plays at a good pace, he can play fast or slow and once his body catches up with his skill level and his IQ, we got a player on our hands.    



  1. Adam Norman (Lumberton) 2019

There are players who really like the fast paced style of evaluation camp basketball and there are players who are uncomfortable in this brand of basketball, they prefer structure, knowing where they are supposed to be and playing at a more methodical and controlled pace. Not a great athlete, the pace was concerning for him but he is not devoid of skills. He showed a nice face up game and proved he could shoot the ball when some actual offense was being played. The game appeared fast for him at times but he played hard, don't get caught up in the pace, allow your deliberate actions to dictate your own pace.



  1. Keyshawn Collier (Ensworth) 2019

Impressive looking athlete with length and athletic skill galore, he runs the floor and likes to play on the defensive end of the floor. He shows remnants of smooth game, is an outstanding leaper and goes hard after rebounds in and out of his area. He was especially adept on the offensive glass scoring several put backs and keeping possessions alive with his effort. In the half-court he had a tendency to dribble the ball in excess and really needs to develop a left hand around the basket especially. He rarely shot the ball from the outside telling me he lacks confidence in this area of his game, he obviously needs to work on this and immediately. Coaches and scouts love players who have a motor, this kid has a motor, it seems so cliché but its so true and this will make him an intriguing prospect as we enter his junior campaign of high school.  



  1. Luke Conger (Father Ryan) 2021

I like watching young players in camp settings. How do they react to the older and stronger kids? Do they back down or do they stick their nose in there? Are they intimidated or do they simply go for it? Here is a kid who understands how to play, he just lacks the physical skills to make those thoughts reality. He has a better than average outside stroke that will only get deeper and more fundamental as his strength and confidence grow. He is a confident shooter who moves well without the ball, finding seams in the defense to release that emerging stroke. He has some ball skills but his lack of strength doesn't permit him to be a confident ball handler at this juncture. "Stop fading away", was a note I scribbled on a couple occasions, so quit doing that, its not fundamentally sound or aesthetically pleasing. his love for the game will allow him to improve at a rapid rate and once his body catches up to his IQ and skill level, we will be talking about him on another level.



  1. Javonte Platt (Stewart's Creek) 2020

Good and bad, positives and negatives seemed to permeate the notes for this rising sophomore. I loved his effort, I'm an effort guy, always have been always will be. He went strong to the bucket when the opportunities presented themselves, he has some serious wiggle and he had a decent body with potential to be a very good on ball defender. Now his decision making really needs some work, he wants every play to be a highlight, remember the easy play is usually the best play, it sounds old school but coaches hate turnovers. His size dictates point guard as well, so this decision making thing is a priority. Shooting is another area that needs improvement, its not broke but it is obviously not a confident part of his game.



  1. Jaylen Negron (West Creek) 2019

Long, lean athlete who has a solid skill level and is right on the cusp of being a player who will get some opportunities to play on the next level. He has length and has a decent shot, albeit slow and deliberate. He sees the floor and is not afraid to pass the ball. He needs to work on his explosion and lateral quickness, this will let him make the transition to the point where he wishes to play and needs to play as his game moves in that direction. He has a tendency to dribble a bit excessively and will take chances instead of just letting the game and the flow of the game come his way.



  1. Derron Perry (Riverdale) 2019

Team player who seems at ease when the pace of the game is steady and assignment basketball is the norm. He has leadership skills, plays patient and see the floor. He defends when motivated and could really be a good on-ball defender. A lefty who needs to work on his shot, its of the flat-footed variety but it could be a weapon for him as he shoots with confidence. He has a great on court demeanor and has a take over mentality, I like his grit and toughness while his skill level will need to continue to get better. He has adequate size and is a team guy, its seems redundant but this is a sound quality for a lead guard. Coach on the floor, leader in the locker room, those are qualities just as important as scoring and passing.



  1. Matthew Sells (Livingston Academy) 2021

Young player with an emerging set of skills. He plays tough and gets involved, love that quality in an incoming freshman. Realize he has yet to play his first high school game. He has a decent outside shot that will need some mechanical tweaking, the release is very low and very slow but accurate. He has a tendency to force shots and had lapses where he simply was not engaged in the action. Its a tough transition from being the man to playing a smaller role, but embracing this and carving out your niche will get you on the floor and keep you on the floor. He has an above average basketball IQ so this transition will be quick as his body catches up. I think he is going to be a very good player down the road, I look forward to his maturation.