NPA Basketball Elite Camp Player Evaluations (21-30)

The following are player evaluations for the NPA Sports Elite Camp concluded on August 5th and 6th. The camp features 85+ players ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade of all skill levels. Evaluations will be done numerically with each segment covering a 10 digit sequence. Player name, year and school were provided so if any changes need to be made please let me know.







  1. Ethan Shores (Penn Foster) 2019

Lefty guard who played with effort during the drills on Saturday but felt a bit lost during the game sessions on the final day of the event. Tried to force the issue several times, playing too fast and ultimately making bad decisions with the ball. His outside shooting is not bad while his form could use a bit of tweaking, he shoots flat-footed and needs to understand his range. He shot several shots well beyond his comfort zone and thus severely affected his shooting form. He will need to grasp the role of lead guard with his size and continue to give the effort that he started the event with the entire time.  



  1. Jacobi Wood (Cleveland) 2020

Nice looking player who showed emotion and effort in all phases of the game. He has excellent ball skills, a bit thin but not scared to go hard to the rack or sidle up to his defender and demand his respect. He has good length and is a very capable help defender with a propensity for steals, deflections and changing defensive possessions into offensive scores at a moments notice. He sees the floor well and has begun to embrace his role as leader and coach on the floor. He is unselfish but can put up points if called upon, his shooting touch needs some work and if he improves in this area his stock grows exponentially. He is an emotional sort who will need to watch his theatrics on the court, a lot of this change will come with maturity and his growth as a leader.



  1. Leo McCray (Northeast) 2018

Perusing my notes on this Clarksville native, it was apparent that footwork is a major concern as I noted it on three separate occasions when jotting down pros and cons for this rising senior. A really good athlete who played with effort at times, his skill level is something he certainly needs to improve on if he is to be worthy of playing at the next level. He can jump with anyone who was here but his offensive package was not one of his strengths. He had trouble finishing at the rim, his shooting was non descript and he tended to disappear for large stretches during the game.



  1. Robjhay Bush (LaVergne) 2018

Some guys just flat out love to play, be it in the gym, at the park or wherever there is a hoop and a ball you will find them out there having some fun. Bush is a tough competitor, he defends using his size and effort to push around defenders. He has some offensive skills preferring to score mostly off the dribble. His shooting will be an area where he needs to build confidence and make this a weapon, with his build he can find open spots in the lane and make a living off the floaters and short jumpers that will be available to him game in and game out. He has leadership qualities and likes to make everyone better, he has vision and is not afraid to give up the ball. Here is a good kid with a desire to get better and make himself stand out in his final prep campaign.  



  1. Josh Grooms (Polk County) 2020

Often times young players think when they come to showcase events that they need to score to stand-out, they need to catch everyone eye with spectacular plays and high level athletic efforts, simply not true. "Stay in your lane", "Know your role" however you want to say it, these are words that coaches love and players should covet. Grooms is a kid who loves to play, he doesn't have overt athleticism but he has desire and effort. He needs to improve his lateral quickness, his footwork and his explosion. His shooting is not bad and upon improving his ball skills and his overall basketball skill set this could be an asset for him, just a rising sophomore. "Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses on your own", was told to me by a very prominent college basketball coach many years ago when evaluating younger players. Words to live by, Id say.



  1. Khamon Garrett (Lexington) 2018

I told everyone when I spoke to the group that you are now being watched, everything you do is critiqued at this juncture and my initial response to this rising senior was, you cheated the drills, you need to follow instructions and then I liked how active he was, I liked his effort and he had a nice build, my opinion was slowly changing. Garrett is a good defender who needs to continue improving his overall skill set, his shooting touch needs much work but he never let up and he played hard even when making mistakes. I like that. He needs to work on his flexibility as he plays the game a bit stiff, he is an average athlete who gets more done because he does have a motor.



  1. Dominic Wynn (Ensworth) 2020

One things about this camp and the state of the game right now is the kids are so athletic, they do amazing things but the skill level is so lacking as they enter their later years that we need to get this fixed at the younger age groups. This rising sophomore loves to pound the glass, he was ferocious on both ends of the floor, relentless pursuit of the ball, in and out of his area, his area of expertise and he knew it. A lefty shooter who will need to seriously improve in this portion of the game as he moves up levels. His overall skill set is athletic based so he relies on his effort and his motor for everything. He can get out of control and needs to be reeled in at times and focused on the task at hand. He has the markings of a defensive catalyst with his constant effort and pursuit of the ball, work on the skill set and things will happen, mark my word.



  1. Nathan Foutch (Nolensville) 2020

Immediately I notice his vision, he has an eye for finding the open man, he tends to be a bit brazen with the ball, just make the simple play but he sees the floor, he sees the game and he has an exceptional basketball IQ. A rising sophomore, he will need to work on his lateral quickness and explosion, add some change of speed dribble action to help separate from defenders. He likes to gamble on defense and will certainly need to embrace his role as a leader from the lead guard position. His shooting is adequate and as he gains weight and size his range will increase as well. Get bigger and stronger and the game will open up in ways you've never imagined, once the confidence begins to rise so does the production.



  1. Jarrod Taylor (NACS) 2021

Incoming freshman showed some good skills and some questionable habits as well but overall was a nice surprise as a player who has yet to lace them up on the high school level. He is an active sort who runs the floor, he attacks when given the opportunity and doesn't play with any fear, which is a fabulous trait for a youngster in my opinion. He isn't afraid to make a mistake, he just keeps playing. He shoots a set shot and will need to work on his decision making. He will need to work on his athleticism and overall skill set but what I like about this young man is his effort, that my friend will take you far.



Kelby Epley (Logan County) 2019

Rising junior is a hard worker who can really shoot the ball. He isn't an overtly athletic player but he does understand how to play and uses his IQ to make plays and be productive. He is a catch and shoot kind of guard, he does shoot a set shot but his form was better than majority of the players here, as shooting is a premium folks. He also gets rid of the shot quicker than you'd believe which helps him as he looks for open spots in the defense to launch. He will need to add other aspects to his game, work on off the dribble moves and increase the foot speed and lateral quickness with drills and explosion work.