NPA Basketball Elite Camp Player Evaluations (100-110)

The following are player evaluations for the NPA Sports Elite Camp concluded on August 5th and 6th. The camp features 85+ players ranging from 9th grade to 12th grade of all skill levels. Evaluations will be done numerically with each segment covering a 10 digit sequence. Player name, year and school were provided so if any changes need to be made please let me know.







  1. K.K. Tandy (Hopkinsville) 2019

Impressive athlete who has a college ready body already at this stage of his development. He has unlimited potential, he can score the ball at every level and is at his best going strong to the basket using his body to draw contract and finish. His outside shot is good and is a creative scorer who can play fast or slow depending on the tempo and pace of the action. Defensively he could be a bit more active as he tends to rely on his quickness and size for help defensive situations. He could be a devastating on-ball defender if he chose to take his game in this direction. He can be a bit demonstrative when dealing with the game between the lines, the calls, his teammates and his demeanor. Body language is a big deal and at times his wasn't where you would like a kid with this type of potential to be. Maturity will solve majority of these issues and with his talent he will be a player that several big time schools will covet.    



  1. Evan Sigler (Franklin) 2018

Young man plays with a very good pace, he understands the game and knows how to get open and when and where to make his move off the bounce. Camp basketball can be a haven for quick guards who like to control the tempo and players who are more adept at the system of basketball can get lost in this cavalcade of fast breaks, bad passes and horrendous shots. He is heady, understands how to change speeds and knows his assignment. He has a better than average stroke from the perimeter and is a team player. He will need to work on increasing his lateral foot speed and explosion but he has the IQ to play at the next level.



  1. Kenneth Miller (Beech) 2020

Long athlete who seemed very unsure of himself and played timid majority of the time. His skill level is an area he will need to spend a lot of gym time increasing. His shooting touch needs work, fundamentally and technically. He plays hard, he gives effort but he just doesn't have the skill level at this point to be a productive contributor. He is young and really has good length so defending the basketball should be a priority for him as his development commences. He is a kid who really seems to enjoy playing so improving will not be an issue as he will work to make himself into a productive player on the prep level.  



  1. Stanton McFarland (USJ) 2019

"His effort is compelling", touched off what would be many notes regarding his toughness and hustle while on the floor. His skill level needs to improve but his work ethic and desire will never be in question. He needs to make better decisions with the ball, shot selection and overall IQ decisions. He will need to work on his lateral quickness and foot work as well. Not a great athlete his production comes from effort, he will make his mark on the defensive end and become a lock down defender. His shooting is not bad, just need to quicken his release and work on his shot selection, game situations dictate basketball decisions.


  1. Jayson Brown (Beech) 2018

Intangibles are qualities that coaches adore, team player, good and decisive basketball decisions, the ability to score if needed but not necessary to have the ball to be productive. "He does a little bit of everything", I jotted as this kid adapted to the unusual pace of the game structure on Sunday. Not a flashy player but a guy who really is a valuable cog in a team's success. He is steady and despite not requiring the ball to be effective can put up some points with a confident stroke and the ability to use his length when approaching the bucket. He can plays a little defense, he can rebound and pass the ball, I like this kid and his contributions to the winning side of the ledger.



  1. Michael Nichols (Knoxville Webb) 2020

Youngster with good size who played hard and did his best work on the defensive side of the ball. At this juncture in his development he seemed much more confident on the defensive side of the ball than with his offensive game. He was reluctant to shoot and just didn't seem comfortable in the fast paced style of the camp basketball. As mentioned previously his size will be an asset as he becomes more confident on the offensive end of the floor. Playing in a structured environment will also be to his advantage, knowing his assignment and where he is to be on the floor will benefit him and aid in his production.



  1. Harris Barker (USJ) 2019

You can spout off all the things this kid couldn't do, how he wasn't a great athlete, but what is was is productive. "He doesn't force the issue", I made a point of saying this because this is a real teaching tool for those less than overt athletic players. Change your speeds, play at your pace, don't force the issue, become the issue. He had an excellent skill level, he played confident, he has a decent stroke, a bit slow but good. A very productive team guy who let the game come to him, I know this is the cliché of all clichés, but it is very true. Even when the pace of camp basketball got out of hand, when the ball landed in his hands, things slowed down a bit, enough for something to happen and he was the advocate for this action.



  1. Alec Kegler (Northeast) 2020

I'm not 100% sure on his year in school, as he is a new player that came in late in the year, but either way this kid has a chance to be special. He is a physical specimen, incredible body and emerging skill set, that could result in some serious good fortune if he works as hard as he plays. At this point in his development he is an undersized inside player who uses his natural gifts to be productive. He blocks shots, he goes high for rebounds and he can score in the paint. His outside shot will need some work, as it has line drive qualities at this point, so some tweaking will be needed. He is a two-footed jumper, who uses his body well to carve out space. His skill level, ball-handling and such will be an area he needs to concentrate on at his size. He has a major motor, which will only help him as he increases his skill level and becomes a coveted prospect for the next level.



  1. Justin McMurry (Station Camp) 2018

The kid just grew on me the more I watched him play. Big guard with some leadership qualities, he talked to his teammates despite probably not knowing them, remember this is a camp setting, I like that. He likes contact, he finishes at the rim, he has excellent body language and seems to be a winner. He showed he could score the ball if needed and can run the game from the point as well. He likes to play unselfish and is a really physical defender. He will need to continue working on his body, his lateral quickness and explosion. A better first step and not always relying on his size to get past defenders will make him even harder to guard down the road. A more consistent outside stroke is another area where he can make strides to become the complete player he strives to be.