Notes from Previous Week’s Attended Games



Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who was kind enough to email and /or text me after the surgery. I am home now and recovering and sore. Not well enough to get out yet but well enough to at least put some stories on the site.


I will be counting on everyone to help me with all the happenings until I am able to hit the road again.


It seems like a long time since I attended these games over a week ago, but I wanted to write down my thoughts after spending Thursday watching Notre Dame and Sequatchie County, then Friday to Spring Hill as they tangled with Marshall County and finally over to MBA as they took on Hillsboro.


I came up with 7 points that I felt summed up my travels that particular weekend and here they are:


1. Notre Dame Freshman Class

Despite an off shooting night Class of 2013 guard D.J. Bowles (Notre Dame) is one of the state's best in this class. He is quick, can shoot and as all young ones will get stronger with age. Joining him in the backcourt is dynamic point man Steadman Ford (Notre Dame). This diminutive youngster is a true ball of energy and makes it happen on the floor. He shoots it well and tries to get his teammates involved. His decision making and shot selection will improve with his experience. Rashawn Avery (Notre Dame) rounds out this terrific trio.



2. Sequatchie Sophomore Shines

The most impactful player on the floor that evening was steady sophomore point guard Daniel Cartwright (Sequatchie County). He has a nice build and can get his shot whenever he needs, he passes well getting everyone involved and can shoot the three. I was especially impressed by his leadership skills and ability to finish from either side with either hand.



3. Creek Wood Frontline Firepower

A bit under the radar is good way of describing Creek Wood, few Class AA teams this side of Memphis possess their size. Vincent Dotson (Creek Wood), Aaron Hyndman (Creek Wood) and Woody Corell (Creek Wood) give them inside scoring, board work and shot blocking skills. Austin Clements (Creek Wood) was their leading scorer in the game with 20 but majority of those came on second chances kept alive by the big three inside.



4. Greenbrier Sophomore Does it All

In the previous paragraph we noted that Creek Wood had their way inside with their superior size; however, the Professor did his best to keep his squad in the thick of things. Craig Bradshaw (Greenbrier) was responsible for 18 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and numerous big plays on both ends of the court. He has a contagious presence on the floor, plays excessively hard and gets to the lane to make things happen. As he improves the form and range on his outside shot, his game will grow.




5. Spring Hill Sophomore Class

Working till the final buzzer the youngsters from Spring Hill gave maximum effort in their last second loss to Marshall County two Fridays ago. Keilan Blanks (Spring Hill) one of the four members of a sterling sophomore class, busted the twine for 24 points. Montrae Williams (Spring Hill) finished with 15 and showed one of the nicest strokes when properly set in the mid-state area. Dathan Prewitt (Spring Hill) and Kiont Jones (Spring Hill) round out a nice foursome for the folks of this fine community to enjoy for the next three seasons.




6. Guess who's back...Yes Kedren

Finally healthy and back into his basketball legs, junior stud Kedren Johnson (Marshall County) finished the game with 22 points including a clutch drive and dish to senior Jamie Perryman (Marshall County) who knocked down the game winning foul shots in the close win over Spring Hill. Johnson was at his best leading the break finishing with his patented spin moves and knocking down perimeter shots. His court vision is astounding and he always looks to make the easy pass for the easy score. Louisville and Tennessee were on hand and were sufficiently impressed.




7. Big Dave Shows Marked Improvement

Free from injury and showing good mobility up and down the court, David Howard (MBA) showed marked improvement in his overall game. The 6'7 inside scorer had numerous productive post moves for easy scores, controlled the glass and blocked several shots from the help side.