News and Notes from TPH (Showcase, Fall Leagues and More)

Carson Newman Showcase

The evaluations for the Carson Newman Showcase will begin to post tomorrow.

I will do them per team starting with Tennessee (1-10) and progress accordingly.

I will have at least one team per day and some will be posted as two or three per day depending on time.


Rocky Top Fall League

The final write-up for the league should be up tomorrow.

The final scoring leaders and All-League and MVP selections will post later in the week.


Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League

Championships will be played this Saturday at CPA.


Here is the line-up:

9:00 Wake Forest vs. Tennessee

10:00 Duke vs. Kentucky

11:00 LSU vs. North Carolina

12:00 Vanderbilt vs. Georgia Tech

1:00 Florida vs. Clemson


Write ups for Week #5 will be posted tonight.

League scoring leaders will be posted later in the week.

As always I will email everyone of their playing time.