New Look and New Features


Welcome to the new look of Tennessee Prep Hoops. I want to welcome everyone and let you know about some of our new features and some upcoming things we have in store.

I trust you will love the D1 recruit ticker that will scroll through all the players who have committed to D1 schools in our state.

The categories listed in the main body of the site (news, recruiting, league etc.) allow you to choose 5, 10 or 15 stories to display. The space immediately below this will hold the player of the week and game of the week features which will begin around the first of December.

You can arrange these sections in whatever order you want. Just use the icon in the upper right of the section to drag it.

Also stay tuned for the new diaries which will begin shortly and another new item we really think will be a hit.....School Daze. This feature will show everyone the various websites that each school has designed for their hoops teams. We will feature a new school each month so get yours into me by email real soon.

Thanks for helping make Tennessee Prep Hoops your leading source for high school hoops in the state of Tennessee.