Nashville Fall League Week #4 Game Capsules

The final week of the regular season saw some outstanding efforts and some movement as we gear up for Championship Saturday. Lets see how things got along in Week#4.







Vanderbilt 86

Florida 82


Alex Garrett (Cookeville) came back from injury to drop 32 points as Vanderbilt captured second place in the East Division with an 86-82 win over Florida.


Grant Slatten (White County) chipped in with 24 points while Will Pruitt (Mt. Juliet) concluded with 12.


Jordan Burchfield (Siegel) scored 21 for Florida who will take on Maryland in the 3rd place game this Saturday at CPA.


Jaylen Wetzel added 16 and Tyler Erdman (Siegel) closed with 13 in the loss.


Vanderbilt will take on Michigan State in the 2nd place game this Saturday.  




Auburn 91

Tennessee 88


Jaylen Negron (West Creek) and Elijah Nije (Ezell-Harding) each scored 20 poinmts as Auburn defeated Tennessee 91-88.


The win propels Auburn into the championship game this Saturday against Ohio State.


Ben Cyphers (Page) chipped in with 19 in the victory while Montre Boddie (West Creek) closed with 14.


Tennessee had a valiant effort placing five players in double digits led by Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro) with 25.


Damon Fann (Oakland) added 17 and the trio of Robbie Rusciano (McEwen), Patrick Garrett (Centennial) and Braeden Moore (CPA) all chipped in with 12 points.


Tennessee will open up play this Saturday against Michigan.




Ohio State 114

Maryland 86


Bill Eads (Fairview) scored a season high 33 points as Ohio State cruised past Maryland to the tune of 114-86.  The win crowns Ohio State as the West Division champions and a spot in the title game against Auburn this Saturday at CPA.


D.J. Estes (Fairview) added 22, Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville) had 21 and Dusty Williams (Centennial) finished with 20.


Konata Werts (Summit) led a five spot in double digits with 22. Derron Perry (Riverdale) added 18, Price Trammel (Blackman) had 15 and Jalen Page (Blackman) and Zoryn Harrington (Blackman) contributed 10 each.


Maryland will take on Florida in the 3rd place game at 11:00.




Indiana 86

Michigan 70


Matthew Schneider (Siegel) continued his high scoring antics dropping 34 as Indiana captured their first win of the season with an 86-70 triumph over Michigan.


Zion Swader (Siegel) added 25 as Indiana will battle Kentucky on Championship Saturday at CPA.


Kai Crawford (Michigan) finished with 21 in the loss.


Michigan will take on Tennessee in the opener on Saturday with tip off at 9:00.




Kentucky 84

Michigan State 67


J.J. Platt (Webb School) was supersonic scoring 33 points as Kentucky defeated Michigan State 84-67.


Isaiah Poore (Centennial) added 22 as Kentucky will take on Indiana at 10:00 on Championship Saturday.


Dalton Marsh (Red Boiling Springs) was a bright spot scoring 20 in the loss.


Michigan State will take on Vanderbilt in the 2nd place game on Championship Saturday.





Matthew Schneider (Siegel) 34pts

Bill Eads (Fairview) 33pts

J.J. Platt (Webb School) 33pts

Alex Garrett (Cookeville) 32pts

Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro) 25pts

Zion Swader (Siegel) 25pts

Grant Slatten (White County) 24pts

D.J. Estes (Fairview) 22pts

Isaiah Poore (Centennial) 22pts

Konata Werts (Summit) 22pts

Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville) 21pts

Jordan Burchfield (Blackman) 21pts

Tai Crawford (Riverdale)

Dalton Marsh (Red Boiling Springs) 20pts

Elijah Nije (Ezell-Harding) 20pts

Jaylen Negron (West Creek) 20pts

Dusty Williams (Centennial) 20pts




Matthew Schneider (Siegel) 31.0

J.J. Platt (Webb School) 29.0

Jordan Burchfield (Blackman) 26.0

Dalton Marsh (Red Boiling Springs) 24.3

Dusty Williams (Centennial) 23.0

Grant Slatten (White County) 23.0

Tre Carlton (Centennial) 21.3

Zion Swader (Siegel) 19.3

Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro) 18.8

Jaylen Wetzel (Siegel) 18.8

D.J. Estes (Fairview) 18.0

Ben Cyphers (Page) 17.8

Jalen Page (Blackman) 17.5

Jalen Negron (West Creek) 17.0

Elijah Nije (Ezell-Harding) 17.0

Will Pruitt (Mt. Juliet) 16.5

Derron Perry (Riverdale) 16.3

Montre Boddie (West Creek) 15.7

Konata Werts (Summit) 15.0

Braeden Moore (CPA) 14.8





9:00 Tennessee vs. Michigan

10:00 Kentucky vs. Indiana

11:00 Florida vs. Maryland

12:00 Vanderbilt vs. Michigan State

1:00 Auburn vs. Ohio State (League Championship Game)