Nashville Fall League Week #1 Game Capsules

The first week of the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League is in the books and after a two week layoff the action kicks back up this Saturday at CPA. Here is what went down in Week #1.






Vanderbilt 114

Tennessee 82


Grant Slatten (White County) led a group of seven in double digits with 34 markers as Vanderbilt rolled over a depleted Tennessee 114-82. Brady Brown (Summertown) added 16 while Will Pruitt (Mt. Juliet), Drew Cox (CPA) and Jackson Tatum (Perry County) each added 12.


Braden Zapp (CPA) and Caleb Wilson (Cane Ridge) closed with 11 each.


Braeden Moore (CPA) and Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro) scored 24 and 23 each for Tennessee. Braxton Caruthers (Oakland) chipped in with 11 and Damon Fann (Oakland) closed with 10.



Maryland 92

Indiana 82


Derron Perry (Riverdale) had an outstanding game with 20 markers as Maryland started the Fall League with a 92-82 win over Indiana.


Joining Perry in the scoring column were Andrew Pierce (Summit) and Jalen Page (Blackman) with 12 each and Haneef Sharif (Blackman) with 11.


Matthew Schneider (Siegel) led all scorers with 24 points for Indiana. Gabriel Coleman (Lawrence County) added 11 and Corey Stewart (East Nashville) scored 10 in the loss.



Florida 83

Kentucky 77


Jordan Burchfield (Blackman) and Jaylen Wetzel (Siegel) scored 22 and 20 respectively as Florida got off to a winning start in the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League with an 83-77 victory over Kentucky.


Tyler Erdman (Siegel) added 15 in the win.


Truman Christie-Mizell (Currey Ingram) led Kentucky with 18 points in the loss. William Christie-Mizell (USN) chipped in with 15, Jaden Jamison (Oakland) added 14 and Carrington Allen (Oakland) finished with 10.



Michigan State 93

Michigan 44


Jalen Stayton (Blackman) led a host of six players in double digits as Michigan State took advantage of a short-handed Michigan squad to the tune of 93-44.


Stayton led the scoring with 21 markers followed closely by Noah Morison (Independence) and Jacqori Johnson (Blackman) with 15 each, Malcolm Hamilton (Ensworth) with 13, Graydon Franck (USN) with 12 and Graham Eliott (USN) with 10.


Adler Kerr (Wilson Central) led all scorers with 26 points in the loss. Caleb Lawrence (Wilson Central) added 14.



Auburn 101

Ohio State 56


Ben Cyphers (Page) led all scorers with 28 points as Auburn captured an opening day victory with a 101-56 defeat of short-handed Ohio State.


Elijah Njie (Ezell-Harding) added 21 points while Mason Allen (Page) pitched in with 19. Timmy Lark (PJPII) and Blanne Burrow (Page) closed with 10 each in the victory.


Nate Bloedorn (Nolensville) led Ohio State with 14, Tre Carlton (Centennial) had 13 and D.J. Estes (Fairview) closed with 10.




Grant Slatten (White County) 34pts

Ben Cyphers (Page) 28pts

Adler Kerr (Wilson Central) 26pts

Braeden Moore (CPA) 24pts

Matthew Schneider (Siegel) 24pts

Darrow Parrish (Hillsboro) 23pts

Jordan Burchfield (Blackman) 22pts

Jalen Stayton (Blackman) 21pts

Derron Perry (Riverdale) 20pts

Jaylen Wetzel (Siegel) 20pts


Week #2 Schedule (9/15 @CPA)

9:00 Michigan vs. Ohio State

10:00 Florida vs. Auburn

11:00 Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky

12:00 Indiana vs. Michigan State

1:00 Tennessee vs. Maryland