Nashville Fall League Rosters



Welcome to the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League. Game action begins on Saturday, September 25th with all the action taking place at CPA in Nashville.


The schedule of games will be posted each week and we will have printed schedules available at the games for everyone to take with them.


I will also post the schedule on the Thursday before the games on the website.


We will have 10 teams of eight players this year and we will play games on September 25th, October 3rd, October 9th, October 23rd and the finals will be on October 30th.


October 16th we will have our Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Vanderbilt University. All players in the league will receive a discount to attend the showcase. Pre-Registration for the showcase will begin later this week.


We will have two divisions, the SEC and the ACC, with five teams in each division. The winners of each division will play each other in the finals; as well as, the second, third, fourth and fifth place teams.


Here are the rosters for the Fall League:

(If you are on the roster and cannot participate please let us know, so we can put someone else in that spot, we have numerous players wanting the opportunity to participate)






01-Austin Brown (Harpeth)

02-Bubba Clifton (Summertown)

03-Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

04-Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

05-Will Gilbert (CPA)

06-Cole Bradshaw (Harpeth)

07-Ricky Bowser (Franklin Classical)

08-Cole Harrison (BGA)


11-Tyree Nightingale (East Literature)

12-Andy Moore (Ravenwood)

13-Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

14-Duncan Smith (MBA)

15-Isaac Harris (Hunter's Lane)

16-David Anderton (Harpeth)

17-Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane)

18-David Howard (MBA)


21-Michael Carr (Dickson County)

22-Daijon Williams (Clarksville)

23-Sam Rhoten (Greenbrier)

24-Josh Erickson (DCA)

25-Ross Welch (USN)

26-Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

27-Jonathan Swift (Franklin Classical)

28-Robert Veal (Ravenwood)


31-Cody Bybee (Creek Wood)

32-Ni'Ki Bell (Clarksville Northwest)

33-Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)

34-Kyle Carter  (LaVergne)

35-Leroy Jefferson (Blackman)

36-Zavion Williams (West Creek)

37-Benjamin Stadnick (Ravenwood)

38-Kyle Weldon (Rossview)


41-Nilan Hodge (USN)

42-Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

43-Chase Argo (Lancaster Christian)

44-Marcus Graves (Ravenwood)

45-Tanner Johnson (Lipscomb)

46-Christopher Stadnick (Ravenwood)

47-Donya Burnett (Riverdale)

48-Britt Headden (Franklin Classical)



51-DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

52-Travis Russell (Clarksville Academy)

53-Collin McMullin (Harpeth)

54-Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood)

55-Jamie Lloyd (Harpeth)

56-Kwame Quao (Webb School)

57-Spencer Clements (Creek Wood)

58-Tucker Johnson (CPA)


61-Keenan Froedden (Sycamore)

62-Derrick Hankins (Cumberland County)

63-Alex Thomas (Ensworth)

64-Beau Johnson (Harpeth)

65-Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

66-Jess Morris (Harpeth)

67-Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)

68-Matt Smith (Liberty Tech)

Georgia Tech

71-Kalen Lane (Clarksville Northeast)

72-Henry Brooks (McGavock)

73-Nick Walker (Nashville Christian)

74-Zach Hodskins (Ravenwood)

75-Kiont Jones (Spring Hill)

76-Cole Robinson (Blackman) 

77-Carter Bills (CPA)

78-Lee Dreaden (Nashville Christian)

North Carolina

81-Jeffrey Carter (Maplewood)

82-Micah Farmer (MTCS)

83-Denzel Clark (White's Creek)

84-Christian Smith (Sycamore)

85-Clay Lineberry (TCA)

86-Austin Gee (Ezell Harding)

87-Thomas Richard (CPA)

88-Malcolm Smith (Clarksville Academy)


Wake Forest

91-Will Downey (Ensworth)

92-Austin Clements (Creek Wood)

93-Bryant Fox (Nashville Christian)

94-Braxton Bonds (CPA)

95-Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

96-Will Clayton (Harpeth)

97-Andrew Nixon (Rossview)

98-Martin Smith (Clarksville Academy)