Nashville Fall League Final All-League Teams and Scoring Leaders

After much anticipation here are the All-League teams for the Tennessee Prep Hoops Nashville Fall League which concluded last Saturday at CPA. Here will also list the final scoring leaders for the league.





1st Team All-League (Taking Home the Prize)

Jarrell Reeves (Blackman) MVP

Kenny Cooper (FRA)

Caleb Hollander (Home School)

Evan Ragsdale (CPA)

K.J. Lesure (Centennial)


2nd Team All-League (Finishing Strong)

Kyree Elder (Cane Ridge)

Ruot Monyyong (White's Creek)

Bryce Williams (Blackman)

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood)

Malcolm Walker (Independence)


3rd Team All-League (At the Rim)

Eric Thompson (White's Creek)

Mike Parker (Maplewood)

DeQuan Summers (Hillwood)

Calvin Bak (Alabama)

Tyler Faulkenberry (Mt. Juliet)


4th Team All-League (In the Paint)

James Coe (Jackson County)

Trey Phifer (Big Sandy)

Matthew Norl (Kenwood)

Jacob Nelson (Blackman)

Clay Washburn (CPA)


5th Team All-League (On the Perimeter)

Christian Bell (Mt. Juliet)

Donovan Henry (MLK)

Isaiah Bowers (White's Creek)

Deonte Alley (Blackman)

Jimmy Greer (Cane Ridge)


6th Team All-League (Leading the Break)

Evan Heskje (McGavock)

Austin Kirby (Hendersonville)

Jaden Lewis (Summit)

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy)

Cannon Campbell (Rossview)



Final Nashville Fall League Scoring Leaders

Caleb Hollander (Home School) 32.2

Donovan Henry (MLK) 26.7

K.J. Lesure (Centennial) 23.0

Matthew Norl (Kenwood) 21.5

Evan Ragsdale (CPA) 20.8

Kenny Cooper (FRA) 20.5

Eric Thompson (White's Creek) 19.6

Deonte Alley (Blackman) 19.2

Calvin Bak (Alabama) 19.2

Ruot Monyyong (White's Creek) 18.8

Bryce Williams (Blackman) 18.8

Mike Parker (Maplewood) 18.3

Trey Phifer (Big Sandy) 18.3

Clay Washburn (CPA) 16.8

Ross Cummings (Creek Wood) 16.5

Evan Heskje (McGavock) 16.5

Malcolm Walker (Independence) 16.0

DeQuan Summers (Hillwood) 15.8

Christian Bell (Mt. Juliet) 15.3

Isaiah Bowers (White's Creek) 15.2

James Coe (Jackson County) 15.2

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) 15.2

Tyler Faulkenberry (Mt. Juliet) 14.6

Jimmy Greer (Cane Ridge) 14.2

Damion Baugh (Cane Ridge) 14.0

Austin Kirby (Hendersonville) 14.0

Sawyer Taylor (Station Camp) 13.0

Cannon Campbell (Rossview) 12.8

Trent Gibson (Blackman) 12.0

Jarrell Reeves (Blackman) 11.8

Jaden Lewis (Summit) 11.4

Kevin Rimmer (Ezell-Harding) 11.3

Chantz Hillsman (Cane Ridge) 10.8

Jacob Nelson (Blackman) 10.8

Omar Lyons (Siegel) 10.5

Donovan Sims (Blackman) 10.0