“Lucky 13” Pre-District Version

bearden five.jpg

The top spot remains the same but some movement throughout highlights this weeks "Lucky 13".


1.  BTW (1) 23-0

District action begins following a tough clash with Mitchell in the city championship. That one would be worth the money to see.


2. Ridgeway (4)  24-1

Huge win against Kirby vaults the Roadrunners to the second spot. A date with Memphis Central in the city championship comes first then the potential re-match with Kirby in district finals.


3.  Union City (2) 27-0

Riding high, still unbeaten and more than ready to win the next 10 and bring the shiny gold ball back to the U.C.


4.  Antioch (6) 20-2

Still unbeaten in the state of Tennessee, this is when the big boys come to play and no one is bigger than Antioch.


5.  Kirby (3) 23-3

Tough loss to Ridgeway won't dampen the spirits of this crew. A potential district finale with Ridgeway should keep them motivated.


6.  Maryville (7) 23-3

An unblemished district campaign is sweet but another meeting with Bearden would be sweeter. The potential district finale has fans of hoops in the east all up in arms.


7.  Dyer County (8) 26-1

The real season begin this week and the Chochtaws know how to do it, they did it last year. A showdown with either Mitchell or BTW looms in the future.


8.  Bearden (9) 27-2

You know the Fab Five 2009 (Dustin,Demonte,Blake,Gabe and Statman) are itching for a showdown with Maryville to avenge the two blemishes on an otherwise perfect season.


9.  Oak Ridge (5) 24-2

Slight stumble against a tough district foe with an ailing Jared Stephens means good things await the Wildcats and their quest for Mufreesboro.


10. Raleigh-Egypt (12) 21-3

Does'nt seem like almost every year at this time the Pharoahs step up and come together as a team. Depth and coaching make for a special tandem.


11. Braircrest Christian (10) 23-5

The season begins in earnest for the Saints with the playoffs upon us. Will McDonald and Wooten be ready for the challenge...we have no doubt they will.


12. CPA (11) 24-3

Inside or outside this squad is well prepared, dangerous and not someone whom you want to face in a do or die situation. Mason has been remarkable.


T13. Franklin (13) 24-4

Boasting a deep, talented junior class of their own, Franklin is playing very good ball and is poised and ready for a run.


T13. Howard (NR) 21-2

How do you leave the Hustlin'Tigers off the list. They are preparing for a run at AA from the East and don't care who tries to get in their way.


10 On The Rim (Listed Alphabetically)

Austin East (21-5)

Bolivar Central (21-4)

Dobyns Bennett (22-3)

Fulton (19-4)

Humboldt (22-2)

Manassas (24-5)

Memphis Central (18-3)

Oakland (21-4)

Shelbyville (25-4)

St. George's (21-2)