Key Leads the First State Scoring List (East, Middle and West)

The basketball season has begun. Football is now officially over and the hardwood becomes the main attraction around the state. I have once again scoured the earth, from Bristol to Brighton bringing you the most comprehensive scoring list in the state. This has become one of our most favorite entries as college coaches have told me often how they look at the list weekly. We will have profiles from some of the top performers and a list of scoring over 25 points from East, Middle and West Tennessee.





Lets talk about the freshman that are invading in Middle Tennessee. Big games from a host of first year guys. Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian) with a 29 point effort against USN, Marcus Fitzpatrick (Stratford) with 28 against McGavock, Keon Johnson (Webb School) with a 46 spot against Red Boiling Springs and Marvin Hughes (McGavock) with a 39 point effort against Siegel, and a pair of 27 point gems against Stratford and Wilson Central. The future is bright my friends.

Who is WEB Dubois? A new Class A powerhouse has arisen and they are making big noise on the Memphis Hoops scene. Josh Conrad (WEB Dubois) notches 43 against Covington and 31 against Brainerd. Branson Bush (WEB Dubois) 28 point effort against a very good Houston squad and Chris Mitchell (WEB Dubois) who nailed 36 against Houston in a victory mind you, 34 against Oakhaven and 25 against Freedom Prep. Class A watch out their may be a new sheriff in town.

Huge congrats to Gavin Grubb (Sullivan East) on becoming the all-time leading scorer in school history last week.

Tyreke Key (Clay County) is putting up Mr. Basketball numbers. The Indiana State signee had a nice opening to his senior campaign with a 47 point effort against Livingston Academy, a 45 point outburst against Red Boiling Springs and a 37 point throw down against Gordonsville.

Cordova is well on their way to making another long run in the Class AAA state playoffs this season. Led by a pair of talented juniors the Wolves are stalking their prey. Tyler Harris (Cordova) had a 29 point effort against Jemison from Alabama and a 36 point outburst against Whitehaven. Rodgerick Brown (Cordova) had 27 and 12 against Jemison and held Alabama signee John Petty to 13 markers. He added a big 42 spot in a win over Power Center Academy.

Josh Releford (David Crockett) is making the absolute most of his final season as a prep player. Releford had a 27 point effort against South Doyle, a 35 spot against Dobyns-Bennett, 26 against Morristown East and 33 against Daniel Boone. Score much and score often my friend.

You may not have noticed the numbers that Melrose transfer Parrish Hewitt (Douglass) has been putting up the first couple weeks of the season. 29 points against KIPP, a 26 point effort against Fayette-Ware and a 35 spot against Raleigh-Egypt make us take notice young fella.

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) has picked up where he left off last season. The rising junior had a spectacular opening to the season with a 32 point effort against Jackson County, a 30 point showing against Monterey and a 25 point count against Cannon County.

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) dropped 27 on Daniel Boone and forever etched his name in Erwin folklore as he passed over the 1,000 point barrier in this his junior season.


East Tennessee

K.K. Curry (Cleveland) 40pts vs. Sequoyah

Easton Upchurch (Maryville) 37pts vs. Knoxville Halls

Josh Releford (David Crockett) 35pts vs. Dobyns-Bennett

Josh Dykes (Cumberland County) 34pts vs. McMinn Central

Gavin Grubb (Sullivan East) 33pts vs. Tennessee High

Josh Releford (David Crockett) 33pts vs. Daniel Boone

Braven Horton (Hixson) 31pts vs. Notre Dame

Josh Dyles (Cumberland County) 30pts vs. Cleveland

Riley Meloncon (Bledsoe County) 30pts vs. Meigs County

Nick Rogers (Farragut) 30pts vs. Scott

Easton Upchurch (Maryville) 30pts vs. Sevier County

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 29pts vs. Oakland

Chad Hegler (Daniel Boone) 28pts vs. Morristown East

Isaiah Sulak (CAK) 28pts vs. Oak Ridge

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 27pts vs. Bearden

Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) 27pts vs. Daniel Boone

Joe Pace (Harriman) 27pts vs. Karns

Josh Releford (David Crockett) 27pts vs. South Doyle

Chase Ridenour (Knoxville Webb) 27pts vs. Powell

Eric Rigsby (Daniel Boone) 27pts vs. Morristown East

Dionte Ware (Cleveland) 27pts vs. Polk County

Shai Alexander (Hamilton Heights) 26pts vs. Charlotte Basketball Academy

Dante Harris (Alcoa) 26pts vs. Anderson County

Josh Releford (David Crockett) 26pts vs. Morristown East

Nick Bettis (Midway) 25pts vs. Polk County

E.J. Bush (Oak Ridge) 25pts vs. CAK

Kevin Cameron (Tyner Academy) 25pts vs. Chattanooga Central

Tajoin Jones (Oak Ridge) 25pts vs. McCallie

Zy Moore (Meigs County) 25pts vs. McMinn Central

Landon Myers (Cosby) 25pts vs. Unaka



Middle Tennessee

Tyreke Key (Clay County) 47pts vs. Livingston Academy

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 46pts vs. Red Boiling Springs

Tyreke Key (Clay County) 45pts vs. Red Boiling Springs

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) 41pts vs. Grace Christian

Bo Hodges (Maplewood) 40pts vs. White House

Marvin Hughes (McGavock) 39pts vs. Siegel

Tyreke Key (Clay County) 37pts vs. Gordonsville

Caleb Hollander (Nashville Central Christian) 35pts vs. Cookeville

William Shaw (Pearl Cohn) 34pts vs. BGA

James Wiseman (Ensworth) 34pts vs. Lead Academy

Clay Washburn (CPA) 33pts vs. USN

Chase Freeman (Station Camp) 32pts vs. Stratford

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 32pts vs. Jackson County

Pierce Whitted (White County) 32pts vs. CAK

Gavin Johnson (Wilson Central) 33pts vs. Ravenwood

Matt Galvin (PJPII) 31pts vs. Lancaster Christian

Darius Garland (Brentwood Academy) 31pts vs. St. Benedict

Bo Hodges (Maplewood) 31pts vs. Lead Academy

Ethan Jones (Siegel) 31pts vs. McGavock

Elon Smallwood (Ravenwood) 31pts vs. Pearl Cohn

Elon Smallwood (Ravenwood) 31pts vs. Stratford

Nate Howell (MTCS) 30pts vs. Watertown

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 30pts vs. Monterey

Jeremiah Barr (Independence) 29pts vs. Lawrence County

Jared Carter (White County) 29pts vs. CAK

Bo Hodges (Maplewood) 29pts vs. Sheffield

Ethan Keller (East Hickman) 29pts vs. Montgomery Central

Mason McKnatt (Grace Christian) 29pts vs. USN

David Smith (Cane Ridge) 29pts vs. Clarksville

Syeed Anderson (Lead Academy) 28pts vs. Maplewood

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood) 28pts vs. Cheatham County

Marcus Fitzgerald (Stratford) 28pts vs. McGavock

James Franklin (Siegel) 28pts vs. Nolensville

Seth Price (Watertown) 28pts vs. Jackson County

Spencer Smith (Goodpasture) 28pts vs. Sycamore

D.J. Williams (Gordonsville) 28pts vs. MTCS

Zach Blair (Friendship) 27pts vs. Monterey

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) 27pts vs. Stewart County

Marvin Hughes (McGavock) 27pts vs. Wilson Central

Marvin Hughes (McGavock) 27pts vs. Stratford

Keon Johnson (Webb School) 27pts vs. MJCS

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 27pts vs. Fayetteville

Will Midlick (Rossview) 27pts vs. Dickson County

Caleb Upkins (Ensworth) 27pts vs. Cumberland County

Clay Washburn (CPA) 27pts vs. Centennial

Daisuan Whitfield (Waverly Central) 27pts vs. East Hickman

Damien Baugh (Cane Ridge) 26pts vs. LaVergne

Dorian Berry (Nashville Overton) 26pts vs. East Nashville

Chase Freeman (Station Camp) 26pts vs. Cookeville

Reese Glover (Franklin) 26pts vs. Columbia Central

Tripp McEachern (Goodpasture) 26pts vs. BGA

Austin Strickland (Eagleville) 26pts vs. McEwen

James Wiseman (Ensworth) 26pts vs. Cookeville

Andrew Cline (Greenbrier) 25pts vs. Montgomery Central

Brennan Crook (FRA) 25pts vs. MBA

Nolan DePriest (Hickman County) 25pts vs. Fairview

Coulter Dotson (Creek Wood) 25pts vs. Camden Central

Gavin Johnson (Wilson Central) 25pts vs. McGavock

K.J. Johnson (Marshall County) 25pts vs. Lincoln County

Caden Mills (Van Buren County) 25pts vs. Cannon County

Grayson Murphy (Independence) 25pts vs. Antioch

Grayson Murphy (Independence) 25pts vs. Grace Christian

Rye Nolan (Stewart County) 25pts vs. Kenwood

Kyle Oliver (Richland) 25pts vs. Fayetteville

Jared Ward (White House) 25pts vs. Hume Fogg

Pierce Whitted (White County) 25pts vs. Ooltewah



West Tennessee

Josh Conrad (WEB Dubois) 43pts vs. Covington

Rodgerick Brown (Cordova) 42pts vs. Power Center Academy

Devin Wildridge (Clarksburg) 41pts vs. Adamsville

Demetrick Murphy (Oakhaven) 38pts vs. MSE

Neil Blanchard (Craigmont) 37pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Dedric Boyd (Haywood) 37pts vs. Jackson Southside

Arecko Gibson (MASE) 37pts vs. Power Center Academy

Tyler Harris (Cordova) 36pts vs. Whitehaven

Chris Mitchell (WEB Dubois) 36pts vs. Houston

Parrish Hewitt (Douglass) 35pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Parker Stewart (Union City) 35pts vs.

Chris Mitchell (WEB Dubois) 34pts vs. Oakhaven

Rico Quinton (Dyer County) 34pts vs. USJ

Jalen Crutcher (Ridgeway) 33pts vs. Power Center Academy

Carlos Marshall (Southwind) 33pts vs. KIPP

Roland Atkinson (Milan) 32ptsvs. West Carroll

Allen Hatchett (White Station) 32pts vs. Power Center Academy

Josh Conrad (WEB Dubois) 31pts vs. Brainerd

Levi Dees (Greenfield) 31pts vs. West Carroll

Daven Dyson (Power Center Academy) 31pts vs. Cordova

Leland Kirkendoll (KIPP) 31pts vs. Douglass

Famous Jones (Ripley) 31pts vs. MUS

Lucio Solano (Gleason) 31pts vs. Greenfield

Brayden Johnson (Wayne County) 30pts vs. Adamsville

Diego Womack (Camden Central) 30pts vs. Huntingdon

Tyler Harris (Cordova) 29pts vs. Jemison (AL)

Parrish Hewitt (Douglass) 29pts vs. KIPP

Michael James (Raleigh-Egypt) 29pts vs. Craigmont

Decorrian Kelly (Bolton) 29pts vs. White Station

Demetrick Murphy (Oakhaven) 29pts vs. MASE

Bryce McBride (Jackson Southside) 29pts vs. Haywood

Branson Bush (WEB Dubois) 28pts vs. Houston

Mark Freeman (Southwind) 28pts vs. White Station

Cullen Hughes (Scared Heart) 28pts vs. Bolivar Central

Dedric Boyd (Haywood) 27pts vs. White Station

Rodgerick Brown (Cordova) 27pts vs. Jemison (AL)

T.D. Moore (City University) 27pts vs. Memphis Overton

Chase Nash (West Carroll) 27pts vs. Milan

Donte Williamson (Sacred Heart) 27pts vs. Scotts Hill

Aerion Butler (Lexington) 26pts vs. Riverside

Arecko Gibson (MASE) 26pts vs. Oakhaven

Bruce Guy (Houston) 26pts vs. Kirby

Allen Hatchett (White Station) 26pts vs. Haywood

Parrish Hewitt (Douglass) 26pts vs. Fayette-Ware

Desmond Johnson (Kirby) 26pts vs. Memphis Central

Anthony Jones (Humboldt) 26pts vs. USJ

Leland Kirkendoll (KIPP) 26pts vs. Jackson Southside

Demario Spann (Westwood) 26pts vs. Little Rock Christian (AR)

Brandon Brown (Memphis Overton) 25pts vs. City University

Ryan Boyce (Houston) 25pts vs. WEB Dubois

Nathan Caldwell (Hardin County) 25pts vs. Chester County

Carter Cooper (FACS) 25pts vs. Tipton-Rosemark

Michael James (Raleigh-Egypt) 25pts vs. Memphis Catholic

Zachery Lewis (Brighton) 25pts vs. Memphis Metro

Jamarius Mayberry (Gibson County) 25pts vs. Westview

Chris Mitchell (WEB Dubois) 25pts vs. Freedom Prep

Evin Olds (Harding Academy) 25pts vs. Middle College