Humboldt vs. Manassas (3/18)

So goes the luck of the random draw. While the remainder of the field is no doubt in a state of utter elation, the two powerhouses will gear up for a battle of the titans at 10:00 on Wednesday morning.

Humboldt, the state lone unbeaten team, has cruised through the season and was hoping for this match-up, so why not now!!!!

Charles Taylor and Tevin Crayton have been the marquee attractions for Humboldt but the team has depth and talent galore that will come to the forefront in this opening clash. 

Reginald Buckner will be called upnon to show why he's an Ole Miss signee and a repeat nominee for the coveted Mr. Basketball trophy. The 6'8 senior is the wildcard that Humboldt has not faced this season. 

Manassas has plenty of additional weapons in Shaq Walker, Kindle Woodard and Joseph Northington but they will leave and breathe with Buckner in this one.