Huge Holiday Scoring List for Week #6

Once again I have scoured the newspapers, faxes, twitters and other forms of media that come to my attention compiling a list of the top scorers in the state for each week of the season.


If you know of some scoring exploits or a scoring milestone such as 1,000 point club or something of that nature please email me at and I will get this added to the next week’s story. 



If you know of someone who scored over 25 points and they did not make the list please let me know and I will add them to the following weeks list.


College coaches have told me this is one of their favorite features as it helps them get an understanding on the pulse of the new season.


The holidays shortened the weeks so I have combined them into one week for the Week #6 scoring list.


Jordan Bowden (Carter) is putting up numbers for the Flying Hornets of Carter. The rising junior guard was big at the Seymour Christmas Event scoring 27 in a win over Memphis Carver and notching 33 in a close loss to the host school.       


Nick Hopkins (Fayetteville) just put the school scoring mark on record as the rising sophomore passed the 1,000 point mark for his burgeoning career.              


Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) is still putting up huge numbers out West. The rising senior guard notched 36 in a tournament championship win over Forrest City, AK then added 25 in a big district overtime win against Liberty Tech.    


Brennan Bowling (Fayette Academy) had a monster holiday break. The senior scorer notched 27 in a win over HoustonCounty, busted 28 in a victory against Fayetteville then netted 30 in a win over MooreCounty. He closed his savage scoring week with 36 against Ezell-Harding.         


Clay Hertel (DCA) is having a fine senior campaign leading the mid-state in scoring average. He kept his eye on the prize over the holidays notching 30 against Coffee County, adding 24 in another win and closing tough with 44 in a high scoring affair against Nashville Central Christian.  


Austin Arrington (Seymour) had a game for the ages as the senior shooting guard notched 47 markers in a big win over Knoxville Carter at the Seymour Holiday Event. He saved his best for last scoring 25 in the fourth quarter alone.    


Will Holt (Cascade) etched his name into Cascade history when the senior scored his 1,000 point over the holiday break.


Devin Sibley (Karns) is rewriting the record books in East Tennessee. The Furman signee had a great holiday break recording 28 points against HardinValley, adding 29 against Knoxville Catholic and closing with 37 in a close loss to Stone Memorial.


Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) might be the best freshman that no one has heard about this season. The diminutive guard is putting up massive points including 30 against Montgomery Central, 20 against Camden Central and another 30 spot against StewartCounty.



East Tennessee

Austin Arrington (Seymour) 47pts vs. Knoxville Carter

Patrick Good (David Crockett) 40pts vs. Sevier County

Devin Sibley (Karns) 37pts vs. Stone Memorial

Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland) 35pts vs. Notre Dame

Jordan Bowden (Carter) 33pts vs. Seymour

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton) 33pts vs. Lee (VA)

Connor Simpson (Unicoi County) 33pts vs. South Doyle

Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial) 33pts vs. Karns

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville) 32pts vs. William Blount

Isaac Merian (Oak Ridge) 32pts vs. Mentor (OH)

Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale) 31pts vs. Harriman

Jacob Cawood (Midway) 29pts vs. Loudon

Devin Sibley (Karns) 29pts vs. Knoxville Catholic

Brian Dempsey (Johnson County) 28pts vs. Hamilton

Darrin Gillenwater (Campbell County) 28pts vs. McMinn County

Bailey Lamb (Grainger) 28pts vs. Carver

Devin Sibley (Karns) 28pts vs. Hardin Valley

Jordan Bowden (Carter) 27pts vs. Carver

Tyler Nichols (Elizabethton) 27pts vs. Volunteer

Josh Scudder (McMinn Central) 27pts vs. FRA

Peyton Wingate (Science Hill) 27pts vs. Elizabethton

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 26pts vs. Powell

Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 26pts vs. Southside (AL)

Zeke Clark (Elizabethton) 26pts vs. Cosby

Matt Clendenon (Baylor) 26pts vs. Ringgold (GA)

Jack Graham (Bearden) 26pts vs. South Doyle

Tristan Noe (Claiborne) 26pts vs. Carver

Brendan Teeter (Alcoa) 26pts vs. Knoxville Catholic

Isaac Edmiston (Maryville) 25pts vs. Campbell County

Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah) 25pts vs. Knoxville Webb

Ryan Henry (Knoxville Catholic) 25pts vs. Southside (AL)



Middle Tennessee

Clay Hertel (DCA) 44pts vs. Nashville Central Christian

Jacob Williams (Wilson Central) 40pts vs. Macon County

Garrison Matthews (Franklin) 37pts vs. PJPII

Tramon Moore (Northwest) 33pts vs. Pickett County

Daniel Norl (Kenwood) 33pts vs. Dyer County

Jacob Williams (Wilson Central) 33pts vs. Obion County

Slate Rider (Father Ryan) 32pts vs. Independence

Joey Skibbie (Hume Fogg) 32pts vs. Central Magnet

Devante Stewart (Portland) 32pts vs. Trousdale County

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) 30pts vs. Montgomery Central

Austin Fisher (Clarksville Academy) 30pts vs. Stewart County

Andrew Golden (Columbia Academy) 30pts vs. Lewis County

Clay Hertel (DCA) 30pts vs. Coffee County

Caleb Hollander (Nashville Central Christian) 30pts vs. DCA

Tate Lowery (Cornersville) 30pts vs. Santa Fe

Derrick Spears (MTCS) 30pts vs. Friendship Christian

Jalen Duke (MLK) 29pts vs. Maplewood

Caleb Hollander (Nashville Central Christian) 29pts vs. Franklin

D'Monte Evans (Cane Ridge) 28pts vs. South Gibson

Hunter Vick (Camden Central) 28pts vs. Clarksville Academy

Jake Allsmiller (CPA) 27pts vs. Peachtree Ridge (GA)

Wesley Harlan (Cheatham County) 27pts vs. Kenwood

Kordell Henderson (White County) 27pts vs. Glencliff

Blake Kendrick (Lipscomb Academy) 27pts vs. Hume Fogg

Tucker Robertson (Collinwood) 27pts vs. Fayetteville

Tyler Schaub (Franklin County) 27pts vs. Cannon County

Kyle Anderton (Station Camp) 26pts vs. Centennial

Ricky Lang (PJPII) 26pts vs. FRA

Logan Montgomery (Collinwood) 26pts vs. Houston County

Michael Parks (Fayetteville) 26pts vs. Collinwood

Ethan Roller (DeKalb County) 26pts vs. Meigs County

Ethan Roller (DeKalb County) 26pts vs. Watertown

Marshall Wix (East Robertson) 26pts vs. NCS

Tripp Davis (Lighthouse Christian) 25pts vs. Stewart's Creek

Will Holt (Cascade) 25pts vs. Forrest

Christian Lauderdale (Trousdale County) 25pts vs. Macon County

Rob Marberry (FRA) 25pts vs. Davidson Academy

DeShawn McMurray (Lebanon) 25pts vs. McMinn Central

Kyle Oliver (Oakland) 25pts vs. Oak Ridge



West Tennessee

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 36pts vs. Forrest City (AR)

Brennan Bowling (Fayette Academy) 36pts vs. Ezell-Harding

Marcus Lytle (ECS) 33pts vs. Muhlenberg (KY)

Logan Pierpoint (Big Sandy) 31pts vs. Bruceton

Roddarius Pitts (Millington Central) 31pts vs. Adamsville

Chris McNeal (Jackson Southside) 30pts vs. Forrest City (AR)

Trey Phifer (Big Sandy) 30pts vs. Bruceton

DeSonta Bradford (Humboldt) 29pts vs. Crockett County

Roddarius Pitts (Millington Central) 28pts vs. Jackson Prep

Brennan Bowling (Fayette Academy) 30pts vs. MooreCounty

Brennan Bowling (Fayette Academy) 28pts vs. Fayetteville

Jonathan Atkins (USJ) 27pts vs. JCS

Brennan Bowling (FayetteAcademy) 27pts vs. Houston County

Jordan Browning (Millington Central) 27pts vs. Adamsville

DeSonta Bradford (Humboldt) 26pts vs. Hall (AR)

T'Varsky Freeman (Fayette-Ware) 26pts vs. MHEA

Julian Richardson (Southwind) 26pts vs. Raleigh-Egypt

Brett Warner (Collierville) 26pts vs. Blue Mountain

Jaylen Barford (Jackson Southside) 25pts vs. Liberty Tech

DeSonta Bradford (Humboldt) 25pts vs. Union City

Tucker Campbell (Adamsville) 25pts vs. Millington Central

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 25pts vs. Liberty Tech

Malik Hicks (Jackson Southside) 25pts vs. Forrest City (AR)

Justice Scott (Huntingdon) 25pts vs. McKenzie

Darius Thompson (Memphis Central) 25pts vs. FCA

Ryan White (Peabody) 25pts vs. Lake County