Harpeth Play Day Schedule and Participants



Things tipped off last weekend and now week #2 of the play day schedule finds a group of teams heading to Harpeth this Saturday.



Many of the state's top players will be on hand for the event:


Harpeth: Collin McMullin, Rollie Plunkett, Jess Morris

Clarksville: Daijon Williams

Livingston Academy: Mason Ramsey, Logan Ramsey, Kailen Melton

Nashville Christian: Nick Walker, Dakota Priest, Lee Dreaden

Marshall County: Kedren Johnson, Kevin Peterson, Jordan Anderson, Dillon Stinnett

Hillsboro: Isiah Harrison, Bre Hughes

Sycamore: Keenan Froedeen, Zach Gentry

Creek Wood: Austin Clements

Brentwood: James Cox, Jack Montague, Skylar Sims

The schedule is as follows:


Main Gym: Harpeth High School

8:00     Creek Wood vs. Clarksville

9:00     Marshall County vs. Hillsboro

10:00   Nashville Christian vs. Page

11:00   Hillsboro vs. Livingston Academy

12:00   Brentwood vs. Livingston Academy

1:00     Hillsboro vs. Harpeth

Harpeth High School Auxiliary Gym


8:00     Nashville Christian vs. Cheatham County

9:00     Sycamore vs. Brentwood

10:00   Harpeth vs. Pearl Cohn

11:00   Cheatham County vs. Brentwood

12:00   Harpeth vs. Marshall County


Harpeth Middle School Gym

8:00     Pearl Cohn vs. Page

9:00     Clarksville vs. Livingston Academy

10:00   Cheatham County vs. Sycamore

11:00   Clarksville vs. Marshall County

12:00   Nashville Christian vs. Pearl Cohn

1:00     Page vs. Sycamore