Fast Break Basketball Club (FBBC) High School Fall League Rosters and Schedules (Cleveland)

Fast Break Basketball Club (FBBC) High School Fall League tips this Tuesday at ClevelandHigh School. Here are the player rosters and schedules for those games. Games will be played on Tuesday nights at ClevelandHigh School.



TyQwon Ware (Cleveland)

Mason Brown (Cleveland)

Alberto Muniz (Cleveland)

Logan Cox (Bradley Central)

Peyton Parker (Bradley Central)

Walker McGowan (Bradley Central)

Chris Reynolds (TCPS)



Cantrel Ware (Cleveland)

James McRee (Cleveland)

Anfernee Scott (Cleveland)

Austin Moore (Meigs County)

Jesse Simons (Meigs County)

Camyrn Harris (Meigs County)

Matthew Mathis (TCPS)



Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland)

Spencer Goode (Cleveland)

Jonathan Vecchio (Cleveland)

Tyler Corbett (McMinn County)

Malik Moss (McMinn County)

Bryan Cook (Tellico Plains)

Cody Groomes (Polk County)



Tristan Spradling (Meigs County)

Lukas Korn (Walker Valley)

Austin Harwood (Walker Valley)

Brandon Krews (Walker Valley)

Jordan Branham (Meigs County)

Clint Oliver (Meigs County)

Ezequiel Jesurum (Cleveland)

Tavon Mills (Cleveland)

Mel Obadiah (Cleveland)



Zy Moore (Meigs County)

Chris Emerson (Tellico Plains)

Colton Carter (Tellico Plains)

Austyn Balcom (Tellico Plains)

Matthew Meadows (Meigs County)

Kiefer Swanson (Meigs County)

Michael Copeland (Cleveland)

John Burke (Cleveland)

Colin Matchak (Cleveland)



Brad McCurdy (Bradley Central)

Sam Gregory (Bradley Central)

Taylor Bentley (Bradley Central)

Gage Locke (Polk County)

Kregg Ware (Cleveland)

Braxton Wiggins (Cleveland)

Tyler Standridge (Cleveland)



Fast Break Basketball Club High School Fall League Schedule


September 3rd (Week #1)

5:15 Fire vs. Ice

6:15 H2O vs. Deep3

7:15 Attack vs. Storm


September 10th (Week #2)

5:15 Attack vs. Deep3

6:15 Fire vs. Storm

7:15 H2O vs. Ice


September 17th (Week #3)

5:15 H2O vs. Attack

6:15 Storm vs. Ice

7:15 Fire vs. Deep3


September 24th (Week #4)

5:15 Deep3 vs. Ice

6:15 Fire vs. Attack

7:15 H2O vs. Storm


October 1st (Week #5)

5:15 Storm vs. Deep3

6:15 H2O vs. Fire

7:15 Attack vs. Ice