We are looking forward to the opportunity with D1 Sports Training in Knoxville, TN and TN Prep Hoops as well as the Rocky Top Fall League partnership.  Known as “The Place for The Athlete,” D1 focuses on providing athletes of all ages with the same high quality experience found within the nation’s top collegiate athletic programs and professional sports organizations. We provide custom training programs, expert fitness coaching, and the latest in sports medicine and therapy. Football legends such as Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning are also co-members to multiple D1 facilities around the U.S.  Here at D1 Knoxville, our mission is to motivate people to be their best and we desire to give back to our community and would greatly appreciate your partnership. We have a passion to come forward and contribute to help athletes who do not have the means to reach their goals on their own in order to further their athletic careers and aspirations. 

Partnership benefits with D1 Sports Training & Therapy:

  • -Discounted membership rates for athletes, coaches, and families of the partner program
  • -Discounted team training rates
  • -Discounted personal training rates
  • -Discounted facility rental rates for turf
  • -Club “Differentiator”: Partnering with the premier sports performance training company separates your program from competitors programs


D1 Team Training

Features a sport-specific curriculum focused on improving overall athleticism of an athlete and enabling the athlete to excel in sports.

D1 Curriculum Features: Dynamic warm-ups, speed, agility, quickness, strength (depending on sports and age), core, flexibility, mobility, maintenance, recovery, athlete education