Cleveland Fall League Scoring Leaders and Standings (Week #3)


Week #3 of the Cleveland Rocky Top High School Fall League concluded with a bang. Here are the top scorers thus far in the league and the standings after two weeks of action.


Scoring Leaders (Top 20)

Jamaal Calvin (McCallie) 29.3

Antonio Jackson (Ooltewah) 28.7

Jahmal Johnson (Cleveland) 24.0

Levi Woods (Meigs County) 21.5

Jorden Williams (McCallie) 21.0

Daniel Brooks (Gordon Lee) 19.0

Ben Snider (Ooltewah) 19.0

Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland) 19.0

Rokas Paulauskas (Hamilton Heights) 18.3

Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah) 18.0

Marquis Tipton (Brainerd) 17.7

Dustin Little (Cleveland) 16.3

Bradley McCurdy (Bradley Central) 16.3

Ty Presley (Ooltewah) 15.3

John Hall (Silverdale Academy) 14.3

Steadman Ford (Notre Dame) 14.0

Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale) 13.6

Jemicah Bowman (Tyner Academy) 13.5

Taylor Bentley (Bradley Central) 11.7

Walker McGowan (Bradley Central) 11.7

League Standings (After 3 games)


East Division

Florida 2-1

Tennessee 2-1

Auburn 1-2

Vanderbilt 1-2


West Division

UConn 3-0

Louisville 1-2

Syracuse 1-2

Marquette 1-2


Week #4 Schedule (September 15th at Cleveland High School)

9:00 Florida vs. Louisville

10:00 Tennessee vs. Syracuse

11:00 Vanderbilt vs. UConn

12:00 Auburn vs. Marquette