Class AAA Pre-Season Projections



Let's not call them predictions this year, how about that. Thanks to everyone who helped me out ascertaining the information. Let's move on to Class AAA.


All-Region squads are listed in no particular order.



Class AAA

Region 1AAA

District 1AAA MVP: Shannon Hale (Science Hill)

District 1AAA Projected Champion: Science Hill

District 2AAA MVP: Derek Wheeler (Morristown East)

District 2AAA Projected Champion: Morristown East

All-Region 1AAA Pre-Season Team:

Jaylen Allen (Science Hill)

Dusty Nickles (Jefferson County)

James Scales (Cherokee)

Zach Garland (David Crockett)

Hayden Chandley (Daniel Boone)

Derek Wheeler (Morristown East)

Tyler Ailshee (Dobyns-Bennett)

Will Adams (Science Hill)

Casey Smith (Morristown East)

Shannon Hale (Science Hill)





Region 2AAA

District 3AAA MVP: Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central)/Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge

District 3AAA Projected Champion: Oak Ridge

District 4AAA MVP: Rico White (Bearden)

District 4AAA Projected Champion: Bearden

All-Region 2AAA Pre-Season Team:

Alan Holt (Anderson County)

JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West)

Ty Greene (Bearden)

Lonnie McClanahan (Oak Ridge)

Joey Boedwig (Knoxville Catholic)

Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central)

Tres Palmer (Powell)

Rico White (Bearden)

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West)

Dion Fair (Bearden)






Region 3AAA

District 5AAA MVP: Jervohn Johnson (Ooltewah)

District 5AAA Projected Champion: Ooltewah

District 6AAA MVP: Josh Turner (White County)

District 6AAA Projected Champion: White County

All-Region 3AAA Pre-Season Team:

James Stovall (Bradley Central)

Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah)

Drew Zaleta (Walker Valley)

Mat Case (Cookeville)

Josh Turner (White County)

D.J. Bowles (Cleveland)

Hunter Daniels (Rhea County)

Hunter Chastain (Bradley Central)

Jervohn Johnson (Ooltewah)

Rondez Mee (Cleveland)






Region 4AAA

District 7AAA MVP: Cedric Williams (Siegel)

District 7AAA Projected Champion: Siegel

District 8AAA MVP: Jarvis Webster (Columbia Central)

District 8AAA Projected Champion: Columbia Central

All-Region 4AAA Pre-Season Team:

Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)

Stephen Hurt (Siegel)

Bobby Wilson (Shelbyville)

Trent Garland (Lawrence County)

Cedrick Carroll (Riverdale)

Brandon Lester (Franklin County)

Cedric Williams (Siegel)

Devanta Hamlett (Columbia Central)

Oscar Butler (Siegel)

Christian Adams (Oakland)

Jarvis Webster (Columbia Central)

Region 5AAA

District 9AAA MVP: Mark Brown (Station Camp)/Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

District 9AAA Projected Champion: Mt. Juliet

District 10AAA MVP: Alex Poythress (Northeast)

District 10AAA Projected Champion: Clarksville

All-Region 5AAA Pre-Season Team:

Kyle Weldon (Rossview)

Daijon Williams (Clarksville)

Zavion Williams (West Creek)

Mark Brown (Station Camp)

Andre Brown (Northwest)

Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

JaQuan Lewis (Dickson County)

Alex Poythress (Northeast)

Anthony Woodard (Gallatin)

Monte Burney (Clarksville)






Region 6AAA

District 11AAA MVP: DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

District 11AAA Projected Champion: Ravenwood

District 12AAA MVP: Mookie Betts (Overton)

District 12AAA Projected Champion: Overton

All-Region 6AAA Pre-Season Team:

Robert Veal (Ravenwood)

Jack Montague (Brentwood)

Isaac Harris (Hunter's Lane)

Justin Perry (Overton)

Matt Pond (Centennial)

DeBrell McLemore (Franklin)

Devin Robinson (Ravenwood)

Mookie Betts (Overton)

Isiah Harrison (Hillsboro)

Evan Forhetz (Ravenwood)






Region 7AAA

District 13AAA MVP: Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

District 13AAA Projected Champion: Dyer County

District 14AAA MVP: Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

District 14AAA Projected Champion: Bartlett

All-Region 7AAA Pre-Season Team:

Anthlon Bell (Bartlett)

Rod Long (Jackson Northside)

Drew Hildreth (Bolton)

Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County)

Demetrius Dyson (Brighton)

Robert Houston (Craigmont)

Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

Marquarious Boddie (Bartlett)

Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

John Hudson (Dyer County)




Region 8AAA

District 15AAA MVP: Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)

District 15AAA Projected Champion: Ridgeway

District 16AAA MVP: Adonis Thomas (Melrose)/Andre Hollins (White Station)

District 16AAA Projected Champion: White Station/Melrose

All-Region 8AAA Pre-Season Team:

Cedric McAfee (Melrose)

Nino Johnson (White Station)

Jarnell Stokes (Memphis Central)

Octavious Ellis (Whitehaven)

Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)

Adonis Thomas (Melrose)

Kedorian Sullivan (Southwind)

Nick King (Memphis East)

Andre Hollins (White Station)

Kadarrio Fleming (Ridgeway)

Jonathan Williams (Southwind) 

Andre Applewhite (Memphis Central)