Class AA (Regions 5AA-8AA) Tennessee Prep Hoops All-Region Teams



 As district play heats up all around the state this is the time when we select our All-Region Teams. I have been in contact with coaches from all over the state and gotten their input on which they thought were the most outstanding players in their respective districts and regions and have compiled my selections into the format which will be followed for each classification.


Class AA

Region 5AA

Region Site: Stratford

District 9AA MVP: Dallas Grace (Macon County)

District 9AA Projected Champion: Macon County

District 10AA MVP: Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

District 10AA Projected Champion: CPA


Tennessee Prep Hoops 5AA All-Region Team:

MVP: Craig Bradshaw (CPA)

Chris Willingham (East Literature)

Tanner Johnson (Lipscomb)

Jalen Lindsey (CPA)

Dallas Grace (Macon County)

Zach Gentry (Sycamore)

Christian Lynn (Goodpasture)

Jason Stone (Maplewood)

Jake Allsmiller (CPA)

Bobby Scott (East Literature)

Honorable Mention:

Jacob Dick (Sycamore)

Trey McPherson (Macon County)

Connor Peach (Greenbrier)

Ben Williams (White's Creek)

Addison Daws (Lipscomb)

William Primm (Pearl Cohn)

Kenny Robertson (Maplewood)


Class AA

Region 6AA

Region Site: East Hickman

District 11AA MVP: Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

District 11AA Projected Champion: Cheatham County

District 12AA MVP: Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

District 12AA Projected Champion: Spring Hill


Tennessee Prep Hoops 6AA All-Region Team:

MVP: Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

Kadijon Townsend (Giles County)

Austin Mullinax (Waverly Central)

Keilan Blanks (Spring Hill)

Lake Jones (Giles County)

Rollie Plunkett (Creek Wood)

Ethan Hurt (Harpeth)

Kevin Peterson (Marshall County)

Jacob Saunders (Cheatham County)


Honorable Mention:

Devin Connor (Cheatham County)

Logan Skelton (Hickman County)

Dethan Prewitt (Spring Hill)

McKenzie Etheridge (Waverly Central)

Garrett Walls (Fairview)

Zach Vanduson (Lewis County)

Austin Dole (Harpeth)

State Tournament Representatives: CPA and East Literature


Class AA

Region 7AA

Region Site: Lexington

District 13AA MVP: Jawan Austin (Covington)

District 13AA Projected Champion: Covington

District 14AA MVP: Tre Polk (Bolivar Central)

District 14AA Projected Champion: Bolivar Central


Tennessee Prep Hoops 7AA All-Region Team:

MVP: Tre Polk (Bolivar Central)

Matt Smith (Liberty Tech)

A.J. Dodd (JCM)

Jawan Austin (Covington)

Javier Gooden (Westview)

Ramiel Pollard (McNairy Central)

DeAndre McKinnie (Bolivar Central)

Jalen Barford (Jackson Southside)

Jazell Baker (Westview)

Daniel Hill (Liberty Tech)


Honorable Mention:

Shelton Lyons (Covington)

Carlos Hurt (Fayette-Ware)

A.J. Merriweather (Jackson Southside)

C.J. Barnes (McNairy Central)

Mitchell Simpson (Gibson County)

William Edwards (Crockett County)

Devione Draine (Covington)

Joseph Lee (Ripley)


Class AA

Region 8AA

Region Site: Mitchell

District 15AA MVP: Billy Rosenberg (Raleigh-Egypt))

District 15AA Projected Champion: Raleigh-Egypt

District 16AA MVP: Broderick Davis (Sheffield)

District 16AA Projected Champion: Sheffield


Tennessee Prep Hoops 8AA All-Region Team:

MVP: Billy Rosenberg (Raleigh-Egypt)

Dontavious Sears (Manassas)

Tyrone Wooten (Trezevant)

Clarence Wilson (Carver)

Broderick Davis (Sheffield)

Kenneth Milbrook (Douglass)

Aquarius Stevenson (Mitchell)

Fatodd Lewis (Raleigh-Egypt)

Rayford Albright (Manassas)

Quawyshawun Tate (Sheffield)


Honorable Mention:

Tardarius Neely (Trezevant)

Donovan Matthews (Douglass)

Louis Tate (Oakhaven)

Marteshio Tullison (Frayser)

Jeremy Jackson (Fairley)

Cedric Milan (Carver)

Ryan Thompson (Douglass)


State Tournament Representatives: Bolivar Central and Covington