Championship Sunday is Set…..Week #5 Results Up Now

Championship Sunday is right around the corner as the battles for seeding continued at Week #5 of the H3 Sports Rocky Top Fall League.





Team Arnold 83

Team Upchurch 70

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) pumped in 23 markers as Team Arnold wins their third consecutive game 83-70 over fellow Stokes Division foe Team Upchurch.

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) added 20 points and Quincy Sibley (Karns) tossed in 17. Rounding out the scoring for Team Arnold was K.J. Hawkins (Karns) with 12.

Easton Upchurch (Maryville) led all scorers with 25 for Team Upchurch. Jonathan Webb (Alcoa) added 13 in the tough loss.

Team Arnold finishes the regular season at 3-2 and with the benefit of the head to head win will take on Team Watts (4-1) in the 3rd place game this Sunday at Maryville College.

Team Upchurch (0-5) will battle Team Steinmetz (1-4) in the 6th place contest to begin Championship Sunday.


Team Coward 2

Team Lane 0

Unfortunately we experienced the first forfeit in Fall League history as designated by high school rules Team Coward was awarded the victory 2-0 over Team Lane.

Three teams tied for the McRae Division lead and by virtue of point differential in head to head games Team Lane will represent in the championship game this Sunday at Maryville College against Team Sharp (4-1).

Team Coward (4-1) will take on Team O'Hara (4-1) in the 2nd place contest.


Team O'Hara 92

Team Feltner 76

Chase Ridenour (Knoxville Webb) and Donovan Filer (Fulton) scored 27 and 26 points respectively as Team O'Hara finished the regular season at 4-1 with a 92-76 win over Team Feltner.

Drew Pember (Bearden) chipped with 18 and Myles Rasnick (Knoxville Webb) added 11 in the victory.

Cameron Gregg (Jefferson County) led all scorers with 29 points followed by Ty Brooks (Grainger) and Emory Lanier (Knoxville Webb) with 10 each.

Team O'Hara (4-1) finished in a tie for 1st in the Stokes Division but by virtue of their regular season loss to Team Sharp will play in the 2nd place game against determined Team Coward (4-1).

Team Feltner (3-2) takes on Team Morton (1-4) in the 4th place game this Sunday at Maryville College.


Team Watts 78

Team Matthews 77

Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic) scored 27 and Nick Rogers (Farragut) pitched in 26 as shorthanded Team Watts managed to squeak out a 78-77 victory over Team Matthews. The win put Team Watts in a three-way tie for first in the McRae Division and by virtue of point differential they will meet Team Arnold (3-2) in the 3rd place game at Maryville College this Sunday.

Austin Brooks (William Blount) continues to show improvement every time he steps on the floor as he led Team Matthews (1-4) with 19 markers. Brett Newcombe (Stone Memorial) chipped in with 14, Dante Harris (Alcoa) and Brock Jancek (Knoxville Catholic) each added 12 and Jordan Tarver (William Blount) finished with 10.

Team Matthews will meet Team Carnes (1-4) in the 5th place game this Sunday at Maryville College.


Team Sharp 82

Team Carnes 61

Ques Glover (Bearden) and Kordell Kah (Bearden) put forth the scoring effort as Team Sharp clinched the top spot in the McRae Division with an 82-61 victory over a shorthanded Team Carnes. Glover, who finished with 28, and Kah, who chipped in with 25, were solid from start to finish for the league champs, who tied for the league lead record wise with Team O'Hara but by virtue of their head to head triumph snared the top spot.

Roman Robinson (Bearden) added 10 for the victors.

Arol Kacoul (Knoxville Christian) took game scoring honors with 29 points for the rising sophomore big fella. Marco Zaro (Knoxville Christian) added 12 and incoming freshman shooting sensation Micah Wilkinson (Pigeon Forge) finished with 11.

Team Carnes (1-4) will do battle with Team Matthews (1-4) on Sunday at Maryville College in the 5th place game.


Team Steinmetz 79

Team Morton 78

Brantley Baker (Meigs County) dropped 22 points as Team Steinmetz garnered their first victory of the season with a hard fought 79-78 win over a tough Team Morton.

Joining Baker in the scorebook were Jordan Hembree (Anderson County) with 18 points and Maverick Smith (Oakdale) with 14 for the winners.

Josh Releford (David Crockett) had a big game for Team Morton finishing with 23 points while the duo of Trevor Hensley (Unicoi County) and Mason Shelton (Dobyns-Bennett) dropped 17 each in the tough loss. Evan Scanlon (Daniel Boone) added 12.

Team Steinmetz (1-4) finishes in a three-way tie and will play in the 6th place game against Team Upchurch (0-5) while Team Morton (1-4) battles Team Feltner (3-2) in the 4th place game.


Top Individual Scoring Performances (Week #5)

Cameron Gregg (Jefferson County) 29pts

Arol Kacoul (Knoxville Christian) 29pts

Ques Glover (Bearden) 28pts

Chase Ridenour (Knoxville Webb) 27pts

Luke Smith (Knoxville Catholic) 27pts

Donovan Filer (Fulton) 26pts

Nick Rogers (Farragut) 26pts

Kordell Kah (Bearden) 25pts

Easton Upchurch (Maryville) 25pts

Connor Arnold (Grace Christian) 23pts

Josh Releford (David Crockett) 23pts

Brantley Baker (Meigs County) 22pts

C.J. Gettlefinger (Grace Christian) 20pts



Championship Sunday @ Maryville College

12:00 Team Upchurch (0-5) vs. Team Steinmetz (1-4)

1:00 Team Carnes (1-4) vs. Team Matthews (1-4)

2:00 Team Feltner (3-2) vs. Team Morton (1-4)

3:00 Team Arnold (3-2) vs. Team Watts (4-1)

4:00 Team O'Hara (4-1) vs. Team Coward (4-1)

5:00 Team Sharp (4-1) vs. Team Lane (4-1)