Championship Saturday Rosters (Cleveland Fall League)



Once again championship Saturday is upon us for the Rocky Top High School Fall League. Games will tip at Maryville College at 10:00.

Representing Cleveland will be 20 players from the Fall League split into two teams. Team #1 will play at 1:00 while Team #2 will take the court at 2:00.

Here are the rosters for those squads. If you know for sure you cannot make it on Saturday please let me know so that I can fill in your spot. Please make sure you get to the games in plenty of time as well.


Team #1 (Cleveland) (Plays Team Riddick at 1:00)

Antonio Jackson (Ooltewah)

Ben Snider (Ooltewah)

Kendrick Thompson (Cleveland)

Jahmal Johnson (Cleveland)

Rokas Paulauskas (Hamilton Heights)

Jhoney Lomes (Hamilton Heights)

Daniel Brooks (Gordon Lee)

Bradley McCurdy (Bradley Central)

John Hall (Silverdale Academy)

Taylor Bentley (Bradley Central)


Team #2 (Cleveland) (Plays Team Smith at 2:00)

Jamaal Calvin (McCallie)

Levi Woods (Meigs County)

Justus McMillan (Boyd Buchanan)

Lannom Sowell (Signal Mountain)

Austin Harwood (Walker Valley)

Dustin Little (Cleveland)

Sam Gregory (Walker Valley)

Austin Walker (Boyd Buchanan)

Steadman Ford (Notre Dame)

Jorden Williams (McCallie)