Vanderbilt Showcase Evaulations: The SEC



Let me start by saying thanks to everyone who helped make the Vanderbilt showcase a big success, I will start with the SEC and in the following days include the other three conferences in the mix for evaluations.




Nilan Hodge (USN)

Much improved shooter and leader can give you scoring and is becoming much more of a point guard presence on the floor. Must watch his fading on his shot and finish his drives to the bucket.


Michael Wilkins (Wooddale)

Big strong guard used his size to score on the interior and showed some slick moves on the short perimeter. Outside shot needs fine tuning but isn't bad, showed good vision passing to cutting and open teammates.


Caleb Chowbay (Mt. Juliet)

Struggled a bit early with his shot but eventually found the groove, has a pass first mentality and always looks for the best option to score, showed a strong resolve to the bucket but must finish those drives to be more effective.


Jordan Sawyers (MLK)

Showed a strong ability to score inside using his bulk and upper body strength, must improve his passing from the interior. Played strong defense and boxes out for tough rebounds, a bit undersized for the post will need to develop a short jumper to increase his scoring opportunities.


Tanner Newton (Harpeth)

Tough youngster was very conscious of help defense and excelled in that phase; lefty stroke showed some feisty moves to the bucket and found he could convert despite contact.


Micah Farmer (MTCS)

Good rebounding guard scored numerous buckets off put backs, shot the ball well and showed he could finish off the dribble. Defensively works hard and took several charges. Ball handling was good but needs to tighten in traffic.


Kyron Williams (Hillwood)

Incoming freshman showed some very positive instincts on the floor, handled the ball ok and always got himself back on defense. Long despite his height will certainly need to work on his shooting touch.


Benny Mitchell (Indiana)

Young player gave maximum effort on defense and proved to be a very physical defender. He needs to work on his offensive skills to become a true point guard, shooting touch and ball handling in traffic in particular.


Josh Coleman (Cookeville)

Incoming freshman has a nice set of skills that will improve greatly as he gains strength and confidence on the high school level. He will need to become more aware of positioning and catching the entry pass, he rebounds effectively and will stick back the offensive miss, needs to develop an off hand as well. Bright future as he works hard to improve.




Mississippi State

Jaron Marlow (Harpeth)

Young point guard with good speed and an effective outside shot. Will obviously need to increase his strength to finish plays but he has an above average basketball IQ that will continue to serve him well.


Chase Argo (Lancaster Christian)

Very good shooter who needs to add some off the dribble access to make his outstanding outside shot more effective, showed a nice penchant for entering the post but didn't move to receive the pass back for the open three. He must improve his defense and footwork.


Skylar Sims (Brentwood)

Very strong and aggressive to the cup, finishes with his lefty flair and uses creative steps to finish despite contact, hard working defender who gets a lot of scoring opportunities with his aggressive ball-hawking. He must work on his outside shooting to increase his best asset which is attacking off the dribble.


Robert Veal (Ravenwood)

Vastly improved his outside shot to where it can be a weapon, plays excessively hard on the interior, snatches boards out of his area and can score with either hand inside. Passes well out of the double team and repositions himself for the carom.


Austin Odom (Mt. Juliet)

Point guard keeps his head up and is willing to find the open teammate for easy buckets. Ball-handling skills are solid but needs more confidence in his shot, which is not that bad. Tends to force the issue at times and should simply back off and let things develop.


Rob Marbury (FRA)

Incoming freshman with good length and a very early understanding of how to play the game, long and blocks shots, grabs rebounds and finds cutting teammates for thankful buckets. Lefty finisher will obviously need to add mass to compete inside but has an above average set of skills for his age group.


Marcus Graves (Ravenwood)

Another young incoming player who has some decent handles and can score but lacks strength to finish his plays, has a tendency to watch on offense and must put more of a premium on valuing the ball as a point guard.


Zak Carter (Hardin Valley)

Good shooter will need to work on quickening his release slightly, great size for his age group and will battle inside for rebounds. Runs the court well and with improved ball handling could become an effective wing player. Defensively he will need to improve his effort on the ball, boxes out well and isn't afraid to tangle for the rebound.





Henry Brooks (McGavock)

His game is defense and he is one of the better on-ball defender in the entire showcase, he fights for loose balls and showed he could be an effective passer in both the open court and half court sets. His offensive game needs to come around to become a complete player.


Nick Walker (Nashville Christian)

Wonderful team oriented player can stroke the outside shot and was very effective on the penetrate and dish aspect of the half-court game. Nick has good handles and will find the open man, so he can run some point guard for you. He needs to work on his footwork and explosion, increase his foot speed.


Michael Davenport (Eagleville)

Rising senior set for a big final campaign showed a nice stroke and knows how to move without the ball, a lost art in my book. Proved to be a very effective help defender and showed he could pass in the open floor finding cutters for easy buckets.


Kyle Carter (LaVergne)

Showed a very nice outside stroke and attacked the bucket with quickness and decent handles. Shot the ball a bit too much for a point guard and will need to get his teammates more involved in the offense, when he did pass good things always happened. Defensively played hard and created some opportunities for him.


Tyler Price (Bolivar Central)

Incredible defender, who ran the floor with passion and blocked shots or disrupted the offensive flow for the opponent when he was out there, plays with complete awareness of his surroundings. He is solid on offense with hard forays to the tin and a decent shooting stroke.


LaTrell Cunningham (Bartlett)

Small point guard with incredible quicks and an unselfish demeanor on the court, Cunningham goes hard to the glass looking for contact and will drop the dime to an open teammate for an easy bucket. Defensively played strong.


Devohn Griffin (MLK)

Young incoming freshman showed he would attack the boards and keep possessions alive and wasn't afraid to shoot when open. He will need to quicken his release on his shot and improve his technique as well.


Will Clayton (Harpeth)

Young interior player is well schooled on the box out and gets his fair share of rebounds, can finish inside with solid post moves but lacks foot speed and quickness at this point. Will can finish inside despite contact and as he becomes stronger his confidence will rise and he can add a short mid-range jumper to his inside exploits.




Denzel Clark (White's Creek)

One of the more prolific shooters at the showcase, Clark proved he could stroke with the best of them. He showed good speed from the point in transition and proved he could play in the half court as well. Must apply his leadership skills earlier and more often and make better decisions when he goes to the bucket, must finish those drives or kick to open teammates.


Drew Zaleta (Walker Valley)

Caught the eye of everyone I had evaluate with his defensive effort and shooting ability, Drew is a fundamentally sound rising senior who makes everyone around him better and showed a penchant for the post entry in the early games. Rebounds well for a guard and will go by you if you underestimate his speed.


Anthlon Bell (Bartlett)

Great length and strong inside scoring touch against hapless defenders, Bell showed he could shoot the outside shot and put the ball on the deck and finish inside. He will need to decide which a good and/or bad shot is and get his teammates more involved which in turn will create more opportunities for him.


Logan Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Inside player who understands how to post-up and boxes out well for rebounds, he proved he could catch and score on the post entry feeds and can knock down a short jumper if left open. Keeps the ball high and is highly effective in the half court game, will need to improve his footwork and lateral skills to help him defend his position better.


Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

Good rebounding guard who can score off the fundamentally sound post move if left inside, improving outside shot and showed he can and will find the open man in the half court set. Tough defender who uses his strength to gain an advantage and create turnovers, must improve his ball handling skills and deep shooting.


Dallas Fields (Knoxville Central)

Incoming freshman with a nice skill set on both sides of the court, he has good handles and will make the post entry in the half court set. He plays hard defensively and is a very nice off the ball defender filling the passing lanes and creating some havoc, solid basketball IQ must get stronger.


Gunnar Miller (Davidson Academy)

Young point guard who makes his mark on the defensive end of the floor, diving for loose balls and creating havoc for the primary ball handler on the opposing team. He can shoot the open shot but has a tendency to want to make the fancy pass instead of the easy one for an immediate score. The kind of player who helps you win games.


Matthew Hailey (Ravenwood)

Incoming freshman post player who plays tough defense and boxes out to control rebounds on both ends of the floor. He will go aggressive to the hole from the mid-range and once he develops some strength and footwork improves those drives will be completed.










Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Indiana and Illinois)



Special thanks to everyone who participated, coached and attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman a few weeks back. I have accumulated information from four different sources that helped scout the event and will provide a brief synopsis of each player who attended the showcase.


INDIANA (81-90)


82. Micah Goss (Fulton) 2013 6'2 PG

Exciting competitor showed maturity and leadership skills encouraging his teammates and being unselfish and commanding respect with the ball. Micah is an improved scorer who needs to maintain his fundamentals to make shots. He has added some burst and can finish off the dribble going to the cup. He is stronger than he looks and plays with passion. He is a solid defender and a player who helps coaches win games at any level.   


83. Hunter Nelson (Franklin) 2013 6'2 SG

Rhythm shooter who can knock down consecutive shots when his confidence and shooting form mesh at the optimum time, Hunter needs to be more aggressive without the ball and make himself available as an option in the half-court. Improving his ball-handling and finishing at the rim will help him get more scoring opportunities while on the floor.


84. Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 2013 6'6 WF

Houston Baptist commitment, "The Franchise" as I have dubbed him is a freaky athletic, long player who when he gets his fire under him can be a very effective offensive threat. He can shoot the mid-range with anyone and has improved his aggressiveness on the boards. He will block a shot and run the floor for a nasty finish. He is stronger than he looks but will need to increase his strength for the rigors of D1 basketball next fall. Good luck in your quest for Mr. Basketball.   


85. Lannom Sowell (Signal Mountain) 2014 6'7 PF/C

Improving inside force, Lannom has a mean streak which when controlled makes him a devastating offensive rebounder and a true post presence on the interior. He has improved his footwork and can score over either shoulder. He is still a bit mechanical at times so more lateral drills and continued footwork will only assist him this season. He has made massive improvements in his game and the best is yet to come.  


86. Larenzo Westmoreland (Maplewood) 2014 6'1 SG

Young man has a true desire to get better. Zo is hard working, plays with passion and is a great teammate. He has good quickness and is a viable defender already in this stage of his development. He has solid handles and is a very coach able young man. He will need to work on his offensive game to be an effective scoring option at the high school level.  


87. Devin Stuart (Dobyns-Bennett) 2015 5'10 PG

Small youngster with some serious quickness was all over the place on both ends of the floor. Thus leading to this evaluation of slowing your roll and letting the game come to you, Devin has desire and plays very hard which should be his blueprint as he gets older and stronger. As a lead guard he will need to work on his decision making with the ball as well.


88. Travis Brooks (Volunteer) 2013 6'1 SG

Fundamentally sound player who understands his limitations and does not try to do things he is not physically capable of doing. That's a wonderful quality by the way. He has a good looking stroke; he passes well and has an above average basketball IQ. He lacks lateral quickness and will need to improve his explosion as he plays against more athletic guards.  


89. Taylor Hawkins (Sequoyah) 2014 6'3 WF

Very smooth rising junior who can score inside and out, Hawkins has sneaky athletic ability and often out-rises his defender for the bucket. He shoots the ball well from the outside and once he improves his ball-handling and becomes more of an off the dribble threat he will see a huge improvement in his development overall. He has a solid motor and seems to love to play the game.  


90. Austen Rhoades (Knoxville Catholic) 2015 6'3 WF

Long and determined, Austen has really made big strides in his confidence level on the court; as well as, his overall skill development. He feels he belongs on the floor and is not afraid to take a tough shot. He certainly needs to add some strength to his length which will do nothing but make his confidence rise even further. He has a tendency to drift to the perimeter and needs to work on his shot selection at times also. Once his confidence level gets to the point where he can show some interior progress, he has the basketball IQ to make himself more of a complete player.



ILLINOIS (91-100)

91. Chaisson Gordon (CSAS) 2013 5'10 PG

Lead guard who proved he could make open shots when left open and provided with time. Gordon has quickness and does not force the action on offensive but he will need to be more aggressive at times to create more scoring opportunities for himself and others with more attack on the bucket. He must not always settle for the outside look.


92. Blake Maness (West-Oak) 2013 6'3 SG

Young man traveled from South Carolina to participate in the showcase and showed himself very well. A guard with good size, Maness showed he could knock down the outside shot and came off the screen ready to score. He was relentless in attacking the basket and looked very pure and smooth in his demeanor on the floor.   


93. Andre Wilson (Austin East) 2014 6'3 SG

"Needs to put in the work but could very well play at a high level" was one evaluation on the skills of Mr. Wilson. Talented rising junior was at his best with the ball in his hands using his one dribble pull-up with great success. A very good rebounding guard who can start the break and finish with a flourish off the bounce, Wilson has the tools to be a player on the next level without a doubt.  


94. Trey Stewart (Grace Christian) 2013 6'6 SG

Excellent shooter, who has nice arc on his ball, can spot up or catch and shoot with equal effectiveness. Trey is long and needs time to get off his patented shot so his mission will be to quicken his release and add some one-two dribble moves off the catch as well. He also needs to work on his ball-handling and gaining some strength to make him more than just a three-point threat. He is capable of being a big time scorer on his high school level.  


95. Neal Phillips (Lithia Springs) 2013 6'5 PF

Inside scoring threat was a monster on the interior and used his strength to create several scoring opportunities for himself. He was a beast on the boards and was in constant motion when his shot was missed. He rebounded out of his area and showed he could pass out of the double team as well. Georgia kid showed a great awareness of where he was on the floor; he blocked shots and made several key outlet passes to breaking away teammates for easy hoops.


96. Makale Foreman (Dobyns-Bennett) 2015 5'10 PG

Young lead guard has solid handles but placed too much emphasis on the dribble. He seemed to have a hard time finding a rhythm on the court and compensated with pounding the ball, something a lot of younger players have a tendency to do. He has skills and is a very good defender. He will need to work on his decision making and realize where he is on the floor. I have confidence he will be a solid contributor as soon as this season on the high school level.


97. Daniel Justus (Wartburg Central) 2014 5'8 PG

A heady young player who works hard but needs to show more aggression and get his teammates more involved when he is leading the charge. He has a natural basketball IQ but obviously needs to get stronger to make some of his decisions come to fruition. He plays his position well on defense, moving his feet but still lacks the physicality to stop stronger guards if they wish to foray to the bucket.   


99. Austin Harwood (Walker Valley) 2014 6'2 WF

Rising junior has good size and uses his feet well especially on the defensive end of the floor. He is not laterally quick but makes up for this with an understanding of angles and positioning. On offense he uses the bounce effectively to get to the rack, he steps into his shot and showed some decent moves in the open floor. He will need to improve his quickness and footwork as he continues to improve his game.  


100. Jacob Cawood (Midway) 2015 6'6 PF

Much improved inside scorer who never gives up on a possession, Jacob has improved his game on both ends and is becoming a capable inside threat. He is not afraid to screen on or off the ball and he runs the floor on both ends. He will need to improve his strength and add some short jumpers or some one-two dribble moves to his offensive arsenal. I like his future.    

Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group A


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group A

Tennessee (A1)

1) Tyler King (Scott) 2012

Good size for his position and does have range to deep on his shot. He will need to work on getting his shot off quicker against more athletic guards and improve his decision making with the pass as he grows into the point guard position. Using his size and being more physical will increase his scoring opportunities dramatically.


3) Steven Parsons (Powell) 2012

Attacks the rim in transition, gets to his spots effectively and plays the game with efficiency and smarts. He shoots the ball well off the catch and understands how to change speeds to score.


5) Bobbo Chesser (Seymour) 2012

Inside scorer who understands the nuisances of the game, works hard for post position and rebounds. Needs to keep the ball high after boarding, stop using the dribble inside so often and develop some counter moves as he plays very right handed.


6) Bradley McCurdy (Cleveland) 2016

Not even in high school yet but an outstanding shooter with unlimited range at this point. He is small and needs to add strength as he matures. Simply relying on the outside shot will not be enough as he gets scouted by opponents but he has a skill level and a work ethic that will help him as he gets bigger.


7) Noah Duncan (Oneida) 2013

Small guard has a good grasp of the game and plays hard. Outstanding one dribble pull up which got him numerous baskets against more athletic defenders and a good slow to go move as well. Defensively he will need to work on footwork to become a more effective position defender. Additional strength will help in all aspects of his game.


8) Lawrence Martin-Lane (Hardin Valley) 2013

Long athletic wing attacks the basket in transition and has a decent handle. He is a capable outside shooter who is not afraid to go hard to the bucket for scores. Obviously strength will be an issue against stronger, bigger guards but his effort and motor are not in question.


10) Jacob Cawood (Knoxville Webb) 2015

Very young post presence showed a solid understanding of the position especially from the free throw line in. He has solid post moves just needs to execute his move much quicker and get off the floor when rebounding or shooting his short jumper. Has a move over his left shoulder just needs to work on elevating and using his size at this point.




Vanderbilt (A2)

33) Mat Case (Cookeville) 2013

A creative scorer, who despite being left handed, really knows how to use his right to convert buckets, a good shooter who could be effective from mid-range if he would add this to his arsenal. He has a tendency to dribble a bit too much instead of attacking and he will need to incorporate more point guard skills into his overall game.


34) Kyle Anders (Knoxville Catholic) 2013

Kyle is an active player who can score in droves and really has a knack for understanding the game. He is a good shooter and could be more effective off the dribble if he would utilize this talent to his ability. He communicates well with his teammates. He has a nice motor yet once he understands that he is the leader of the pack and is looked upon by his mates he will be a very good player on the next level.


35) Jacob Masters (Clarkrange) 2013

Big fella plays hard and understands his role on the team concept. He battles on defense for post position and rebounds keeping the ball high and making a good outlet, he blocks shots and knows his offensive limitations. He will need to work on footwork and developing some go to moves to make him more of a weapon on offensive side of the court.


37) Daryl Sligh (Austin East) 2013

Very aggressive defender who really takes guarding the ball seriously, athletic, handles ok and could be a much more effective scorer if he held his follow through on a decent lefty shot. He will need to keep his head up when driving to the bucket and finish plays in traffic.


38) Robert Moon (Bearden) 2013

Very competitive player who was very effective inside and made several plays when he faced up and used his size to get buckets. Creative finisher inside despite contact, great with the outlet pass and runs the floor well. Moon will need to improve his perimeter defense and explosion when guarding bigger, stronger guards and wings on the outside.


39) Clay Jeffers (Oneida) 2013

Good shooter, who can knock down the open three if he has time, can put it on the floor with a nice handle and will finish. Decent size but must work on his lateral speed and quickness when guarding others at his position.


40) Chris Watson (Grainger) 2014

Another good sized youngster who has some post skills in his array of talents, he fights hard for rebounds and will score points inside with his hustle. He keeps the ball high and can lead the break with a nice outlet pass. He has good hands which should help him as he develops his offensive game. Most young posts are more effective on defense until they learn a few go to moves inside. He plays hard and should have no trouble improving that aspect of his game.



Louisville (A3)

51) Cameron Gordon (Shelbyville) 2012

Small guard with a thick build did an outstanding job of finding his post players and getting everyone involved in the offense. He has a good outside stroke and was a capable defender, especially on the help side in the passing lanes.


52) Chad Henry (Clarkrange) 2012

Strong and tough youngster who battled on defense and showed he could knock down a jumper or two from mid-range. He used his stout build to disrupt opponent's drives to the bucket but will need to improve his foot speed and lateral quickness to deal with the jets that normally play the position.


53) Isaiah Hicks (Bearden) 2012

Great understanding of the nuisances of the game was a leader on the floor despite knowing nobody and used his size to create scoring opportunities for himself and grateful teammates. He has a good outside stroke when he sets his feet and doesn't drift, but his shot selection can be questionable at times. He will be an effective player with his basketball IQ and ability to adapt.


54) Matt Holland (Grace Christian) 2014

Improving youngster with a great attitude and a love of the game, Holland is a good shooter and proved he could finish inside with either hand in transition. He has good size and can score with his back to the basket if the situation calls for the mismatch. He will need to continue to work on his handles and stroke as he works his way to the perimeter as his high school career blossoms.


55) Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Plays with the energy and intensity that helps coaches win ball games and that is enough to excite anyone. He goes hard and understands his limitations which are a valuable skill in itself. He rebounds, blocks shots, plays hard in the post and can knock down the short jumper if left open. His explosiveness and footwork will need to continue to improve but with the young mans character and desire he will make someone a fine post player on the next level.


57) Imani Miller (Austin East) 2014

We truly believe that deep inside this young man is a big time player just fighting to get out. He has a multitude of skills and once he learns that playing hard and aggressive at all times is what it takes, he will be one of the best players in the area. He guards the ball, has a good outside stroke but must improve his decision making to be a team leader from the point guard position. Please listen to these words............


58) Cameron Turner (Farragut) 2014

We were very impressed by this young mans overall skill level at the showcase, it has always been understood he was one of the better young shooters in the class but his ability to handle the ball and create his own shot surprised a slew of us, in a very good way. Now he needs to temper this down, stop the excessive dribbling and use this skill to make his outside more deadly and become what coach's want...hard to guard.




Cincinnati (A4)

61) Darien Johnson (Bradley Central) 2012

The biggest compliment to me that a young man can receive is when former coaches tell me this is a kid who helps you win ball games doing everything that is required to win. Those words describe Johnson, he is a hellacious defender who will shut down your opposing scorer plus he is unselfish and will make the right pass in the half court. His offensive skills are improving, he can score in transition and will knock down the open three but his forte is winning and defense, nothing wrong with that.


62) Cody Henry (Clarkrange) 2012

Similar in stature to his brother, which goes without saying since they are twins, Henry is a strong kid who uses his brute strength to score and isn't afraid to make himself some room for a short jumper in the lane, which he converted on several occasions. Like his brother footwork and lateral explosion will be a key as they play against more athletic guards.


63) Tevin Gunn (Hardin Valley) 2012

Gunn had a solid showcase performance knocking down numerous outside shots from mid-range all the way back to the bent line. His confidence is riding high as you watch him step into his shots. He has good instincts on the court and will attack the glass for boards. He will benefit greatly from some footwork and explosion drills which in turn will help him put the ball on the deck to show his versatility in that aspect of the game.


65) Justin Brown (Virginia) 2012

Big and strong, Brown knows how to put the ball in the hole and is creative enough to score in a magnitude of methods. He has a decent short jumper which he uses effectively when guarded by smaller defenders and he will body up and score inside if forced into the post. Guard skills will be his improvement of choice as he moves towards playing on the next level, quickness, explosion like so many players who have been undersized inside players in their past.


66) Dejon McGill (Austin East) 2013

Becoming a leader and making the right decisions with the ball will benefit this youngster more than anything as he continues to improve his game. Very capable scorer who just needs to show more confidence in himself, we know he can play; now he needs to know it as well. Take control and dominate while playing smarter and becoming the team leader that will take you to a spot on the next level in a couple of years.


67) Austin Rhoades (Knoxville Catholic) 2015

We watch the incoming freshman knowing what they are ion store for but their reaction to the situation is what we look for in a big way. The game speeds up tremendously and strength suddenly becomes a major issue for these players. Rhoades is a smart player who has some length and loves to play and above all he showed no fear against bigger and stronger competitors.


69) Chris Cox (Knoxville Catholic) 2013

Big and athletic, Cox has great feet and will extend a defense with his ability to knock down the three. He spend an inordinate amount of time cruising the perimeter looking for his shot when he could be very productive inside with his leaping ability and sheer God given strength. A mixture of those two skills will move him forward leaps and bounds and make him a very tough player to guard in this area without a doubt.



Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group B


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group B

Villanova (B1)

71) Terdarius Thomas (Oak Ridge) 2012

Competitor who played hard especially on the defensive end of the floor, Thomas has a habit of over dribbling and will need to finish better at the basket. He is excessively right-handed yet challenged the basket against bigger defenders.


72) Steven Williams (Georgia) 2012

Small guard who showed an ability to shoot the ball and convert when left open, Williams plays hard but needs to demand the ball more in the half court and distribute. He desperately needs strength which should help him finish at the rim better.  


73) Andy Barnett (Pigeon Forge) 2012

One of the best shooters in the entire showcase, Barnett pushes the ball hard and is not afraid to mix it up on the inside. He rebounded his position well and turned those caroms into early offense. Ball-handling improvement will benefit him on the next level as will having more confidence in his drives to the bucket.  


74) Joseph Hairston (Loudon) 2013

Decent size and an uncanny ability to get to the rim regardless of his defensive opponent, Hairston has a nose for the ball and as already stated really gets to the bucket. He has good quickness and a nice first step but will need to tweak his outside shooting to become an all around better player.  


75) Hunter Chastain (Bradley Central) 2012

Intangibles make Chastain a valuable asset to any team he is a member of. Not a great athlete but he makes up for this with effort, understanding the positioning aspect of the game and simply outworking his opponent. He gets countless offensive opportunities with sheer will and has an adequate outside shot as well.


76) Evan North (CAK) 2012

Adequate shooter who as he gains more confidence will knock down more open looks. Needs to improve his ball-handling and passing skills, North needs to get more aggressive and active on the offensive side of the ball. Make things happen when the ball is in your hands, become a weapon.


79) D.J. Pennington (Oneida) 2012


Very intelligent player who has a nice feel for the game and will be an effective high school player, Pennington needs to increase his foot speed and work on lateral quickness and strength. His shot release needs some tweaking but he gives effort and has a passion for the game which will keep him on the floor.  




Indiana (B2)

81) Michael Norris (Dobyns-Bennett) 2012

"He took a charge-Are you serious?..I love it" was what one evaluator wrote in his analysis about Norris. Very heady guard understands defensive positioning and gets after it at all times on the court. He can score when called upon but plays steady and smart at the lead guard position. A great decision-maker and a wonderful passer in the transition game as well.


83) Gabe Dando (Alcoa) 2012

Solid player who can knock down the open shot and has enough size and skill to put the ball on the floor and finish at the rim. He has a high basketball IQ combined with a passion for the game. He needs to improve his explosion with the ball and get more lift on his jumper against better athletes. Foot work drills and explosion techniques will benefit him greatly.  


84) Ryan Gaiter (Daniel Boone) 2013

Strong guard plays the game at his own pace and is effective getting to the bucket despite not being an explosive athlete. He has a good outside stroke, lefty as well, and uses the ball fake very well to create scoring space for himself. As he continues to compete against bigger, stronger athletes he will need to work on his ball-handling and decision making skills from both guard spots.  


85) Aaron Miller (Elizabethton) 2013

Hard inside worker who has added a decent stroke from the mid-range to compliment his arsenal, Miller needs to use the two-dribble move more effectively and take some of his defenders to the bucket and score. He needs to work on his lateral quickness and foot work especially on defense.


87) Tyleke Love (Dobyns-Bennett) 2014

Talented young player who has a knack for scoring the ball and plays at a good pace, Love has a good first step and can knock down the outside shot if left open. At his size he will need to work on becoming more of a leader at the point guard spot, which entails better decision making with the ball and finding his open teammates more frequently. He has a nice game and skill set with which to work.


88) A.J. Anderson (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013

Solid athlete with decent size who showed some game off the bounce, Anderson needs to play the game with more purpose and use more of his athletic skills to score and compete. He shot the ball quickly not letting the game come to him and making better basketball decisions. He has a skill package to work with.


89) Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 2013

Starting to show more of an aggressive nature inside, Fountain has a very nice post spin move and will take the ball to the bucket at any time. His mid-range game is good and should be more of a weapon for him. He has solid fundamentals lacking only strength to make him a force to be reckoned with on a daily basis.


90) Sam Gregory (Walker Valley) 2014

Young post presence does a lot of good things inside, he bangs on the glass, gets inside position and plays hard on every possession. He runs the floor well and like most young posts his offensive will catch up as he becomes more confident in that role. He needs to strengthen his hands to catch the entry pass more effectively and work on lateral quickness and foot speed.  



Illinois (B3)

91) Stephen McQueen (Fairview) 2012

Heady point guard who is willing to knock down the open shot when left open, McQueen has a nice feel for the game and never forces the issue in either the half court or transition scoring opportunities.


92) Sam Greene (Bearden) 2013

Continues to improve each time he steps on the court, Greene has a big time motor, can play either guard spot, shoots it effectively and always plays in attack mode. He is a good passer and was solid in transition with his decision making. He was highly praised by all evaluators who saw his play.  


93) Zach Howard (Science Hill) 2012

Excellent shooter and an active defender, is how one evaluator described Mr. Howard. He plays with confidence and is an effective passer to the post. As he becomes more comfortable with the lead guard spot, Howard will need to tighten his handles and work on his overall decision making. He could create more scoring opportunities for himself with more aggressive drives to the bucket.


95) Drew Standifer (Bearden) 2012

Solid player in every facet of the game, Standifer can score from inside or out, he passes well, and he is an excellent rebounder, and makes a nice outlet pass. His game off the dribble has improved, as has his outside shooting stroke. He will be a viable player on the next level without any question.


97) Garrett Stults (Clarkrange) 2013

Solid off guard who showed an effective handle against some quick defenders, Stults knows how to use his body to create scoring space and is adept at using the pump fake to draw fouls. He needs to improve his outside shooting as a guard and become a more effective defender.


100) Patrick Oakes (Bearden) 2012

Decent sized post presence who was solid in the half court and when the game was played at a slower pace. He needs to sprint back on defense and make himself available for easy chances in transition. Fundamentals are good but improved foot work and lateral quickness will benefit him this season.





Michigan (B4)

101) Aaron Allmon (Austin East) 2012

Played well in the showcase and showed more leadership skills than I have seen in the past, Allmon is a solid on ball defender and is pesky in the passing lanes. He is an average offensive threat who needs more confidence in his outside shot. He played very unselfish and saw the floor well in transition.


102) Kelton Brzostowski (Happy Valley) 2013

Strong minded point guard who when he wanted took the ball to the bucket strong and made things happen. Much too often he pulled it back out when he had ample opportunities to attack and use his biggest asset. He used a nice step back move to get off a decent shot. Continue to work on your decision making as a team leader and point guard.  


103) Cameron Colverd (Bledsoe County) 2012

Much better athlete than he gets credit for, Colverd is a bouncy player who can finish but needs to tweak his shooting form to make it more of a weapon for himself. He works the glass hard and is a glue guy who makes his team better and more competitive. He needs to grow his confidence on offense and use his skills to create more scoring opportunities.


104) Chase Beaty (Clarkrange) 2013

Hard nosed undersized competitor is not afraid to mix it up, Beaty needs more confidence on offense as he tends to roam the perimeter and rarely gets lower than the three point line. Just needs to become more offensive minded, he has the ability to be more productive in that arena.


105) Carson Brooks (Knoxville West) 2012

When he is in the offensive flow he can be devastating, Brooks is a beast for any defender down low as he plays with a motor and grabs loose boards and gets a lot of put backs and offensive chances. He seems ore comfortable with his back to the bucket, but will need to add ball-handling and a consistent outside shot to his repertoire as he advances to the next level. His potential is limitless.  


106) Eshaul Adams (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013

Has a good shot with extended range despite sometimes getting it off flat, Adams has a scoring mentality and tends to dribble the ball entirely too much. He will need to work on his decision making from the lead guard position and getting everyone involved in the game if he is to control the ball. Strength will be another issue as he advances in high school.


108) Adam Houser (Midway) 2013

Perpetual motion on offense as he keeps moving without the ball, Houser showed he could shoot the ball despite an unorthodox delivery his shot found the mark. He was a solid defender especially on the ball and used his basketball smarts to guard much quicker and stronger defenders.



Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group C


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group C

Ohio State (C1)

112) Tre Tate (Alcoa) 2012

Unselfish point guard does a lot of things right, he is athletic, strong for his size and can pass in traffic or lead the break. Tate must improve on his decision making and shot selection. He can score but at times makes things entirely too difficult with shots he should not pursue.


113) Spencer Shoffner (Georgia) 2012

Underrated athletic competitor has shown marked improvement every season he has been in the prep ranks. Shoffner can shoot the outside shot, plays well in a system and will smash it on you if you underestimate his leaping skills. He has decent handles and will need to improve this facet for the next level a tough minded kid who knows how to win.  


114) Nick Campbell (CAK) 2013

 Showed some nice skills and always plays hard when on the floor, Campbell ran the floor well and battled for loose balls keeping possessions alive for his squad. He showed he could score around the bucket and most importantly finished with contact inside. He must improve his shooting and ball handling skills at his size for the next level.  


115) Lucas Ledbetter (Cookeville) 2013

Better than expected big man showed he understood the basics of Post play 101. He showed good hands, blocked some shots and grabbed several rebounds in and out of his area. He ran the floor well and hustled up and down despite not seeing the ball as much as we would have liked. He definitely needs to add strength and like most young posts work on his offensive game and develop a go to move.   


117) Jarrod Brown (Grainger) 2013

Like a lot of the kids who hail from Grainger, Brown showed he could shoot the ball. His shot release will need to be much quicker especially against more accomplished athletes and he will need to work on his lateral quickness and foot speed as the high school season approaches.  


118) Caleb Ruffner (Midway) 2013

Possesses good size and can score the ball, Ruffner plays hard and never gives up on a play. His shot release is good and the finish is also good, he needs to quicken his motion as he advances against better athletes. He should be a sound player on the Class A level and with improved footwork could be a player who challenges for player of the year honors at his level.  


119) Taylor Bentley (Bradley Central) 2014


Bentley is a fun to watch young player, who plays with emotion and has craftiness about his game that immediately draws your attention. He is very active and has an outstanding first step for a player who is not exceptionally athletic. He knows how to finish inside and once his strength catches up with his game he could be a force down in his area. He uses both equally well around the bucket. He must improve his outside stroke which would only enhance his ability to put the ball on the deck.


120) Josh Coleman (Rhea County) 2013

Ever improving young post shows a high basketball IQ and is much more athletic than he is given credit for. Coleman plays with emotion and goes after every rebound; he attacks the rim on offense and has an array of moves he is learning which could make him an outstanding inside threat for the next couple of seasons. His shooting and ball-handling skills will determine as which level he can ascend after high school.



North Carolina (C2)

122) Chase Atkins (Claiborne) 2012

Chase is a solid catch and shoot player who has range out to the three-point line and beyond. His most effective spot is the deep corner and he has an understanding of how to play the game. He needs to work on his ball-handling and decision making from the lead guard spot and show some versatility by being able to play either guard spot equally well.


123) Christian Haile (Shelbyville) 2012

Good motor and active defender have always describe this Shelbyville product, Haile has improved his ball-handling and uses a nice change of pace dribble to score at the bucket finishing with either hand equally well. His outside shot is coming along but needs more work on his form and consistency; he needs to work on his decision-making skills from the perimeter and especially his entry into the post.   


124) Michael Headrick (Grainger) 2012

Wide bodied youngster who relies on his size and strength to get buckets and out-muscle his opponent, Headrick will learn to use some finesse and absorb contact instead of always being the initiator. He can shoot the ball despite a flat-footed release. He has a tendency to hang on the perimeter a bit too often not utilizing his skills inside. He plays hard and is the type of player who helps his team win ball games.



126) Lucas Campbell (CAK) 2015

Campbell showed no fear despite being outsized and out muscled for majority of the day. The kid has a nice feel for the game and is in constant motion on offense which is hard to teach any young player. His skills will obviously come around as he gathers confidence and strength. He showed he could shot a little from the deep corner and has an idea of how things work just doesn't have the strength or skill to execute just yet.


128) Walker McGowan (Bradley Central) 2014

Perpetual motion is how to describe this kid, he sprints the floor and runs hard everywhere he goes on the court. He showed a knack for making the right pass and is a shot faker supreme when he tried to score on the interior. He needs to cut out the excessive dribbling and keep his head up to make better basketball decisions when he has the ball.


129) Tre Fields (Science Hill) 2014

"Needs to play hard all the time, he has a real chance", was the direct quote from one evaluation of Mr. Fields. We couldn't agree more this kid a world of potential and once he develops some confidence in himself he will be very good. His game is catch and shoot and he uses his length to score at the rim and has a decent outside stroke. He needs to obviously get stronger so his forays to the bucket will be more costly to his opponents but his skill level is above average for his age group, now it's up to him to put the whole package together.


130) Lannom Sowell (Signal Mountain) 2014

 Sowell has made a steady improvement in every facet of his game and showed some really good passing and scoring skills at the showcase. He has a great feel for the game and doesn't do many things that get him in trouble. He passes well out of the post, looks for cutters, rebounds with consistency and runs the floor. He needs to play with more aggression and use his size to carve out space for easy buckets inside. He plays a bit straight up and will need to make himself into more of an athletic presence, especially on defense.



Clemson (C3)

131) Justin Ragsdale (Silverdale Academy) 2012

Justin did a very good job running the point at the showcase and proved he is an outstanding passer especially in the half-court portion of the game. He got people in the right positions on offense showing the leadership required from that dubious position on the court. He can also put the ball in the basket, either off the dribble or from the perimeter. He knows tempo and is good at controlling the pace of the game. He needs to work on his athleticism especially regarding lateral quickness against smaller and jet-like points.


133) Hunter Spaw (Grainger) 2012

Solid contributor on any team he a part of, Spaw has a knack for hitting the open shot, he runs the floor well and will knock down the deep one in transition if not guarded. He plays smart and is a very solid defender especially on the help side. Increasing his foot speed and lateral quickness could help him immensely against much quicker and athletic guards in the future.   


134) Daron Nelson (Bearden) 2013

Big body that is still learning the nuisances of the game, Nelson must increase his quickness and learn to use that size to create plays and space for plays inside. He shoots the ball ok but doesn't understand a good from a bad shot. Nelson is inexperienced and still learning the game, especially on the high school level.


135) Thomas Moran (Grainger) 2013

Good size youngster still learning his craft but has a nice grasp of what he can and cannot do on the court. He moves ok but has a tendency to go much to fast and creates bad situations for himself. He keeps the ball high on the boards and doesn't try to do too much with the ball. As he advances he will need to add some offensive moves into his repertoire and become a bit of a threat with the ball. He is not void of offensive ability just needs to work on becoming more confident with the basketball.  


136) Kaden Wampler (Science Hill) 2015

Youngster showed some heart and was certainly not intimidated by the older players which are an outstanding sign of his work ethic and his passion to succeed in the game. Kaden is a smart player with good size who takes it strong especially in transition, likes to run. Adding strength applies to everyone at this age but I have a feeling I will be hearing this name again in the near future.  


137) Logan Cox (Bradley Central) 2014

Hard working player who has been very well coached and understands his strengths and weaknesses on the floor, Cox is a dead-eye shooter who is in constant motion and likes to come off the screen cocked and ready to let it fly. He has very active hands on defense and despite not being a great athlete he is a good position defender. He needs to work on his explosion and using the dribble more to make himself hard to guard.


138) Brad Richardson (Wartburg Central) 2012

Solid team player and glue guy who helps you win ball games. He doesn't do anything exceptionally well but he does a lot of things ok which in turn helps the final outcome. He should be effective this season at the Class A level with his ability to do a lot of things on the offensive side of the court.



Virginia Tech (C4)

142) Matthew Wagoner (Austin East) 2013

Good sized inside player who was not afraid to mix it up on the boards and played good position defense. He plays stationary and must learn to move laterally and add some quickness to his game. His offense is a work in progress as he gets more comfortable being on that side of the ball.  


143) Brandon Crabtree (Scott) 2012

Pleasant surprise with his athleticism and overall basketball skill level, Crabtree can score from the outside with a nice looking shot and is not afraid to put the ball on the deck and finish at the rim. He has a quick first step, uses the pump fake well and possesses a nice one dribble pull-up to boot.   


144) Micah Goss (Hardin Valley) 2013

Improving guard has some skills but needs to show more aggression more often when he is on the floor. Goss has a nice stroke from deep or mid-range but would benefit his percentage by holding his follow through longer. He knows how to play and when he learns to attack more he can become a much bigger weapon for his team.


145) Seth Shearman (Meigs County) 2013

Seth has made strides in his offensive production adding a short jumper to his arsenal; he needs to work on his hand strength and his face up game on offense. He has decent post skills but needs to speed up his foot work and be more deliberate on his decisions. His progress is noticeable and as he becomes more active on both ends his production will rise.   


148) Xavier Howard (Harriman) 2013

Howard has a scorer's mentality and uses his size to make space and finish buckets at the rim; he loves to take the lead on the break and will go hard to the glass for his scores. His outside shot is good yet must be quickened especially on his release. Being left-handed he has a tendency to rely on this when easy buckets could come his way with a right hand. He makes things difficult at times and uses the spin into the lane entirely too often.  


149) John Hall (Silverdale Academy) 2013

Creative scorer around the bucket, Hall uses a variety of fakes and manages to get the ball in the bucket. He has good hands and will make the entry pass into the post. He has a tendency to over commit himself to his finishes towards the rim. He will benefit from added lateral quickness and foot work drills.


150) Zachary Miller (Cloudland) 2013

Solid offensive contributor understands the game but doesn't always have the strength to make the play he sees develop in front of him. Miller needs to play with more reckless abandon, he plays hard but has a tendency to just stop and not finish his mission. Improving his overall game especially in the ball-handling aspect would benefit him greatly this season.



Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: Group D


The Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman went off without a hitch as over 100 players from the vicinity showed up and played hard for the day. Here are the evaluations based on information ascertained from myself and three other competent sources I had making observations on that day.



Group D

Maryland (D1)

151) Alantez Johnson (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013

Solid guard who pushes the ball hard up the floor and knows how to make the correct pass in transition, Johnson has a decent outside shot that needs to speed up its delivery. He is a good athlete who can finish at the rim; he has good handles and is explosive. He tends to dribble excessively which forces him into bad situations on the floor.  


152) Dylan McLellan (Cloudland) 2013

Quick first step, McLellan can take his defender off the dribble and is a competent passer from the lead guard position as well. He loves to use the spin move which proved effective about 20% of the time. He is a good defender who plays very hard and has a passion for playing the game, which is obvious in the way he competes.  


153) Nick Scott (Georgia) 2012

 Active player who has deep range when his fundamentals on the shot are followed he will drain the three from anywhere around the bent line. He is a system player who seems to function more comfortably when his role is defined and he knows where to be on offense. He has a high basketball IQ and was very good on the help side of the defense.   


154) John Lavin (Seymour) 2013

Another smart player who scores in bunches from the perimeter, Lavin is a spot up shooter who will set his feet and knock down the shot from deep. He is a good defender when motivated and will need to improve his handles and lateral quickness as he moves along in the high school ranks.   


155) Davor Saktovic (Bearden) 2012

Emerging big man has a sweet stroke from the mid-range and plays with a good deal of fundamental skills. Davor is still learning how to play the game and is very eager on both ends of the floor. He must learn to finish better at the rim as his offensive game comes around. He keeps the ball high on the boards and understands how to outlet the ball, then sprint to the offensive block.   


157) Zeke Clark (Elizabethton) 2014

 Young guard played well and showed a unique understanding of the game; Clark played very hard on both ends of the floor and was very good at distributing the ball in the half court settings. He showed he could score a little with a nice runner and got after it when guarding the opposing teams point guard. He needs to get stronger of course and continue to work on his outside stroke.  


158) Dallas Fields (Powell) 2014

Young point guard who has a developing game but tends to over penetrate at times putting himself into bad situations with the basketball. Fields is quick and likes to initiate the contact and fade away into his shot, as he matures he will learn to go into the defender but his aggression is nice. He sees the floor well and is unselfish with the ball.




Duke (D2)

161) Justin Wandell (Elizabethton) 2012

Crafty guard who plays with emotion and passion, he is smart and tough. He needs to tighten his handles but is fearless when going to the hoop using a goods step through move to get buckets on his defender. He is an average shooter who will need to improve that aspect to make him more dangerous and tougher to guard. He makes good decisions but can be a bit unpredictable at times but that comes from being a competitor, we loved him.  


162) Riley Rosenoff (KACHEA) 2013

Very solid shooter who has range well beyond the three-point line, he is fearless on the offensive side of the ball and not afraid to stroke it even when covered. He will need to get more lift on his shot and improve his foot speed, which in turn will allow him to put the ball on the deck on occasion. He has good size and is an efficient player.   


163) Kaseem Davidson (Oak Ridge) 2012

Very impressed with the improved effort of this young man as he came to play on this day and stuck it out and played hard to the very end. He has a good outside shooting stroke but does needs to quicken his delivery against better athletes. He is running the floor better and is starting to attack the rim off the dribble a little better. He needs to embrace playing defense and use his athleticism to become a solid defender.


164) Brock Rowan (Stone Memorial) 2013

Arguably the best shooter in the state, Rowan has struggled a bit with his shot in recent weeks but he is a serious gym rat who won't let this be a problem for long. He plays very hard on both ends of the floor and is a good help defender, filling the passing lanes and harassing the penetration. He has improved off the dribble and can finish tough in the lane despite contact which always seems to come his way. I look for a breakout year for him as a rising junior this season.


166) Chris Reeves (Fulton) 2013

Small guard has some very nice intangibles but he has a tendency to not use all of his gifts when he is on the floor. He has moments of clarity where he knocks down shots, makes great decisions and defends like a demon but he tends to disappear during games. He is a strong kid who could score more off the dribble; he sees the floor well and has a knack for getting in the lane. It is all up to him as to how good he could become.


168) Burton Sampson (Knoxville Webb) 2013

Smart and efficient, Sampson has fully recovered from some nagging injuries and appears to be back into form as a player. He has a very nice stroke from outside and works his tail off inside, which allows him to get scores and rebounds because he outworks his opposition. He will need to work on his ball-handling skills from the guard position for the next level and improving his strength and athleticism to be able to guard the position as well. He has a mega bright future.  


170) Josh Coleman (Cookeville) 2014

 Big young player who has improving skills and works hard on the glass especially on the offensive end, he knows how to carve out space and is not afraid to mix it up with anyone on the interior. He runs the floor well and has long arms. He needs to improve his offensive arsenal and develop a go to move with the ball on the block, he has an average mid-range stroke but works hard at improving his game.