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Tennessee High School Basketball
by Andre Whitehead

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Vanderbilt Showcase Evaluations: The Big Ten


Let's take a look at the Big Ten.




Cody Bybee (Creek Wood)

Hardnosed little guard who showed no fear taking the ball to the hole and mixing it up inside with the big boys, Bybee has some flair to his game and is all about hustle and opportunity. He played especially well on defense making some steals and creating havoc for the opposing ball handler.


Logan Edwards (Happy Valley)

Another tough guard who was not afraid to mix it up inside, plays smart and can shoot the ball when left open more suited for a system that allows him to use his skills and basketball IQ. He needs to work on his handles especially in traffic.


Juanae Smith (Hillsboro)

Rising freshman showed good vision when finding open teammates and shot the ball well, despite his obvious need to quicken that release. As his game grows he needs to work on his decision making and handles, can make the spectacular pass but needs to concentrate on making the easy one.


Jared Nave (Cannon County)

Unselfish player who showed a penchant for playing on the defensive end of the floor, taking charges and switching to create havoc for the opposition, long player blocked a few shots and on offense made the extra pass for the easy score, fundamentally sound player.


Kyle Weldon (Rossview)

Sound offensive player who can score over either shoulder with the short hook, rebounds well but always wants to put it on the floor thus bringing the ball into the danger zone for stripping guards, can knock down the short jumper and will block shots and rebound on the defensive end of the floor, as his strength goes, his confidence will rise and his stock will rise as well.


Will Downey (Ensworth)

Efficient scorer who does not waste a lot of motion and will drain the outside shot when open, uses his size to finish inside despite contact and is a very strong passer to the opportunistic cutters. Lateral quickness and explosion will need some work but he makes up for a lot of that with intelligence and basketball IQ.


Jeffrey Dockett (Bartlett)


Small rising junior can play either guard spot but seemed more comfortable at the point, quick on ball defender, showed he could pass the ball looking for open teammates but tended to try to make things happen that weren't there, must value the possession of the ball more. He found ways to finish in traffic on offensive side of the ball.   


Kemond Brooks (Hillsboro)

Aggressive rising freshman who must learn to value the ball, played without fear and showed very good quickness on defense but lacks the physical size, at this point, to execute the things his basketball mind can see, as he matures and gets stronger a lot of those aspects will take care of themselves.


Austin Howard (Giles County)

Long and hard working wing with a good deal of skill, must develop an off the dribble game, as he goes hard to the rim, still gathering his confidence, he needs to keep that aggressiveness for the entire time he is on the floor, he has skills lets not keep them bottled up.  





O'Neal Woods (Bolivar Central)

Well coached point guard who plays aggressive defense and shows good leadership skills to younger teammates, he can finish in traffic and always gets his mates in the right position to score.


Chad Farbman (Centennial)

Heady senior guard with some wiggle to his walk, great handles and a very good outside stroke, has a great change of speed dribble that allows him to penetrate and not afraid to go into the big boys or drop the cushy dime. He plays good defense and hustles while on the floor.


Ross Welch (USN)

One of the best pure shooters in the entire showcase, Ross has made this a weapon of choice and is not afraid to pull when his feet are set; he boxes out well using his size and makes a nice outlet pass. He needs to add a one or two dribble mid-range as his opponents scout his deadly stroke and make himself hard to guard.


Vari Craig (Riverdale)

Vari has crazy natural ability on both ends of the floor, he can score, rebound and block shots, when motivated he is literally a handful and rose to the challenge in a couple of the games against players he wanted to prove himself against. Motivation may be his only setback, as he has the ability to play on the next level without question.


Billy Hughes (Hunter's Lane)

Quick as a cat lefty runs the floor and is always active on defense, running down loose balls and keeping possessions alive, he can score in transition and his outside shot when he's not falling away, stop that, is good. He has improved but decision making and shot selection need to get even better, as a leader he needs to get everyone involved.


Tydricks Hardaway (Bolivar Central)

Rising freshman with some superb natural instincts on both ends of the floor, quick and fearless to the rim on offense he got majority of his scores in transition making steals in the passing lanes and simply creating havoc, one to watch.


Adrian Scott (Cane Ridge)

Good length and showed mental improvement as he became more familiar with his teammates, he ran the floor well and played tough on defense, his strength needs improvement, as they all do at this age, but he showed aptitude.


Matthew Gilboy (Perry County)


Has totally changed his body and allowed himself to move much better up and down the court, showed promise on the glass, keeping the ball high and boxing out well, much better lift, fundamentally work on posting up and being prepared for the quick entry pass.




Adison Hardyway (Hunter's Lane)

Rising senior ran the point and got his teammates involved in the half court offense, improved his passing as he became more familiar with his personnel, looked to score but will need to finish better in traffic.


Jacob Lloyd (Westview)

Poised for a very productive senior campaign, Jake showed his tough lefty game and knocked down several outside shots, when he did not fall away and kept his shooting mechanics. Jake was a strong finisher in traffic, using his strength, and passed the ball well with great vision to find the open player.


Cordell James (McCallie)

Played equally as hard on both ends of the floor, running the point was quick to distribute but also took advantage when the situation called for it and finished tough and hard despite contact, knocked down several deep threes and was money from mid-range as well. He was one of the evaluator's favorites throughout the day.


Ethan Moffatt (Fayette Academy)

Rising junior wing knocked down some shots as the day wore on and was consistent on the defensive end of the floor, rebounding well and running the floor. Good handles allowed him to finish in traffic and he is an underappreciated athlete who showed his prowess going high for boards and blocks.


Hunter Culp (Camden Central)

Rising junior with an all around game defended his position very well and understands the principles of help defense, tough off the bounce always looking for dribble drive opportunities, knocked down several outside shots and became more aware of his teammates as the day moved along.


Chris Woods (Bolivar Central)

Defensive stalwart, especially on the ball forcing his opponent into places he did not wish to go, opportunistic on the help end, rebounded well and did score some buckets inside. Must improve his scoring and value the basketball a bit more on offense.


Tre Polk (Bolivar Central)

Plays aggressive Bolivar defense and has good size to disrupt the opposition, offensively needs some time but can finish strong to the goal, uses his strength and speed to create scoring opportunities.


Jordan Nelson (Hunter's Lane)

Rising junior guard played with effort and was at his best on the defensive side of the ball, needs to work on his ball skills and shooting stroke to become more of an offensive weapon, showed solid passing skills during the post entry portions of the game.




Ohio State

Andy Moore (Ravenwood)

Hard working junior guard has battled some injuries and is rounding himself into game shape, wonderful outside stroke that continues to get better, must add strength to allow him to become more diverse, plays at a nice tempo and works very hard at his craft.


Greg Brooks (Cane Ridge)

Hard worker who is constant motion, played some on the wing, defensively hustled and never gave up on his man, needs to work harder getting open, when running the point showed he could find the open man.


John Ross Glover (USJ)

Smart player look exceedingly comfortable in all aspects of the offensive game, crashing the boards for an easy put back, drilling a deep three or putting the ball on the deck and finishing with two hands down the baseline, strong and not phased by the contact, showed leadership skills, outstanding effort.


Will Jones (Chester County)

Solid point guard, ran the show and got his teammates into position to score with some solid entry passing and transition throws as well, great vision, offensively needs to go stronger to the hoop and finish those nice drives, small guard but crafty enough to make those drives count.


Dee Oldham (Wilson Central)

Effort player who is at his best running the floor in transition, where he can finish the tough chance, good shooter who needs to do more of it, rebounds well and can start the break on his own, good defender with length.


Bobby Scott (East Literature)

Aggressive young defender forced numerous turnovers despite his size, converted those steals into buckets, has good handles and as he matures will realize to value the basketball a bit more, young but tough, keep working.  


Joseph Hairston (Loudon)

Young and long proved he could catch and score off the short dribble, runs the floor well and gets back on defense. He needs to add strength which will allow him to execute some of the plays he sees must be stronger with the ball and make better basketball decisions.


Davis Watkins (Bolivar Central)

Good size for rising sophomore but obviously needs to add strength and quicken his release on a very nice outside stroke, smart and heady individual, shooting fundamentals are sound, needs to tighten his handles and stop trying to block every shot and position himself for rebounds.










Vanderbilt Showcase Evaluations: The Big East


Everyone bear with me on the Vanderbilt Showcase evaluations, I should have them done this week so now let's concentrate on the Big East.




Ryan Yeates (Liberty Tech)

Very fast point guard who when he plays at a manageable tempo is very hard to defend, he can score from outside and will penetrate and find the open man in traffic. As a leader Yeates needs to hold his concentration and stay active in the half-court defensive sets.


Justin Williamson (Dyer County)

One of the more impressive athletes really shined in every aspect of the way we asked them to play. He played well in the post entry game relocating for open shots and when he went to the bucket he rose and finished with flair. He knocked down the outside shot and finished with contact in traffic, very impressive day.


Mason Ramsey (Livingston Academy)

Very savvy big guy who seals for easy offensive scores, can drain the mid-range shot even out to the three-point line, great hands in help defense and keeps the ball high which helps him outlet quickly to a streaking guard, fundamentally sound will benefit from additional footwork and quickness drills.


Dierre McElroy (Raleigh-Egypt)

Strong and thick plays very good on the ball defense and fights hard for loose balls and rebounds, Big Mac is an excellent passer who sees the floor and is unselfish enough to distribute the rock. Outside shot needs some tweaking form wise to complete the package on a very solid player.


Kevin Day (Liberty Tech)

Excelled as a defender, especially on the ball, not afraid to take a charge and understands the importance of stopping the ball first and knows how and when to switch, offensively needs to work on his shot form and decision making with the ball.


Josh Erickson (DCA)

Outstanding ball handler who can finish with either hand at the rim, needs to let the game come to him as he tended to force the issue a bit and it caused him some unnecessary turnovers. Josh played very good defense, using his quickness to harass his defender, great pressure in the back court. Shooting stroke is good as well.


Anthony Banks (Antioch)


Incoming freshman showed solid point guard instincts and was not afraid to mix things up despite his lack of size. Banks showed a nice mid-range shot when open and once he develops the confidence and strength to execute the thoughts he has on the floor, he can be a very effective high school leader.


T.J. Reece (Harpeth)

Good shooter when he has time to launch, must be able to create more space either off the dribble or moving without the ball, Reece went on the floor for loose balls and will fight for possessions. He must continue to learn to move without the ball, very important.  


Chance Bouldin (FRA)

Rising sophomore with a nice skill set, can knock down the mid-range shot from the elbow or wing, good size will obviously need to increase his strength as will everyone his age, which in turn will allow him to be more aggressive on the glass. Chance played fundamental defense in the post and with footwork drills can be a very good player.  





Brandon Crowder (MLK)

Ran the lead guard with effectiveness and found creative ways to finish inside and score. Played well in transition and moved well without the ball, solid defender will need to make his outside shot a bigger weapon.


Cody Ruehlen (Cannon County)

Very solid shooter with a surprisingly quick first step, made more effective by a good basketball size and body, played good defense keeping his man in front of him and played unselfish making the entry pass from the wing very effectively.


Terrence Dixon (LaVergne)

Played solid in every aspect of the game at the showcase, lefty stroke is very good, when he doesn't fade away, hustles and plays pesky on the ball defense, can grab a rebound and go length of the floor, played a nice give and go with a post player in the half-court sets, scored off the bounce and finished in traffic with contact, did it all.  


Sam Wilcox (Ravenwood)

Fundamentally sound big guy who showed a nice stroke from mid-range and a series of post moves for easy buckets as well. Sam plays hard and moves well for a big kid, passes out of the double team and is conscience of the cutter, defends the passing lanes well with the off hand.


Matt Smith (Liberty Tech)

Aggressive offensive rebounder who fights and claws till he gets his hands on the carom, long and athletic Smith blocks shots with ease. Offensively he needs some work on finishing inside but added strength should be the remedy for that problem, a nice rising junior prospect to keep an eye on.


Sam Rhoten (Goodpasture)

Very good shooter who can spot up and drain them, adding a quick one or two dribble move to his repertoire will increase his scoring output dramatically, needs to improve his footwork and explosion, smart player with good size to finish inside.


Zeke Clark (Elizabethton)

Rising freshman guard played without fear which is a good sign for his age, took too many chances with the ball which will take care of itself with maturity and game time, moved well without the ball in the half-court post entry sets, repositioning himself for open shots, work on shooting as well.


DeAndre McKinnie (Bolivar Central)

Long and athletic, McKinnie goes very hard to the basket and is adept at getting his own rebound for a put back or keeping possessions alive with the offensive carom. He will need to finish his drives to the bucket and showed a penchant for defending with his length.





Odgra Bobo (Liberty Tech)

Very athletic player who wants to demonstrate his leaping prowess any chance he can, good defender with his lateral quickness, must keep his head up when handling the ball and finish his drives to the bucket.


V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley)

Rising senior plays with a love for the game and is constantly improving in every facet. He tweaked his ankle in his first game and had to sit out but not before showing some aggressive drives to the bucket with an explosive first step, he needs confidence in his abilities.


Hunter Daniels (Rhea County)

Unselfish big man who seemingly gets better with every camp, game or practice, Daniels is a polished passer out of the double team and has vision which allows him to see cutters and his grateful companions. He can score with his back to the basket and is developing a good short jump hook with either hand.


Tony Phelps (Chester County)

Rising junior point guard played solid defensively despite his slight build, became a capable offensive player once he cut out the difficult shots, will need to become more of team leader at the game most important position.


Derek Durham (Cane Ridge)

Aggressive and feisty little point guard not afraid to mix it up and finished his drives to the glass, tended to dribble way to much but proved he could move well without the ball making nice open cuts to the bucket for easy baskets.


Spencer Clements (Creek Wood)

Good young shooter who needs to adapt to the quickness at this level and use his intelligence to create more scoring opportunities, a solid system player who understands his role and will give maximum effort while on the floor.  


Daniel Hill (Liberty Tech)

Slick young point guard who shows a fearless demeanor and never gives up on a play, Hill has great handles and passing ability, sometimes favoring the majestic dish to the easy one. Very good scoring off the dribble despite his size, once he's reeled in he will be outstanding, must work on his outside shot to become a star.


Asa Duvall (Brentwood Academy)

Smooth player with great size which allows him to get his shot anytime and anywhere he feels like it, good handles and a nice lift make him a dangerous offensive weapon. Nice deep shooting touch and good feel for his role on the floor. Needs to understand he can get the easy shot with a little more patience and stop fading away, bright future.





Tyler Irwin (LaVergne)

Shooting stroke very nice and will put the ball on the floor and drive to the glass for a tough finish, needs to improve his explosion and quickness, good half-court defender will improve in that arena as well with added lateral quickness.


Austin Clements (Creek Wood)

Excellent shooter who is a team player and does a lot of the blue collar work required to win games, type of player who wins games with a tough shot or defense play at the right time, needs to work on his movement without the ball, which will only create more opportunities for his very nice shooting stroke.


JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West)

It's a very simple process, he can shoot, he is next level athletic, great size but will he put it all together and become the player we know he can be great handles but tends to get out of control at times, Williams can be a great player.


Drew Smithson (Creek Wood)

Fundamentally sound big man can pass out of the post and scores off the seal off, good hands and a very good post defender. Drew has length and will challenge some shots and runs the floor very well.


Beau Johnson (Harpeth)

Incoming freshman played a bit scared at first but caught his second wind and showed a very nice outside stroke when set, needs to work on his strength obviously, make better decisions with the ball and control his tempo.


Brad McClung (Station Camp)

Lefty point guard who was not afraid to mix things up and showed he could get his shot with or without a defender in his grill, looked to enter the post in the early games and showed a nice floater in the lane for an easy score. Ball-handling will be an area of improvement for him to concentrate on.


Cole Bradshaw (Harpeth)

Plays at a very nice tempo and finds himself in good position on the floor able to get his shot without creating chaos in the half-court. Good deep shooter who moves well without the ball.


Abdinasir Omar (McGavock)

Rising sophomore showed a nice inside game, played hard and aggressive going for loose balls and rebounds out of his area, made some nice post moves and looks to open teammates, must finish better inside. Also follow his shot inside and work on his footwork and explosion to the goal.










Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: The ACC


The final two from the ACC




D.J. Kellogg (Hardin Valley) 2011

Excellent ball handler with a good first step showed he could score off the dribble, dribbling a bit excessive and must improve his defensive effort, too good of an athlete.

Jordan Cross (Sullivan East) 2011

Outstanding shooter, good length and decision making on the break or in the half court, Cross has an exceptional basketball IQ and plays at a comfortable pace.

Jordan Nelson (Georgia) 2011

Very athletic player who glides to the bucket and gives maximum effort on the defensive end of the floor, scores mostly off the bounce and in transition.

Spencer Peake (Bearden) 2011

One of the better contested shooters in the camp, better athlete than he's given credit for and plays a smart game especially on the offensive side of the ball.

Osmond Robinson (Knoxville West) 2012

Small point guard who is very aggressive on the defensive end of the floor, a very good on ball defender especially out front, working on his offensive game, tough kid.

Curtis Jordan (Pigeon Forge) 2012

Strong wing player who plays with an attitude that carries over to his defensive effort, Jordan will need to improve his offensive package.

Davis Soehn (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Thick youngster goes hard to the basket and absorbs contact well, can shoot the outside shot and plays with passion; he needs to slow down and let the game come to him, slow down.

Austin Davis (Knoxville Halls) 2013

Active young player showed a very natural athleticism, played his best when slashing to the bucket, needs to work on a consistent outside shot.

Tyler Bryant (Greenback) 2012

Showed a penchant for grabbing the tough rebound, especially for a guard, played his game in constant motion, must improve his outside shooting.






Michael Hyden (Cloudland) 2011

Slick lefty point guard with handles and a bouncy athletic gait, showed he could shoot the ball and was especially effective slashing to the glass and dropping the sweet dish to his teammates. Excellent vision gave him an edge.

Morrease Barber (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2011

Skies high for rebounds, blocks shots most can't get too and is a "butcher" when he gets in the open court flying to the rim, Barber needs to work on his handles and a more consistent outside stroke, he has a very bright future if he works at it, very bright.

Jamahl Thomas (Fulton) 2011

Thomas is exactly what you would expect from a Fulton Falcon, he is hard nosed and tough as can be on defense, his outside shot is good and when he works on his handles so he can add something off the dribble, his game will grow exponentially.

Andrew Blosser (Lenoir City) 2011

Bouncy, underrated athlete, who goes high for rebounds and will finish the play with a flush right in your grill, he needs to give a more consistent effort at all times and use the gifts he has been given, I think his best hoops are in front of him, just you wait and see.

Daniel Foster (Oneida) 2012

Tall and thin player who needs to develop upper body strength and hand strength to become more effective, he has a knowledge of the game but lacks the physical skills to make the plays he can clearly see happen, added strength will add confidence as well.

Ibrahim Teshome (Knoxville West) 2013

Young guard still trying to find his way against the older players, the effort is without question but the skill level needs continued work, work on his decision making with the ball and his handles as he grows into the point guard role.

Sabian Smith (Knoxville Central) 2012

Smith is the defender every offensive hates to see, he's in your face from start to finish, quick and lefty, solid off the dribble and showed a leadership quality for a young squad he was in position to lead, work on the rotation and fundamentals of his shot.

D.J. Pennington (Oneida) 2012

Played with effort and was active around the ball, shot the ball ok but must learn to get the shot off quicker against the better atheletes.

Kelton Brzostowski (Happy Valley) 2013

Young guard also showed a decent outside stroke but tended to play too fast to accommodate his opponents; once he slowed his tempo his production was much better.

Taylor Houston (Cumberland County) 2013

Another youngster who really had a nice stroke, but needs to work on getting the shot away much quicker as the athletes he plays against become stronger and tougher, he proved he could score the ball and played with passion.

Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations: The Big Ten


Moving along here comes the Big Ten




Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater) 2011

Slowed by a tender ankle but you wouldn't know it watching his effort, tough in the post, dominates other guards with sheer strength, runs the show from the lead guard spot.

Tyrece Irons (Oak Ridge) 2011

Played well in every aspect of the game, defended very hard, finishes his drives to the rim and was able to knock down the set open shot, ball-handling needs tightened.

Chase Atkins (Cocke County) 2011

System player who goes very hard and absorbs contact inside, showed he could shoot the ball if left open, physical inside worker.

JuJuan Williams (Knoxville West) 2011

He has the whole package, can shoot, handle, athletic like an antelope, when and where will he put it all together, hopefully very soon.

Tuomas Ebeling (Jefferson County) 2012

Hard worker really took to the post entry play but needs to add strength in his upper body to truly be effective. Great feel on the boards, he has a chance to be very good.

Preston Russell (Tellico Plains) 2012

Active, better than you'd think athlete loves to go right and does most of his damage off the dribble, maybe a bit too much off the dribble but he goes hard and hits the glass hard as well.

Brandon Hawkins (Cumberland County) 2012

Smart player who played at a comfortable tempo to be successful, has a good shot and showed a pull-up jumper in transition, must work on handles and taking it hard to the rim.

Ethan Simpson (Campbell County) 2013

Young point guard knows his role and plays unselfish, defends hard and gives maximum effort. Must work on his offensive package, become a threat and tighten his handles.

Josh Saults (Elizabethton) 2013

"Little dude can go" was a quote from one evaluator and we agree this youngster had some slickness to his gait. Proved he could score off the dribble, plays smart and got his teammates involved.

Aaron Miller (Elizabethton) 2013

Fundamentally sound youngster who craves contact and proved he could finish inside despite being hammered on many an occasion. Hits the offensive glass hard and will need to work on his footwork and explosion.





Landon Hilton (Lenoir City) 2011

Consummate point guard with excellent handles and sees the floor exceptionally well, plays tough defense takes charges and makes his teammates better.

Matthew Potter (Cloudland) 2011

Solid skill set for an active wing that does a lot of things well but nothing spectacular, plays within himself, runs the floor, solid overall player.

Devon Forgety (Volunteer) 2011

Very good hands allow him to be very effective on the boards, he understands positioning and plays with an effort that allows him to grab caroms out of his area, needs to work on his shooting stroke.

Matt Stanley (Happy Valley) 2011

Much better athlete than he looks, showed a very nice stroke and exceptional hops around the bucket, great basketball IQ, and must add a left hand to his game.

Cody Malicotte (Jellico) 2012

Big, tough, strong, nasty and smooth describe how Cody played, tough and relentless on the glass, either end, defends in the post and can take you to the elbow and beyond to knock down his smooth jumper, getting back into shape.

Tyree Nightingale (East Literature) 2012

Active point guard, who played very unselfish and got all his teammates involved the entire day, will take it hard to the bucket if left open, good shot and a pull-up game.

Logan Brewer (Polk County) 2012

Interior beast that plays comfortable with his back to the basket and will finish over either shoulder with a baby hook or power lay-in, soft shooting stroke and finishes with contact.

Trey Henderson (Cookeville) 2013

Strong for his age and used his power to score some tough buckets, skill level needs work but his athleticism is emerging quietly, work on his shooting.

Chase McGhee (Jefferson County) 2013

Understands the transition game and made the right decision with the ball more often than not, plays aggressive, work on his offensive skills and ball-handling in traffic.

Hunter Hopson (Happy Valley) 2013

Long and thin but active and played with effort while on the floor, very good interior passer, needs to look to post up more and utilize his length, too much dribbling at times but effort is there.





Shariff Cobb (CSAS) 2011

Good handles and changed speeds going to the basket to outsmart unknowing defenders, great vision and makes the easy pass for the convenient score, can finish with either hand.

V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley) 2011

Workout warrior, plays with intensity and never gives up on a play, shot is good but need to be quickened; footwork is improving, showed an outstanding burst to the basket that needs to be seen much more frequently.

Logan Lyle (Unicoi County) 2011

Smooth like velvet, feathery jumper from mid-range to well beyond the three, better than average athlete, understands the game and is a coach's dream.

Micah Smith (Volunteer) 2011

Long athlete with no fear of putting the ball in the hoop, outside shot needs some tweaking but not bad, work on getting a left hand for interior buckets, played hard at all times.

Phillip Stephens (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Improving footwork, improving offensive skill package and he plays with a relentless abandon, still needs to strength his hands but the improvement is marked and obvious.

Nathan Lester (Lenoir City) 2012

Nice open shooter from the corners, knocked down several jumpers in the half court sets, at his size work on becoming more point guard oriented and decision making, plays fast and defends hard.

Trey Suttles (Red Bank) 2012

Big, strong, physical presence inside, grabbed tons of missed shots and scored on numerous put backs and short inside moves, must leave his comfort zone at times and venture on the perimeter, work on his shooting and ball skills, you can do it.

Blake Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2013

Smart player who doesn't appear quick but gets by his defender to score at the rim, he can put it on the floor and makes his way, work on his shooting to compliment his drives.

Oteriah Lee (CAK) 2014

Fearless, the top attribute that we look for in players this young, Little "O" goes hard, plays defense and can knock down an open shot, he needs to add strength to finish his drives and adapt to scoring with either hand.

Joseph Hairston (Loudon) 2013

Plays hard and was effective inside and on the glass, really needs to work on his outside shooting and ball handling.





Ohio State

Nick Ellis (Notre Dame) 2011

Intelligent player who doesn't do anything he cannot do, great vision always looks to the open man, good outside stroke; work on his ball-handling in tight situations.

Wesley Ritchie (Ooltewah) 2011

Long and athletic, goes hard to the rim on occasion but settled for the outside shot a lot, has a good finish but must get his release higher, especially against better athletes.

Damien Edwards (North Carolina) 2011

"Rip Hamilton, never stops moving like a Mako Shark", is what one of our evaluators said about the North Carolina product. He showed solid handles, played hard on both ends of the floor, dove for loose balls, showed out very well.

Elliott Satterfield (Jefferson County) 2011

Strong player coming off an injury which limited his conditioning at times, showed he could score when he slowed to a tempo of his choosing and became much more effective on both ends of the court.

Chad Nabors (Knoxville Webb) 2012

Tough, hard-nosed little guy who plays so hard and leads with passion, shoots the ball very well and controls the tempo of the game

Kaseem Davidson (Oak Ridge) 2012

Athletic and fundamentally sound in the transition game, must improve in the half court setting and work on his decision making with the ball, a good defender with his strength.

Matt Holland (Grace Christian) 2014

Good size for his age and plays very hard on defense can shoot the ball from 15 to 18 feet with accuracy when feet are set.

Clay Leatherwood (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2014

Youngster sees the floor and has a soft shot, can finish with either hand and when he gets some body strength his game will flourish, we will be watching.

Michael Hotz (Morristown West) 2012

Good size and length, understands his place on the court but limited physical strength made it tough at times, could be good in a half court offense with upper body and hand strength.

Carson Newman Showcase Evaulations: The Big East


Are you ready for the Big East......



Connecticut (UConn)

Nick Oliver (Jefferson County) 2011

Unlimited range proved to be arguably one of the best shooters in the camp; Oliver showed good vision but must finish his drives to the rim.

Sherrius Smith (Hardin Valley) 2012

Played very well, scoring inside or knocking down a better than we originally had thought outside shot, Smith played tough defense but must become a leader at the point.

Garrett Buckner (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2011

Glue guy does a lot of different things on the floor that don't necessarily show up in the statistics. Can knock down the outside shot, rebounds, and passes well, great effort.

Brooks Richardson (Jefferson County) 2011

Played very hard defense, on and off the ball, great from the help side, he found ways to score in the open court.

DeSham Walker (Grainger) 2012

Athletic player who went hard to the glass and played good on the ball defense, Walker shot the ball ok and needs to work on his handles to become more effective.

Andrew Barnett (Pigeon Forge) 2012

Has a great feel for the game and understands how to play, Barnett struggled with his shot at first but as all good shooters know it comes around and he got his rhythm, like to see more off the dribble to make the outside shot even more of a weapon.

Dejan McGill (Austin East) 2013

Young point guard plays with passion and intensity, wonderful defender and can score off the dribble. Work on his decision making as he gets older, bright future for sure.

Dallas Fields (Knoxville Central) 2014

Very impressed by this incoming freshman, played well above his years, Fields has great vision, shoot good enough at this stage and plays very intelligent. He will obviously need strength but has a bright future if he continues to work.

Jordan Huddleston (Kingston) 2013

Big body and good on the boards once he calmed to the pace of the game, Jordan has a hook over either shoulder and was excellent on the outlet pass. Work on footwork and quickness.




Brandon Lopez (Austin East) 2011

Fierce defender who rarely turns the ball over and takes charge of a team from the moment he steps on the floor, Lopez must pick up his offense, he is capable.

A.C. Eddins (Knoxville Central) 2011

Energetic player who finds ways to score, be it the post or mid-range jumpers, would like to see more effort on the defensive end.

Tucker Parkerson (Lenoir City) 2011

Every team needs a guy who does the dirty work and if he can knock down a deep three that's a bonus, Parkerson is a glue guy who plays smart and knows his role, very valuable.

Otis Littlejohn (Knoxville West) 2011

Very disruptive defender despite not being the quickest player on the floor, Otis understands angles and his hustle makes up for any shortcomings. He found ways to score going to the bucket and finishing with either hand, stroked the outside shot as well.

Lester Wilson (Carter) 2011

Physically unmatched at the camp so we expect more from him than most players, "The Action Figure" was motivated in a couple games and was untouchable therefore.

Justin Wandell (Elizabethton) 2012

Very surprised by the skill level of Wandell, shot the ball well, needs to get it off quicker, and used both hands to finish off the dribble, rebounded well for a guard, smart player.

Andre Wilson (Austin East) 2014

Small and young but we could see he has an understanding for what he wants to accomplish just doesn't yet have the strength to make it happen, shoots the ball very well.

Alex Fountain (Wartburg Central) 2013

Strategically placed Alex on this team to see how he would fare and he passed with flying colors. One evaluation stated "You wouldn't expect him to stand out on this team but he did". Much more aggressive, dropping the short jumper at will and keeps the ball high off the glass; he is strength away from being devastating.




Nathan Sherrod (Jefferson County) 2011

Hard nosed point guard showed leadership skills and scored on a variety of pull-up jumpers in the lane.

Michael Kron (Greenback) 2011

Tough combo guard who gave a lot of effort on both ends of the floor, he got more comfortable as the day went on with the speed of the game.

Nathaniel Hughes (Hampton) 2011

High energy hustler who never gives up on a play, Nate was knocking down the jumper, passing to open teammates and slicing his way to the rim, loved his effort.

Tevin Rutledge (Cleveland) 2011

Exceptional athlete with quick feet and speed, Rutledge played fearless and makes most of his buckets going to the rim or off the offensive glass, must work on his shooting stroke.

Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Displayed good footwork, a nice jump hook and was natural in coming off the ball screen, Wright certainly needs to get in better condition and add strength to his frame.

Darien Johnson (Bradley Central) 2012

Tough, hard nosed leader with a nice stroke from outside, Johnson made good decisions with the ball and defended at a very high level.

Ross Cannon (Anderson County) 2012

Solid defender uses his added strength to gain position and keep his opponent from getting past him, good shooter, capable of playing the two or the three this season.

Jordan Belvin (Loudon) 2013

Young and tough, Belvin plays with a lot of effort and works very hard at improving his skills, loves to guard the ball and works to make himself a playmaker.

Dylan McClellan (Cloudland) 2013

Another tough hard nosed youngster who made plays when he was in the game, we like to watch for toughness and fearlessness from the young players in our camps and he showed plenty of both.

Carson Brooks (Knoxville West) 2012

Big man played hard and showed he could knock down the outside shot as well, Brooks has a lot of skill and needs to add a couple of extra go to moves to his repertoire and work on his footwork and explosion. Love his progress since last year.





Dre Matthieu (Knoxville Central) 2011

Played a very outstanding brand of ball the entire day, Dre was active from a leadership role and on defense; he scored in transition and displayed a motor that never quit. "Exceptional Leaper", one evaluation read.

Derrick Hankins (Cumberland County) 2011

"Junkyard Dog" made plays on both ends of the floor, knocked down some outside shots off penetration and proved to be a valuable teammate the entire day. Tough.

Tee Steinmetz (Oakdale) 2011

Very good shooter off the transition penetrate and kick, made plays on balance and got people involved with unselfish play from the wing.

Jamison Baker (Austin East) 2011

Athletic combo played hard and showed energy and bounce, especially fought hard on the offensive glass. Wiry wing scores off put backs must work on his shot.

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West) 2011

Very good stroke from not only the mid-range but also from behind the arc started very slow but picked up his effort as the camp moved along. "Tookie" can score inside or out and needs to believe in himself more.

Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2012

Plays hard and can get to the rim off the dribble, plays with passion and has good footwork, tends to stop moving on possessions and takes himself out of the play.

Travis Vest (Jefferson County) 2012

Can play the two or the three and has some length which is helpful on the glass, he shoots the ball ok and played tough defense.

Cory Poteet (Campbell County) 2013

Young guard can shoot the ball from deep and plays with a toughness and love for the game, he relies on the outside shot too much and must work on his decision making.

Luke Matthews (Stone Memorial) 2014

Very smooth and plays at a nice tempo despite his young age, Luke is a finesse player who can score and plays with a great deal of confidence which is vital for any young player as they enter the high school game.

Seth Shearman (Meigs County) 2013

Youngster has good size and plays hard, needs to add strength and demand the ball on his post up, time will take care of some of this.