Extensive coverage of
Tennessee High School Basketball
by Andre Whitehead

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Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Cincinnati and Villanova)


Special thanks to everyone who participated, coached and attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman a few weeks back. I have accumulated information from four different sources that helped scout the event and will provide a brief synopsis of each player who attended the showcase.




61. Rollie Plunkett (Creek Wood) 2013 5'9 PG

Active lead guard plays with emotion and passion on both ends of the floor. Rollie understands change of pace and understands how to use his body to score inside, he moves well without the ball always coming back to the top of the key to continue the flow of the offense. He is a pass first player who shows good leadership skills and runs his team.  


63. Corey Fagan (Oak Ridge) 2013 6'3 PG/SG

Creative player is coming off an injury which kept him out of majority of the fall action and unfortunately tweaked his wrist while at the camp. All is well as he prepares for the upcoming season. Cory is a dynamic player who can score off the dribble, he's crafty with the ball, can make excellent passes and will knock down the outside shot. He needs to not always try for the spectacular and work on his decision making when he is at the point.


64. Dustin Little (Cleveland) 2013 6'5 PF

Always plays with effort and has become adept at getting offensive boards and put-backs. Dustin is a complimentary player who will help you win ballgames cleaning up everyone else's messes and before you know it he has a double/double. He will need to work on his shooting form and footwork; as well as, his lateral skills.


65. Lucas Lovelace (Volunteer) 2013 6'7 PF/C

Tall kid understands the use of the high post screen and really knows how to pass out of the post and re-post as he follows the ball in the half court set. Lucas has a decent shot but really needs to get it off much quicker as he plays against more athletic inside players. His game is below the rim but with his continued work on the fundamental aspects of the game he should have a nice senior campaign.  


66. Sandeas Smith (Hillwood) 2014 6'0 PG

Smith showed nice athleticism and effort on the court. He was praised for his prowess on the boards despite his size from the guard position. Offensively he needs to work on shooting and becoming more confident with the ball. He showed flashes of defensive brilliance but seemed to loose focus at times.


67. Matt Odom (Farragut) 2015 6'0 PG/SG

Young combo guard loves to play as is evident by his emotion and his willingness to do whatever it takes to excel on the court. Matt has good handles and can get into position for his pull-up but lacks the strength to take the ball to the glass. As he gets stronger his confidence will rise and this will be added to his game, he is a tireless worker.


68. Ross Cummings (Creek Wood) 2016 6'2 SG

"Makes good things happen when the ball is in his hands", was a direct quote from one evaluation of this rising freshman. Ross is a slick ball-handler who has a quick trigger and can knock down the open shot when he remains focused on what the task is at hand. He can get distracted when his shot is not falling and lets it affect other aspects of his game. He has a chance to be a very good one.


69. Grant Holt (Anderson County) 2016 6'1 PG

Everyone lauded Mr. Holt for his willingness to go after loose balls and keep valuable possessions alive for his squad. A rising freshman, Holt is a lefty shooter who is gaining confidence in his stroke. As he gets stronger his range will increase and he needs to quicken up his delivery as well. He has desire to defend, moves his feet and seems like a very coach able young man.


70. Tyler Yoder (Stone Memorial) 2014 6'4 WF/PF

Tyler has really come into his own this fall, a lanky scorer, he has range and uses his length to score in the lane and disrupt some things on the defensive end. He plays with passion and has the tools to be a very good defensive stopper. His offense is coming around nicely and once he gets more physical strength he could be a beast.  




71. Luke Matthews (Stone Memorial) 2014 6'2 PG

Glue guy who is a valuable asset for every team he is a part of, Matthews can knock down the open shot and can pass and lead in the half-court. He is a good defender who can usually be seen on the opponent's top guard. He will need to get his shot off quicker and add some off the dribble action to his offensive portfolio.


72. Imani Miller (Austin East) 2014 5'11 PG

Emotional player excels in the up-tempo style with his relentless attack of the basket and his much improved shooting stroke. Imani gets good lift on his jumper and has enough confidence in his skills to finish at the rim in traffic. He is fearless and will grind you down on the defensive end of the floor. He is a winner.   


74. Lavantez Knight (Global Prep) 2013 6'1 WF

Good size for a guard helps him on the interior as he can pass and is a decent defender off the ball or from the help side. He is most effective on the interior offensively yet insists on proving he is a point guard. His ball-handling skills need work and his outside shooting also needs tweaking.


75. Nick Bradley (Oak Ridge) 2013 6'8 C

He has made major strides in his development, Nick keeps the ball high in the post, he goes after rebounds but lacks the physical strength to be more effective on the interior. He needs to develop a go to move with a counter so he can provide his team with a viable scoring option while he is in the game. He loves to play and his improvement in the past few seasons shows his love for the game.  


76. Austin Brown (Cumberland County) 2015 5'10 PG

Young player is a fundamentally skilled kid who is in constant motion and runs the floor on both ends. He has a very nice stroke but must be set and open as he needs time to get it off. As he gets stronger this will take care of itself. He will need to add some off the bounce action into his offensive skill set and become a leader from the point guard postion.


77. Taquan Lane (Fulton) 2014 5'11 PG

Young man played hard and showed some quickness but lacked the skill set to be more effective in this setting. He will need to work on his ball-handling and shooting skills if he wishes to find playing time on the high school level.


78. Michael Jeffers (Onieda) 2014 6'2 WF/PF

Big youngster uses his body inside to gain positioning and can finish inside with time. He is strong and can finish with either hand. He needs to get himself in better shape so he can be effective running the floor and getting easy buckets in transition. He will need to improve his footwork and shooting skills as well.  


79. Zak Carter (Hardin Valley) 2014 6'3 WF/PF

Good size and a good shooter when his fundamentals are adhered to. Zak could be a good inside threat with his skill level and will need to make this part of his game on the high school level. He tends to spend majority of his time on the perimeter. He needs to work on his quickness and lateral skills to improve his defensive prowess. He has the size to be a workhorse inside who can knock down the trail three in the secondary break.    


80. Brandon Gilliam (Dobyns-Bennett) 2016 6'4 PF

Hard working rising freshman fights for interior position and has good hands. As he gets bigger he could have a chance. He will need to add strength as most kids his age obviously will. He showed some interior willingness that bodes well for the future.    

Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Syracuse and Louisville)


Special thanks to everyone who participated, coached and attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman a few weeks back. I have accumulated information from four different sources that helped scout the event and will provide a brief synopsis of each player who attended the showcase.


SYRACUSE (41-50)


41. Cameron Turner (Farragut) 2014 5'11 PG

Showed excellent leadership skills while running the offense, Cameron has a high basketball IQ and makes good decisions with the ball when focused. He has an outstanding shot and has good enough handles to penetrate the lane and score or dish. He needs to add strength to finish his drives to the hoop and become more adamant about playing on the defensive end.  


42. Adarius Wilson (Bearden) 2013 6'0 SG

Offensively Wilson can do a multitude of things, he pushes the ball hard, gets to the rim easily, he knocks down shots, has quickness but must work on his handles as he forces himself to become a backcourt player. He seems much more comfortable in the half-court playing with his back to basket. Defensively he has the athletic and lateral skill to be effective but does not always make the effort.


43. Shaquille Davis (Nashville Overton) 2013 6'2 SG

Shaq has good size, seems comfortable on the floor, has athleticism and plays hard. He gets to the bucket when needed and can pass the ball as well. He will need to improve his outside stroke and work on his handles to become an effective two/three on the next level.  


44. Matthew Wagoner (Austin East) 2013 6'4 WF/PF

Uses his size to his benefit on the interior, plays hard and goes after rebounds and gets easy stick backs. He is a good defender who is not afraid to take a charge and uses his size to keep bigger guys away from the lane. He is undersized for an interior player so his game will need to evolve as he works on his shooting and ball-handling to play some on the perimeter.


45. Lucas Ledbetter (Cookeville) 2013 6'7 PF/C

Much improved big man was a favorite among all the evaluations I received. Lucas has a great motor he understands the game, is an excellent passer out of the double team, catches well, keeps the ball high and uses his body to create scoring space and rebounding room. Showed he could score of either shoulder with some nifty lefty moves.



47. Jaquail Williams (Austin East) 2014 6'2 SG

Superb athlete who also excels on the gridiron, Williams is a big time defender with his athleticism and length. He can score the ball with a good outside stroke and seems to get better as the games goes along. He is a special athlete with some special skills if he works at it.


48. Gavin Ownby (Volunteer) 2014 6'1 SG

High basketball IQ, Ownby is a smart player who is not overly athletic but understands the game. He uses angles very well on defense and understands positioning and fundamentals. Well coached young man does not over-dribble on offense using the 1-2 bounce method well. He does not over think the game and is an excellent teammate.  


49. Logan McDavid (Dobyns-Bennett) 2015 6'0 SG

Youngster, as most do his age and grade level, really needs to work on his strength. He has a wonderful understanding of what he needs to do just does not have the power or size to execute those moves or thoughts. He has a decent stroke from outside and uses the up and over to create scoring space very well.


50. Luke Sheppard (Grace Christian) 2015 6'2 PF

Undersized inside player is a fun kid to watch, Luke is strong and uses his size and bulk to make space and has a knack for snatching offensive boards from much larger players. Plays well with his back to the basket, passes well out of the post and can shoot if he has time. He needs to work on his lateral quickness and add some perimeter oriented things to his game to make him more complete.  




52. Gage Spence (Stone Memorial) 2015 6'2 PG

Fun player to watch, Gage has some swagger and plays with passion and determination. He is unselfish to a fault and seems to always be looking for the next cutter; he has good handles and can break down his defender nearly at will. He has great anticipation skills and can score the ball if left open. He will need to add strength as he steps up a level in competition and make himself more of an offensive threat as well.


53. Kelvin Jackson (Fulton) 2015 6'2 SG

"Must go harder" was a direct quote from one of the evaluators as they watched young Mr. Jackson play. Kelvin showed some superb moments scoring in a variety of ways including four straight trips with a short jumper. He is good in the open floor and has ball skills. His game is predicated on emotion and he must get away from this if he wishes to move to the next level. He has all the tools to be one of the best in the area.  


54. Clay Jeffers (Oneida) 2013 6'4 PF

Undersized interior player plays hard and can knock down the open shot with time. He needs to improve his athletic skills and lateral quickness. He needs to slow the tempo down at times as he gets going to fast and causes himself to make bad decisions with the ball. He can be effective at his class level as he plays with passion.


55. Connor Mitchell (Dobyns-Bennett) 2013 6'7 PF/C

Face up four man who showed he could knock down some shots. He showed he could run the floor well and is a better than advertised athlete with quick ups. He plays hard and gets after loose balls. He needs to work on quickening his shot and learning to play with his back to the bucket a little more often.


56. Diego Poore (Cumberland County) 2015 6'0 PG

Young player showed some solid skills as he battled with the upperclassmen at the showcase. Poore has a good pull-up jumper in the lane and keeps his head up looking for cutters and moving the ball ahead on the break. He runs the floor well and can shoot from deep if he has time. Must work on his decision making in the half-court and become a leader from the point guard position.


57. Daniel Norl (Kenwood) 2014 6'2 SG

"He lets the game to come to him", was the basis of every evaluation on Mr. Norl. He plays with a smooth tempo and can kill with that dagger jump-shot from anywhere on the floor. He has solid ball skills and changes speeds well enough to get past even the quickest defender to finish or make a nice dish to a cutting teammate. He defends well, moves his feet and has all the tricks on the offensive end.


58. John Woodruff (Carter) 2015 6'2 SG

Young man has good size and plays hard. He needs to slow down on offense and take what the defense gives him instead of trying too hard to make something happen. He is athletic and runs the floor, shoot ok and will be an effective option once he learns to play at a good game pace. He will need to work on his ball-handling and make that outside shot a weapon.  


59. TyQuez Itiat (Stratford) 2014 6'3 SG/WF

Pleasant surprise the Nashville junior is a tremendous athlete who runs the floor, has quick moves along the baseline and can finish in traffic. He is a superb defender and has the chance to be a stopper if that's the role he chooses to pursue. Showed he could catch and shoot as well.   


60. Matthew Norl (Kenwood) 2016 6'2 WF

Rising freshman was not afraid to mix it up with the big boys. Norl proved he could battle inside and found himself on the receiving end of several tough rebounds and put-backs. He seems to relish the contact and was not afraid to defend in the post either. He is undersized for the inside so his shooting and skills work will need development but he has interior skills if he continues to grow.    

Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Auburn and Vanderbilt)


Special thanks to everyone who participated, coached and attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman a few weeks back. I have accumulated information from four different sources that helped scout the event and will provide a brief synopsis of each player who attended the showcase.


AUBURN (21-30)


21. Isaiah Campbell (Bearden) 2014 5'9 PG

Much improved lead guard is playing with confidence and proving he can be a leader for his team. Campbell is unselfish and a solid defender in his own right. He is strong and determined which will make for a break-out season in his junior campaign. He needs to work on his outside shooting touch and keeping his head up when he penetrates the lane.


23. Mat Case (Cookeville) 2013 6'0 SG

Case is the kind of kid you win ball games with, he isn't afraid to dive on the floor for loose balls and when he gets hot he can stick his jumper from anywhere on the floor. He needs to work on his tempo, slowing down and changing speeds to make his drives more effective. He has a tendency to go full force all the time which he needs to temper on offense. He is a winner and a leader for his team.


24. Sam Greene (Bearden) 2013 6'5 SG

Good size, great motor, tough as can be are all adjectives to describe the improvement of young Mr. Greene. He has the ability to score from inside and out and uses his length and toughness to become a good defender. He needs to work on his shot selection which can be forced at times and his work off the dribble as he makes himself hard to guard.  


25. Jonathan King (Sullivan East) 2013 6'9 C

This young man is a small college coach's dream. He has solid back to basket moves, can finish over either shoulder or knocks down the short jumper. He has a soft touch, good hands and is overall strength away from an immediate contributor on the next level. He is much more effective in a structured half-court setting.


26. Matt Halvorson (Dobyns-Bennett) 2016 5'6 PG

Youngster showed some moxie battling with the upperclassmen whenever he was on the floor. As with most incoming freshman size and strength is the major hurdle they need to overcome to become contributors. Matt showed a skill level and did not play scared which impressed everyone who commented on his ability.



28. Gabe Cummings (Creek Wood) 2016 5'11 PG

Another young point guard who has better size and is more equipped for the rigors of the high school game, Gabe is a lefty who has lead guard instincts and can knock down the open shot if left alone. He will need to work on his body of course and tighten his handles as he moves up the ranks in Tennessee High School basketball.


29. Clay Hertel (DCA) 2014 6'2 SG

Very impressed with the skill level of this youngster, Clay has length and can score the ball off the dribble or knocking down the outside shot. He will need to improve his strength which could make his forays to the hoop much more effective. He is good on the offensive boards and should be a surprise player in the Nashville area this year.


30. Tayte Kitts (Union County) 2013 6'5 PF

Much improved inside player is a better athlete than he gets credit for. Kitts needs to improve his footwork and hand strength to execute inside scoring opportunities. He needs to develop a go to move and a counter and needs to spend time in the gym working on his skill level. He has the athletic ability to play on the next level with some serious skill improvements.




31. Jack Graham (Bearden) 2014 6'2 SG

One of the better shooters in the area, Graham can knock down the outside shot with anyone. He needs to develop his game off the dribble to make his outside stroke even more of a weapon as teams cannot guard him. Improved footwork will make him a better defender as he has strength and willingness to get after his foe.


32. Darryl Sligh (Austin East) 2013 5'11 PG

Very aggressive ball-hawk defender who when motivated can make life miserable for an opposing point guard. He is slight of build but aggressive on the defensive side of the ball. On offense, Darryl needs to work on his shooting stroke and use his quickness to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.


34. Deonta Bizzle-Brown (Hardin Valley) 2014 6'6 WF/PF

Bizzle teases you with his skills on an every possession basis; he runs the floor well but tends to stop at the three-point line. He blocks shots in huge doses but needs to work on his strength and positioning to become a better rebounder. He can score inside or off the lob pass when motivated. Once he realizes his potential the sky is truly the limit.


35. Josh Brewer (Beech) 2014 6'6 PF

Solid back to the bucket skills from this rising junior post player, Josh has good size, boxes out well and passes out of the double team without hesitation. He needs to work on his quickness and lateral footwork skills to make him more explosive when he gets the ball in the post.


36. Clay Jenkins (Loudon) 2014 5'7 PG

Very small point guard played with effort but was generally physically outmatched at times on the offensive end. He showed a penchant for being a nice help defender and was not a bad shooter when left open. He seems much more comfortable in a structured setting than the free lance style of camp basketball.


37. Tyler Nichols (Elizabethon) 2015 6'3 WF

Rising sophomore showed a very nice skill level with solid drives to the goal and the ability to knock down open shots. Nichols played hard and has good size for a young player. He will need to work on his quickness, especially on the defensive side of the court; as well as, his handles and foot speed.


38. David McFarland (Volunteer) 2014 6'4 SG

Good shooter who was fundamentally sound with his footwork. He ran the floor and used his size to create scoring opportunities in the lane. He will need to improve his quickness against more athletic players and continue to use his length to his advantage on the defensive side of the floor.


39. Jacob Coleman (Homeschool) 2014 6'2 SG

Rising junior showed he had the ability to score when open, Coleman seemed to be pressing a bit and never let the game come to him. He forced the issue on several offensive occasions instead of controlling his tempo and finding the right scoring outlet.  


40. Tyler Steinmetz (Oakdale) 2016 5'10 SG

Incoming freshman plays very hard and always seems to be in constant motion. He is thick despite his height which helps him score on the interior but as he moves along he will need to develop his ball-handling skills and work on tweaking his shooting stroke. He will be productive because he has a great motor.   

Carson Newman Showcase Evaluations (Tennessee and Alabama)


Special thanks to everyone who participated, coached and attended the Tennessee Prep Hoops Rankings and Exposure Showcase at Carson Newman a few weeks back. I have accumulated information from four different sources that helped scout the event and will provide a brief synopsis of each player who attended the showcase.




1. Marquise Williams (Volunteer) 2014

Small point guard showed some quickness and lateral skills on the defensive end of the floor. Williams had a propensity to dribble a bit too much without making any progress towards the goal. He showed the ability to make good decisions when his head was up and could develop his offensive more to become a weapon on that side of the floor.


2. Tee Sanford (Knoxville Central) 2013

Tee has a decent outside shooting touch but needs to get the ball off quicker against more aggressive defenders. He tends to lay back on the three-point line instead of using his length to create some scoring opportunities off the dribble. He must work on his decision making with the ball and correct a tendency of turning his back to the action while on defense.


3. Joseph Hairston (Loudon) 2013

Very athletic youngster who needs to refine his skills, Hairston was solid in transition when he ran the floor and finished off the pass but needs to work on his handles in the half-court setting. His outside shot needs form work but he is an aggressive defender who rarely gets beat when he sets his mind to stopping his foe.


4. Devin Schmidt (Sevier County) 2013

Reminds me of a young Dane Bradshaw with his ability to grab rebounds he has no business getting, making passes no one else sees and providing strength and leadership while on the floor. Schmidt has a decent outside shot and finishes very well when going to the cup. He needs to tighten his handles if he wishes to play more guard and keep the ball closer to his body.


6. Jalin Henderson (Oak Ridge) 2014

Youngster has improved his overall game a great deal in the past year, Jalin has mad handles and can break down most defenders with the dribble. He has good size and is a willing defender. He must improve his outside shot, which is not bad, but needs to become more confident with this as a weapon as teams start to scout him more heavily. The improved outside stroke could determine what level he ascends to after high school.


7. Jake Grosser (Sevier County) 2015

Showed great court awareness and always seemed to be around the ball, Jake plays very hard and obviously has been well coached at this point in his development. He has a decent outside shot but will need to work on his lateral quickness and foot speed as he moves along in the high school ranks.


8. Lucas Campbell (CAK) 2015

Determined young player knows how to score and has shown the ability to knock down the outside shot. His confidence will rise exponentially as he gets physically stronger and can use his aggressive manner to take foes off the dribble. He plays with passion and defends very well for his age group.


9. Justin Campbell (Cane Ridge) 2014

Excessively quick youngster excelled on the defensive side of the ball with his footwork and decent size. Campbell needs to improve his offensive repertoire as he readies for his junior campaign. He needs to work on his outside shot and improve his skills off the bounce to become a more complete player.


10. Sam Gregory (Walker Valley) 2014

Big guy has made immense strides in the past few seasons, improving his footwork and his ability to finish on the interior. He still has heavy feet at times and needs to improve his rebounding and boxing out positioning. Using his size to his advantage on the interior will make Sam a much more productive player in his junior season.



ALABAMA (11-20)

12. DeJon McGill (Austin East) 2013

McGill has improved his effort and thus made himself a much more effective scoring option. He has good size and plays very aggressive which serves him well on the defensive end of the floor. He can score off the dribble and has improved his outside shot as well.


13. Kyle Gunther (Sunbright) 2013

Very good mid-range shooter who has a shooter mentality when possesses the ball, Kyle needs to work on his ball-handling and improving his physical strength to finish some of his drives to the bucket. He uses the pump and ball fake very well but sometimes cannot absorb the contact to finish his drive. This youngster should have an outstanding senior campaign.


14. Jeremiah Sokol (Dobyns-Bennett) 2014

Undersized inside player gave maximum effort on both ends of the floor and made his bread and butter on the offensive glass. He battles for every rebound and plays with abandon. He will need to work on his shooting and ball skills as he progresses so he can provide some perimeter minutes in the future.


15. Jalen Carter (Hardin Valley) 2013

Very nice outside shot that just needs to be released a bit quicker along with the ability to score from mid-range make Carter a solid contributor. He tends to spend a lot of time on the three-point line despite his size and ability to score inside over weaker foes. He has good feet and is still finding his groove after some injuries.


16. Brian Park (Farragut) 2014

Park has a point guard mentality and will make some nice passes or take his opponents off the dribble and finish yet he tends to over-dribble and makes questionable decisions with the ball at other times. Consistency will help him as he enters his junior season. He has adequate size and must work on his quickness and foot work as well.


17. Jacob McCullough (Hendersonville) 2014

Highly improved scorer who has a nice shooting stroke and always seems to find ways to score, Jacob will needs to quicken that stroke as teams scout his release and he will need to add more action off the dribble, which he is more than capable of doing. He needs to make sure to control tempo and not go to fast. He functions better in a more structured setting as he is a fundamentally sound player.


18. Ross Plunkett (Creek Wood) 2016

Ross is a hard nosed, despite slight, young player who can really score the ball. He has a deadly outside stroke and is quite capable off the dribble and fearless going to the rack. He will obviously need to improve his strength but he will attack none the less. He plays tough defense but gambles a bit too much at times. He has a high basketball IQ and as he matures will be one to watch in the freshman class.


19. Jacob Elliott (South Doyle) 2013

Improving big guy has made gigantic strides each season he has competed on the high school level, Elliott is a hard nosed kid who just needs footwork and offensive skill drills to make himself a better prospect for the next level. He is a lefty which usually spells an advantage inside. As he grows in confidence with his scoring ability the sky is the limit for his potential.


20. Josh Coleman (Cookeville) 2014

Big Josh has made some strides in his game, able to use both hands on the inside, he is much more active and obviously stronger on the glass, and he has confidence in his baseline jumper and is running the floor much better. He still needs to work on his footwork which will help him inside as he guards on the interior.   

Vanderbilt Showcase Evaluations: The ACC


The final two squads representing the ACC. 




Fred Yarbrough (Dyer County)

Unstoppable defender who makes bringing the ball up the floor a chore for his opponent, decent outside shot could be more effective with repetition, very good off the dribble and unselfish finding the cutter or the open man. Finished well in traffic and showed leadership with his new mates.


Leroy Jefferson (Blackman)

Rising senior plays at a very nice tempo, rebounds very strong for a guard, goes aggressive after loose balls and showed leadership skills, he needs to tighten his handles and improve his upper body strength to finish his drives to the glass.


Jonmorgan Ransom (Bolivar Central)

Plays very strong with the ball and showed a nice outside shot, yet must quicken the release, rebounded well and played with conviction on defense. Loved his passion and fought for every loose ball, finished with contact, much improved.


Chris Bishop (Hunter's Lane)

Wing player with good size moved well without the ball and proved to be a stronger rebounder, needs to work on his ball handling and becoming more active on defense, played tough.


Connor Brandon (Wilson Central)

Outstanding shooter with deep range, plays hard, will need to work on his decision making and passing if he is going to play the point guard position, feisty competitor will push up into his defender.


Derek Kemp (Bolivar Central)

Rising sophomore showed a nice shooting touch and defended well in the half court defense, finished ok inside, must work on his ball handling and decision making as he matures into a lead guard.  


Chase Westcott (Creek Wood)


Strong outside shooter who could create many more shooting opportunities if he moved better without the ball, good passer to the post, must not leave his feet to make passes, needs to work on a one or two dribble move to compliment his outside prowess.


Anfernee Kemp (Bolivar Central)

Incoming freshman with a very popular name in the Bolivar community, good size for his age, showed he could score from the outside and rebounded the ball well, fighting for position, improving his handles and passing skills will benefit him as he gains confidence and strength.  





Isaac Harris (Hunter's Lane)

Played aggressive and seemed to finish at the rim better and better as the day wore along, handled the ball well but was a bit undisciplined with his passing, played very strong at times, showing superior athleticism and skills but tended to disappear as well, consistency makes him a dangerous player.


Collin McMullin (Harpeth)

Outstanding outside stroke not his only weapon as he went strong to the hole on numerous occasions, finishing in traffic with contact, using his outside shot to create other scoring opportunities makes him a more well rounded player, showed quick hands in the passing lanes on defense.


Wantez Graham (Liberty Tech)

Small, thick guard who went aggressive to the hole, finished with contact, must improve his ball handling and passing skills to get court time at the lead guard spot, shot selection and decision making must improve as well.


Matt Stanley (Happy Valley)

Underrated athlete who showed his skills scoring, rebounding and taking the rock aggressively to the hole, very strong off the dribble with creative ball handling skills, good shooter from mid-range to the deep line, played very well.


Antonio Lavender (Antioch)

Incoming freshman did not appear to be overwhelmed but his lack of size certainly came into play, he understands the game but was not physically able to execute what he saw against some of the older players, he will gather strength and his confidence level will raise accordingly.


Jaime Lloyd (Harpeth)

Fearless player made his way to the bucket with some quick off the dribble moves, must learn to play under control and finish those tough drives, strength will help him add range to his shooting touch and allow him not be bumped as strong going to the bucket.


Trey Bond (Ridgeway)

Rising sophomore showed wonderful vision finding the open man and looked to get everyone involved, leadership skills were good with new teammates, tended to stand and watch when he didn't have the ball in his hands, good handles and proved he could score a bit as well.


Matt Pond (Centennial)

Good sized youngster showed an advanced skill set on the offensive end of the floor, nice shooting touch, good rebounding skills, and passed very well out of the post. Good length, followed his shot inside and went for rebounds out of his area, once he improves his physical strength he will be one to watch.