Carson Newman Showcase- The ACC

Finally the last two teams on the list make up the ACC.


North Carolina (121-130)


121. Jared Hilton (Lenoir City)

Diminutive and cerebral with a head for the game, he showed
some leadership and was vocal as he ran the show. Opportunistic scorer got open
off the high ball screen.


122. Hunter
Burchfield (Greenback) 2010

Another smaller guard who has a motor and shoots the ball
effectively when open. Does an excellent job of getting back on defense and
limiting easy baskets in transition. Always plays hard.


123. Ty McBrayer
(William Blount) 2010

He loves to do most of his scoring off the dribble with
penetration and can force some shots at times. He has a nice build, can score
and makes smart decisions with the pass.


124. Chase Buckner (Union County)

Seems to have lost some confidence in his game and is
forcing the issue at times. He can score off the bounce, good athlete,
improving outside shot but plays the game very right-handed. He needs to add
some strength which will help him finish those nice drives to the bucket and increase
his shooting range.


126. Devin Robinson
(Ravenwood) 2012

He plays aggressive and wants to break you down on offense.
He can score with a nice stroke, improving floater in the lane, a must for all
small guards, and easy transition buckets. Tends to gamble on defense.


127. Blake Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2013

Thin youngster has a good feel for the game and knows how to
play just lacks strength to implement some of those heady basketball thoughts.
He has a nice one dribble pull-up that was effective.


128. Robert Troino
(Stone Memorial) 2012

You can see his basketball savvy as he goes about his
business on the floor; he just needs to add strength to get some of these things
done. He can shoot but will need to get his shot off much quicker.


129. Eric Baxmann
(Carter) 2013

He will need to adjust to the speed and strength of the high
school game and he seemed to get more comfortable as the game moved along.
Showed he could shoot the ball when open.



Clemson (131-140)


132. McKinley Maples
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2010

We were so impressed with the vocal leadership displayed by
Maples and the way he let the game come to him. He has an outstanding stroke
and gave maximum effort on defense at all times.


133. Jordan Harris (Chattanooga Christian)

Played very well throughout the showcase, showed he was unselfish
and worked hard without the ball to get open. Thick, strong body kept him from
being deterred as he drove the lane, he has made strides but must continue to
tighten his handles and perfect his outside stroke.


134. Alex Kiser
(Stone Memorial) 2011

Much more effective in the half-court set on the offensive
side of the ball but ran the floor well for easy transition buckets, interesting.
Uses his body to create scoring opportunities and with increased strength could
be very effective inside.


135. Jordan Cross
(Sullivan East) 2011

Becoming more effective off the dribble and is a pure rhythm
shooter. A very unselfish wing that looks to the post and moves without the
ball to find the open shooting lanes. Understands the game and gets scoring
chances on intelligent play.


137. Eric Meadows (Clinton) 2012

He has an effective shot, just needs to get it up from in
front of his face to get more rotation and balance. Pushes the ball on the
break but must develop an off hand to compliment his game.


138. Hunter Smoak (Hardin Valley)

One of those players everyone notices because of the hustle
and determination he gives while on the floor. Scrappy defender and an
opportunistic scorer he is the glue guy that all teams wish to have.


139. Donya Burnett
(Riverdale) 2012

This kid has absolutely great size and is not afraid to go
hard to the bucket. He could be much more effective with the drive with better
handles but he is young and he works hard. He can shoot and is much too good an
athlete to gamble so much on defense.


140. Dominique Canty
(Austin East) 2010

This small point guard has good vision but tends to get out
of control and forces things at times. He must become a better shooter to give him
some options with the ball. He is very effective breaking down his defender.

Carson Newman Showcase- The Big Ten

Let's take a look at the Big Ten.


Indiana (81-90)


81. Cody Carson (Oneida) 2010

Deceptive quickness and toughness, takes ball to the hole
strong and can absorb some contact. Really plays hard and shows a lot of
leadership from the point guard spot.


82. Braylen Bennett
(Carter) 2012

Long and athletic, Vitamin B has shown a much improved
outside stroke and can be a very good on-ball defender when motivated. Vocal
leader can raise the play of his teammates.


83. Micah Ballard
(William Blount) 2010

The lefty had one of the best camps of anyone in attendance.
Really understands the game and is tough as nails. Nice shot and crafty inside
with an array of moves that are effective even against bigger more athletic


84. Tyler Moore
(Sullivan South) 2010

Showed a very nice stroke from the outside on the catch and
shoot possession. Was more effective in the half-court game, understanding the
offensive flow much better.


85. Dwight Tarwater (Knoxville Webb) 2010

Impressed all with his better than advertised athleticism,
especially while running the floor in transition. Had a nice outside stroke and
a very good feel for the game, D1 talent.


86. Alex Thomas
(Ensworth) 2011

Effective using his basketball savvy to create scoring opps.
Good shooter finished at the rim inside and was especially good in the passing
lanes with deflections off the ball.


87. D.J. Currier (Oakdale)

Long, athletic youngster had a nice camp showing a better
than average outside shooting touch. Was effective in either the up tempo or
half court set and ran the floor well.


88. James Cravens (Cumberland County) 2010

Very long for a 6'2 player which aided in his penchant for
fighting on the offensive and defensive boards. Stuck a few put backs, will
need to work on his perimeter skills.


89. Andrew Barnett
(Pigeon Forge) 2012

Good feel for the game despite his youth and decent size as
well. Showed a nice stroke from the perimeter and played unselfish on the
offensive end of the floor.



Illinois (91-100)


91. Jeremy Whitmore
(Raleigh-Egypt) 2010

Came a long way but showed out for sure. He was solid
leading the break or busting down a hapless defender for a tough finish at the
glass. Has a good outside stroke and played determined defense.


92. Sam Hodge (Jefferson County) 2010

Crafty guard who showed a nice deep stroke on the three from
the left side. Has a good feel for the game and was especially effective in the
half-court, very heady player.


93. C.J. Alred (Clinton) 2010

He became one of the talks of the camp according to the
coaches in attendance, with a strong outside shot and a much improved game off
the dribble. Really rose to the occasion using his dribble drive to finish at
the rim or step back and drain the shot.


94. Clark
DeBusk (Claiborne) 2010

He shined with his length as a help defender, getting
numerous deflections and ending possessions for the opponent. Can make some
shots and always makes good decisions.  


95. Tyler Turner (Unicoi County)

Big bodied youngster understands his role on the floor and
carved out space for easy buckets. Has good hands and can stroke a three if
feet are set, needs to get in good condition to be more effective for a longer
period of time.


96. Jack Montague (Brentwood) 2012

The quintessential point guard that always keeps his head up
and looks for easy scoring opportunities for his teammates describes this
hard-working youngster. Very good defender can also score if needed and has one
of the finest tuned basketball minds of a kid his age I have seen.


98. Travis Elliott (Anderson County) 2012

An underclassman with an aggressive mentality on the glass
and the defensive end of the floor should serve him well inn the future. Ok
shooter will work to get better, plays with confidence has a bright future.


100. Daniel Newman (Anderson County) 2013

This youngster is still learning the game but has a knack on
the boards. Keeps his rebounds high and runs the floor well. His scoring will
come as his confidence grows.



Michigan (101-110)


101. Tyler Wilkerson
(Rhea County) 2010

 He was a pleasant
surprise that played with some grit and managed to command attention with the
ball from his defender. Scored in a variety of ways, shot is decent, needs
quicker release. He used his change of speeds to his advantage getting easy
scoring opportunities.


102. Brandon Roth
(Karns) 2010

A good shooter who needed more shot opportunities from his
teammates. He played better in the half-court set on both ends of the floor,
when the tempo was more consistent.


103. Landon Hunley
(Farragut) 2010

Good player waiting to explode with a nice feel for the game
off the dribble and an effective outside stroke. Long and athletic he shines
finishing hard to the bucket in transition.


104. Jylman Ross
(Austin East) 2010

Long athlete who crashes the boards often without regard for
his safety. Not a skilled offensive player but effective enough to get some
easy buckets on hustle and desire. Shoots ok.


105. Elliott
Satterfield (Jefferson
County) 2011

He battled hard in the half-court set, passed well out of
the double team and moved well up and down the floor, even finishing with his
left. Footwork drills could make him much more effective.


106. Will Thompson (Oak Ridge) 2011

Plays with effort and does some things well. Can shoot the
ball when open and feet are set, goes to the boards hard could really improve
with more ball skill work and quicken his shot release.


107. Lucas Branch (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Very much improved off the bounce, showed confidence in his
dribble and can really shoot the ball when he's completely in the game. Quick 1st
step can be a deadly weapon if his shot is falling.  


109. Christian Haile
(Shelbyville) 2012

His staple is on the defensive end where he uses his size
and athleticism to be a disruptive defender. Much improved on offense in the
scoring department, still needs work on his ball skills.



Ohio State (111-120)


111. Cory Billingsley
(Sweetwater) 2011

Lefty has a nice change of pace dribble that keeps more
athletic defenders off balance. Decent outside stroke still needs to quicken
his release and is most fond of coming off screens and draining shots or using
his body to creative finishes.


112. Jeramie Haney (Cocke County)

Another player who does a lot of things well, he can score
from mid-range or deep and uses his body to create tough chances inside. He must
use his athletic build to improve on the defensive end of the floor.


113. Mykal Titlow
(Greenback) 2010

Deceptive leaper is solid on the boards and gets his share
of tough buckets inside. Will step out and shoot, must quicken that release and
needs to improve his ball skills.


115. Jason Steele (Johnson County) 2011

Understands his strengths and weaknesses, thus boxes out
effectively and has a nice repertoire of inside scoring moves, including a
sweet hook shot. Will dive on the floor for loose ball and can hit a mid-range
shot. He needs to improve his lateral quickness and athleticism.


116. Ethan Simpson (Campbell County) 2013

Just a freshman so strength and size still a year or two
away. He showed he could score the rock from outside when his feet were set and
played hard showing no fear.


118. Brock Rowan
(Stone Memorial) 2013

One of the best stand still shooters despite his youth is a
much better help defender with his penchant for deflecting errant passes. Strength
will increase his shooting range and on ball defensive skills.


119. Dalton Keck (CAK) 2012

Has improved his skill set seemingly each time on the floor.
His body is getting stronger and his game is expanding as well. Can shoot and
is becoming a nice weapon on offense.


120. Logan Baliff (Cherokee) 2010

The lefty with the big body was a favorite of the staff with
his hustle and deceptive skill level. He attacked the bucket, shot well, played
numerous positions and defended solidly.






Carson Newman Showcase- The Big East

Let's take a look at the Big East. Those teams were UConn, Louisville, Cincinnati
and Villanova.


UConn (41-50)


41. Tyler Whitman
(Ooltewah) 2010

Point guard who slows the tempo and can hit the open shot.
Looks to pass in the half court and is deceptive with his handle.


42. Jaeland Lawson
(Bearden) 2011

Dynamic ball-handler has great speed but gets going to fast
and creates turnovers. Good shooter but can be more creative off the bounce,
ultra quick. Defends when motivated.


44. Phillip Stanford
West) 2010

Good size and has a game reminiscent of a veteran with
crafty inside moves and tough put backs. He wants to be a guard, must tighten
handles, has good vision and hustles.


45. Logan Blair (Sullivan South) 2010

Good hands and finishes well when he has created position.
Understands to pass from double team and is a solid rebounder. Can score with
both hands, work on footwork.


46. Nathan Lester (Lenoir City)

Small youngster played better as the camp rolled along. Gets
to the rim and can finish despite size differential. Has some grit to his play
and gets teammates involved.


47. Jonathan Presley
(Stone Memorial) 2013

Played a bit tentative at first but gradually gained his
confidence. Still small and needs strength but has a basketball IQ and was a
very good area defender in the zone game.


48. Jordan Steele (Knoxville West) 2010

Showed some decent handles and finished when he went to the
basket. Has a nice shot. He must work harder on the defensive end of the floor.


49. Davis Soehn (Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Good size for a freshman and plays hard keeping offensive
boards alive and just simply playing with effort. Work on his handles and shot
to become a wing, has a future.


50. Darryl Sligh
(Austin East) 2013

Thin athletic youngster who gave effort and made some shots
from the outside. Still young but his effort was inspiring, looks to improve a
great deal this high school season.



Louisville (51-60)


51. Dion Fair
(Bearden) 2011

Runs a team and looks to pass first with post entry or off
the penetration. Must make better decisions with the ball and play harder on
defense. Can score with floater.


52. Caleb Parsons (Cumberland County) 2010

Very impressed with Parsons, showed a good handle and
finished at the rim. Not especially quick but able to get where he needed to
go, very creative player.


53. Dominic Ratliff (Hardin Valley)

Has a good lefty stroke from mid-range but doesn't use this
weapon to his advantage often enough. Makes things harder than they should be,
just let the game come to you.


55. Anthony Page
(Austin East) 2010

Opportunistic athlete, very active on the boards and tries
to tip in everything instead of gathering and finishing. Shoots decent and runs
the floor.


56. Josiah Rechenbach
(Fulton) 2011

Has a nice feel for the game and does shoot the ball well
when can get open. More strength would allow him to use the dribble and finish.


57. Joey Macourek
(Powell) 2012

Runs the point and always look for the open man. Must
improve his outside shooting stroke and quicken his release to make it more of
a weapon for himself.


58. Franz Springmann
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Youngster took time to acclimate himself to the speed and
strength of the game. Showed he could put the ball on the floor and with
strength will be able to finish his drives.


59. Henry Brooks
(McGavock) 2011

Vocal leader who plays with heart and hustle on both ends of
the floor. Sets screens and fights for rebounds. Must work on his handles.


60. Dusty Nickles (Jefferson County) 2011

Big man showed a soft jumper from outside and posted up and
used his size to score inside as well. Must get in better condition to run the



Cincinnati (61-70)


61. Kyle Wash
(Elizabethton) 2010

Small guard seems more comfortable in the shooting guard
role. Can create own shot and has nice bounce off the floor. His shooting must
improve at this spot.


62. Brett Wade (Knoxville Central) 2010

Showed some versatility running the point but still knocked
down patented jumper. Played unselfish and looked to pass. Uses speed to score
off the dribble as well.


63. TaShawn Kelly (Knoxville Central) 2010

Good defender from the help position with deflections and
steals to stop possessions. Got to the rim with ease but had trouble finishing.
Must slow down a bit to more effective.


64. Caleb Barrett (Knoxville West) 2010

Undersized inside but grabs boards out of his area to keep
possessions alive. Can catch and shoot but must add some dribble drive moves to
facilitate a move to the wing.


65. Joey Boedwig (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Big boy banged all day long and was effective when the game
was played at a slower pace in the half court. Needs to work on his footwork
and hands but was effective.


66. Landon Hilton (Lenoir City)

Small, scrappy position defender who gives maximum effort,
especially on the defensive end of the floor. Showed some leadership ability
and has decent handles as well.


67. David Sweet
(Claiborne) 2010

Vocal leader when he was in the game ire regardless of his
position. Took ball hard to the basket and passes well from the wing.


69. V.J. Brown (Hardin Valley)

Played with some reservation at first but became more
comfortable as the camp wore on. Has the ability to shoot just needs to get
shot off quicker, good passer to the post.


70. Cayman Dial (LaVergne)

Great size, good speed, finished off the break with the
flush or took it hard to the bucket. Hit some deep threes and seemed receptive
to instruction. Must finish better to the rim.



Villanova (71-80)


71. Mason Fox (Stone
Memorial) 2010

Tough hardnosed defender is not a great athlete but goes so
hard it makes no difference. Improving shot and a crafty slice to the bucket
for the tough finishes. Simply a winner.


72. Andrew Pickwell
(Sullivan South) 2010

Better athlete than he appears, blocked some shots and got
high for some tough boards. Decent shooter took some hard drives to the bucket.
Must make better decisions.


74. Jamison Baker
(Austin East) 2011

Extraordinary leaper with long arms and a decent handle.
Needs work on his outside stroke and must temper his runs to the bucket, tends
to leave his feet too easily.


75. Alan Holt (Anderson County) 2011

Plays with so much passion and effort. Has some post moves
just needs to execute them quicker and work on his footwork as well. Improve his
shooting will increase his scoring.


76. Evan Forhetz
(Ravenwood) 2011

Really improved his point guard skills with his penetration
and looking for the open post in the half court. Has a sweet stroke and is
fearless despite his size. Tough defender.


77. Ross Cannon
(Knoxville Halls) 2012

Has added some size to his frame, which gives him more range
for his nice lefty stroke. Can drain from deep but must watch his shot
selection. Work on ball skills.


78. Parker Ratcliff
(Pigeon Forge) 2012

Gained confidence as the camp rolled along with his
unselfish play on offensive end of the floor setting screens and moving without
the ball.


79. Nathan Sherrod (Jefferson County) 2011

Pushes the ball and takes it hard to the glass for some
creative finishes in traffic. Showed a decent outside stroke and ran the floor
on the break as well.


80. Spencer Peake
(Bearden) 2011

Had a nice shooting stroke but tended to stay out on the
perimeter to often. Has good size, so developing some inside game to go with
shooting stroke. Foot speed needs work.


Carson Newman Showcase- The SEC

tyler vittetoe.jpg

No internet access in Nashville
on Tuesday so I had to wait till Wednesday morning when I got home to submit
the evaluations on the SEC.


The teams in this segment are Tennessee,
Mississippi State, Florida and Vanderbilt. Players will be
listed by camp number.


Tennessee (1-10)


1. Tyler Smith (Anderson County) 2010

Heady point guard who understands the game and is a solid
decision maker on the floor, especially on the break. Moves well without the
ball. Outside needs some improvement.


2. Brandon Logsden (Rhea County)

Solid shooter when left open especially from the baseline. Must
work on his ball-handling skills to expand his game.


3. Marcus Stewart (Cocke County)

Uses his body well to carve out position for offensive
boards and putbacks. Defends well and has a decent shooting stroke. At his size
needs to develop some point guard skills.


4. Zach Ballinger
(Carter) 2011

Played with more aggression than I have seen from him in the
past. Finished at the rim with his left hand. Has a really good stroke but
lacks confidence in his abilities.


5. Zach Sherrill
(Stone Memorial) 2010

Solid inside banger who has a great understanding of
positioning and is tough with his back to the basket. OK mid-range shot and
good on the glass. Plays hard on defense.


6. D.J. Kellogg (Hardin Valley)

Trying to prove he can play the point by becoming more of a
leader on the floor. Must work on his shot selection and give more effort on


7. Justin Wandell
(Elizabethton) 2012

Young man has a good feel for the game but must work on his
strength and skill level. Still very young but like we said has a good feel for
the game.


9. Aaron Allmon
(Austin East) 2012

Drives the ball hard and is very active on the floor. Looks
to pass first and has a nice floater in the lane. Must improve his shot to add


10. Brandon Perry
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Youngster goes hard when on the floor and with his length
can finish around the bucket. As with most of the young ones strength is an
issue. Can also hit an open shot.



Mississippi State (11-20)


11. Brandon Lopez (Christ School)

Much improved outside stroke to go along with an unselfish
game that is dribble drive heavy in all the right places. Can be a better
defender when motivated.


12. Andy Farmer
(Grainger) 2010

Catch and shoot is an understatement as Farmer dropped
threes all day long this past Saturday. Will need to add some off the dribble
action to complement his deadly shot.


13. Tucker Parkerson
(Lenoir City) 2011

Another shooter who had a good day from deep. Must quicken
his release and not force the issue on offense. Runs the floor and finished on
the break as well.


14. Chase Fox (Knoxville Catholic) 2011

Big bodied youngster has a nice stroke from outside. Needs
to get himself in better basketball shape to be more effective.


15. Lester Wilson (Carter)

Next level athlete that is dynamic on the break and swooping
to the bucket for a flush finish. Must work on his handles to increase his
overall game, he's close.


16. Michael Widener
(Gibbs) 2011

Small guard needs to slow down his tempo and not try to do
so much. Very quick and always around the ball. Plays good defense but tends to
gamble a lot.


18. Sherrius Smith (Hardin Valley)

Pushes the ball on offense and looks to pass. Has a good
shot but tends to dribble too much.


19. Burton Sampson (Webb) 2013

Good athlete with length runs the floor and can score from
inside or out. Seems to always be around the ball on both ends of the floor.
Must improve defensive effort.



Florida (21-30)


21. Dylan Powers (Lenoir City)

Gives maximum effort and can really shoot the ball from
deep. Size will be a factor but Powers understands the game and makes things
happen. Goes hard on defense as well.


22. Justin Wakefield
(Hardin Valley) 2010

Came along as the camp progressed on both ends of the floor.
Good length, decent shooting stroke and good handles, should have a solid
senior campaign.


23. David Haskins
(Loudon) 2010

If everyone gave this effort, coaches would never have to
yell. Plays so hard on both ends and showed a much improved outside shot. Must
improve his ball handling.


24. Alex Fountain
(Wartburg Central) 2013

Long athlete with athletic skills and a nice mid-range shot.
Smooth player who could be lethal with added strength. Strength should aid his
shooting range as well.


25. Dennis Ramsey
(Claiborne) 2010

Inside banger with very soft hands and a nice lefty stroke,
especially in the paint. Can rebound and will block a shot. Must improve foot
speed and work on conditioning.


27. Tanner Torres (Anderson County) 2012

Improving youngster with sweet outside stroke has added some
nice moves off the dribble. A tough spinning reverse lay-up in traffic was one
of the better moves of the day.


29. Ben Arnold (Cumberland Gap) 2012

Slight built youngster has very high basketball acumen and
is a pass first type of combo guard. His lack of strength makes some things
hard for him to accomplish.


30. Corbin Lamb
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Incoming freshman appeared tentative at first and forced
some shots early. As he gained some confidence his shot form was much better,
keep working young man.



Vanderbilt (31-40)


31. Dre Mattheiu (Knoxville Central) 2011

Shot the outside better than I have seen from him. A quick
point guard who has a pass first mentality and is quicker than most of his
opponents. Still tends to drive to deep.


32. Tyler Vittetoe (Union County)

One of the best contested shooters in the area. When his
stroke is live he's a deadly match-up. Working on his ball-handling and
decision-making. Defensive effort??


34. Antonio Dailey
(Austin East) 2010

Long athlete that plays hard and goes after every offensive
rebound. Tends to make things to difficult on offense instead of letting game
flow to him. Can finish around hoop.


35. Phillip Stephens
Catholic) 2011

Plays hard and gives maximum effort but needs to improve his
overall skill level. Work on hand strength, footwork and finishing from the
block. Will work hard to improve.


37. Darius Gallaher
(Harriman) 2011

Athlete with real quick hands that defends well and can make
some plays on offense. Needs to work on his scoring from the perimeter.


38. Jon McCroskey
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2012

Not a particularly great athlete but his length and high
basketball sense allow him to be effective with the ball. Improving shot just needs
some technique, has good vision.

39. Christian Chaffin
(Gatlinburg-Pittman) 2013

Really feeling his way at first with the older players but
gave effort while on the floor. Must work on his ball-handling and outside
shooting form.


40. Jake Wright (Oneida) 2012

Big kid grew on me as the camp wore on. Showed he could
finish inside with good hands and decent footwork. With added strength could be
very effective on high school level.




Class of 2009: Freed Hardeman Reviews

Let me start the final review session by saying thanks to everyone who attended the three showcases this season. We had over 325 players at the three camps and I hope everyone enjoyed their experience. We will have our unsigned senior events in the months following the state tourney so stay tuned for those showcases.

Now on to the business at hand, the rising seniors finish out our reviews for the Freed-Hardeman showcase and these players will be listed by their jersey numbers at the event.


JaMarco Carroll (Manassas)

It took this guy a game to figure out how his teammates played and then he showed the attributes which will give him a starting spot on the Manassas squad which is favored to win the Class A ranks this season. The smooth lefty showed speed, can leap, goes hard to the bucket, scores inside and out and made good decisions with the ball.

Chris Johnson (Liberty Tech)

Small guard who can play both spots and will be vital for the Crusaders this season providing depth at both backcourt spots. Johnson showed a nice stroke from three.

Dontavious Alston (Ripley)

Quick and loved the floater over the bigger guys in the lane. Funny release on his shot but played without fear.

Darrius Pickens (Haywood County)

Great improvement for this Tomcat. Pick showed skills I did'nt know he possessed scoring from the outside and finishing drives with a flush. Nice step back jumper and playing very hard on the defensive end of the floor. This should open some eyes for him going into his senior campaign.

Chris Jones (Bolivar Central)

Beast!!! Never played for the school before this year and what a treat he will be for Coach Rick and the Bolivar faithful. Big and strong, able to score on the block using his thickness. Once he learns the game he will be devastating on the high school level.

Nick Gilliam (Obion County)

Had to leave when his friend turned his ankle (hope Mr. Barber is doing ok) so only got action in one game. He has improved his shot and looks like he's gotten much stronger. Loved how he cut tot the bucket when his teammates were in trouble for easy scores. Should have a good senior season.

Chris Reaves (Bolivar Central)

The Austin Peay commit was as smooth as anyone in the gym. I absolutely love his demeanor on the floor and how he explodes at the right opportunities. Struggled a bit with his shot early but it came around, as most great shooters know, the more he shot it.

Ricky Williams (Liberty Tech)

Always impressed with his leadership skills. Rick showed he could knock down the consistent jumper and always plays tough and hard nosed ball defense on the opposing teams primary ball-handler.

Kelsey Hamlett (Upperman)

Gave solid effort and proved he could score inside with timely offensive boards and putbacks. Always went hard to the glass and found a way to score. Outside shot was good and he played hard on defensive end of the floor.

James Cuthbertson (Big Sandy)

The single most impressive thing about this dude was that he played hard even at the end of the camp when most are playing sloppy and the fundamentals clearly erode. Despite his size he attacked the basket, showed some creativity when scoring and nailed some easy jumpers.

Will McFall (Waterloo, Al.)

Clearly understands the offensive game with solid post-ups and always finding the open spot in the defense. He rarely recieved the ball from the guards who seemed to control the tempo but we saw his fundamental side and that was obvious. When he did get the ball he scored with either hand but will be challenged by bigger athletes on the interior.

Blaine Brewer (Arlington)

Love the kids who give effort and even though they don't have the sheer athleticism they make up for it with hustle and determination. He needs some mechanical work on his shot but hit a few. Showed unselfishness by running at either guard spot. Should have a solid senior campaign.

Chase Garrett (Riverside)

Played very hard and was one of the better post defenders in the camp. Showed nice athleticism on both ends and will be very effective in high school with his constant motor.

Dominique Mallory (Middle College)

Ran the show for his squad without compromise, showed leadership skills and can score when the situation call for that. Played very good on the defensive side of the ball and plays with a high basketball IQ.

Chandler Cavaness (Chester County)

Big frame showed some very nice post passing skills to cutter heading for easy layups. Decent mid-range shot when the game is reduced to the half-court variety. Must get in better shape to run the floor and defend his position.

Des Crisp (Bolivar Central)

Showed alot of skill in alot of areas but must provide a consistent effort on the floor. Long and athletic he had flashes of brilliance finishing above the rim. Shot selection could be an issue.

Trey Edwards (Arlington)

Showed a very nice mid-range jumper and played his position very well. Not the most athletic on the floor but saavy enough to hold his own with his continuous effort. Loved his ability to score off the dribble and was very unselfish.

Jonathan Hodge (Bolivar Central)

Very opportunistic player around the bucket. Gets his hands on offensive boards and putbacks by using sheer effort and determination. Its not an accident why this happens, he works hard.

DeAngelo Williams (Spring Hill)

Excessively smooth. I have really ben impressed with his progress this summer and from the last two camps. He has that swet lefty finish, understand the game and can score inside or off the bounce. He has played his way into someone paying for school and that my friends is the bottom line.

Marlin Dotson (Liberty Tech)

Seems to always be in the right place on the defensive side of the floor. Plays with emotion and heart. Can score inside with his strong size and will be vital for the success of the Crusaders this season.




Class of 2010: Freed-Hardeman Reviews

The junior class is on the clock and ready to rock. These players will be listed in sequence by their camp number for simplicity purposes.


Brandon Tubbs (Riverside)

All my notes on him were positive, tough player, fearless, plays under control and will flourish in a structured system.

Tyler Thompson (Arlington)

Good shooter who also works hard while on the floor. Makes up for sheer athleticism with smarts and saavy. Finished to the rim with either hand.

William Douglas (Manassas)

Quick and in your face defensively, Douglas will need to temper his game because he does get out of control frequently with no where to go. His effort is top notch and he will become more comfortable with the point guard role as he matures.

Cordero Williams (Liberty Tech)

Really starting to grasp the point guard role and always has that good shot from deep. His defensive effort is "Pure Liberty", which in effect means he gets after it.

Jay Murphy (Bolivar Central)

Playing with a bit of a foot injury hampered his elevation on his shot. Jay showed continued progress on his decision making and I love how he controls tempo on the floor. A leader.

Shaq Walker (Manassas)

Saw him hit six straight during one stretch. His shot always looks true and when he gets more comfortable off the dribble his success will rise. Plays hard on defense with good speed.

Jeremy Whitmore (Raleigh-Egypt)

Really came to life when I challenged that entire games effort at the half. Tough defender and smart offensive player who is always on the move, cutting to the open area for easy buckets. Decent outside shot, should have a fine season for Coach Adams this year.

Charlie Brackeen (USJ)

Really showed leadership skills while rallying his guys when they were down. Not a great lateral athlete he uses his smarts to get shots off and always gives effort.

Brandon Roberts (Raleigh-Egypt)

One of the more impressive players at the event. Strong and able to play both guard spots, Roberts canned over half his threes and played defense like a man possessed. Can't wait to see how his season goes.

Tarius Johnson (Liberty Tech)

I am always impressed with TJ's effort, there are not many kids who play this hard every second they are on the floor. His offensive game is growing as he's added some confidence to his shooting touch. Keep it up.

Reggie Elkins (Brighton)

Small but painfully quick with or without the ball. His decision making actually got better as he became more comfortable with his teammates. He can shoot decent and plays tough on the ball defense.

Yurick Griggs (Bolivar Central)

Improved confidence and shooting stroke should allow him to see many more varsity minutes this season. He needs more consistent effort on defense which should also increase his court time.

T.J. Smith (Livingston Academy)

Always loved his size and demanor on the court. A much better system player who understand the nuiances of the game, he can shoot, has enough size to finish around the bucket and plays solid position defense.

Quinten Lee (Ripley)

Love his tempo with the ball and his determination to become better at his position. He has great vision and can score when the situation calls for that skill. I look forward to his continued development.

Jauwon Cain (Liberty Tech)

Blistering defender who plays smart and never lacks for effort. He can play some wing and is shooting the ball better, the work is paying off.

Johnnie Dunavent (Bolton)

Beautiful lefty mid-range stroke and has good instincts around the bucket. Scores on put backs and clever offesnive glass work. Must be able to use his right hand to further his development.

Riley Morgan (Madison)

One of the better shooter at the camp and a surprisingly good position defender. Plays the game unselfish always looking for the cutter and becomes that cutter when the offense starts to show signs of stagnation.

Jacob Warnick (Perry County)

Can everyone from Perry County shoot the ball? Jake did that and gave effort on both ends of the floor. His defensive effort will improve dramaticaly as he work on footwork and lateral skills drills.

Chris Cox (Big Sandy)

Solid shooter can play the 2 or the 3 equally well. Played defense and played it hard, will be a solid contributor on his level.

Maurice Bynum (Haywood County)

Showed marked improvement in all areas. Was tough on the glass using his size to carve out space, showed a much improved mid-range game and exploded past defender to get easy hoops off the dribble.

JuJuan Blaylock (Liberty Tech)

Grasping the role of inside banger and unquestioned floor leader will come as his role within his team is more clearly defined. Dubbed "Big Boi II" for his resemblance in stature to former Liberty star Antwan Long. He plays hard and tough, it will happen.

Keegan Fuller (Bolivar Central)

Good effort always comes from the Bolivar kids and Fuller was no exception. Can shoot the ball but must become more comfortable playing the lead guard spot.


Class of 2011: Freed Hardeman Previews

ray parks.jpg

The Class of 2011 took center stage this past Saturday at Freed showing the depth and potential of this class not only statewide but some legitimate big time prospects continue to emerge. Alphabetically as is always the case:


Joevantae Arnold (Liberty Tech)

Quick, can handle and tough, must learn the tempo of his position and how it affects his team and fellow players. Decision making will be something he needs to work on.


Odgra Bobo (Liberty Tech)

Good size and athletic skills allow him to be a very good defender on and off the ball, good coaching don't hurt either. His offensive game needs to be upgraded to make him a complete player.


Bubba Clifton (Summertown)

Do my eyes decieve me or did I just see the next Tyler Cutter. Cut from the same mold as the former Siegel star, Clifton is hard-nosed, tough and plays with a tempo you love for a point guard. Adjectives galore describe his demanor on the floor, tough, determined, unselfish and leader. I can't wait to see his progession through the years.


Octavious Ellis (Whitehaven)

High skill level can shoot, rebound and block some shots when he gets into the post. Shies from contact because of his slight build but has a tremendous amount of potential. Once he gets a bit stronger his game will grow exponentially.


Antonio Fischer (Manassas)

Strong build allows him to defend well when he puts the effort into it. He showed good vision and unselfishness while running some point but needs to work on his offensive game.


Wontez Graham (Liberty Tech)

Another product from the Liberty factory, Graham is slightly built but understands the game just has trouble because of his size. Should benefit greatly from Liberty's style and penchant for playing alot of players.


Kedren Johnson (Marshall County)

I come away more impressed everytime I see this young man. His ability to run the show and his unselfish nature make him a coaches dream. He has great explosion to the glass and the ability to finish softly. More work on his outside game makes him a top 50 player nationally once the major services learn of his exploits.


Will Jones (Chester County)

Small player in height but strong enough to make some things happen. He showed he could score and with continued practice can be a very functional high school contributor.


Alvertis London (Overton)

Very impressed by the skills this young fella had in his arsenal. He showed the ability to shoot the lefty jumper and had a nice floater, a neccessity for anyone his size. He got out of control, as did the whole game, at the end but the more he stays on the floor the better his game will evolve.


Eli Matthews (Summertown)

Summertown is set in the backcourt for the next few seasons. Matthews played hard and had good skills. He shot well, can see the court and above all gives maximum effort.


Cedric McAfee (Craigmont)

WOW!!! Better than advertised with a complete game that only has room for growth. Exceptional explosion and scoring grace, defensively stout as long as he makes the effort and one of the quickest first steps in the state. His stock is on the immediate uprise and he will become a national recruit before too long.


E.J. Miller (USJ)

I can't tell you how much I love watching guards, especially young guards, who play the game the way it was intended to be played. Miller is that kid. Smart, fearless and never afraid to pull it in your face or use his exceptional basketball saavy to go right by you. Bright future and love the spin move in traffic.


Jo Northington (Manassas)

Glad to see him come back to Tennessee and ascertain his rightful place among the state's elite Class of 2011 players. Exceptional explosion coupled with tremendous drive and want to make him one of the best players at this event. He had the full arsenal of offensive tricks, the straight jumper, sweet floater, quick off the bounce you name it he scored it.


Bobby Parks (St. George's)

My goodness what a player. His ability to use his strong build and exceptional ball-handling skills made him a dangerous player to attempt to guard. He drives right by bigger defenders and overpowers the little fellas and usually finishes with something crowd pleasing. He showed a toughness on defense and looks to make a name on the national stage before too long.


McCoy Pope (Overton)

Good build and powerful size coupled with a willingness to battle inside make him a potential very good player. His skill level needs work but he gave maximum effort so that should not be an issue for his development.


Chris Porter (Manassas)

Showed a nice shot when feet were set but at his size must work on his ball-handling and decision making. Played tough defense and accepted the challenge of guarding whomever had the ball.


Demetrius Whitehorn (Bolivar Central)

Flashes of absolute dominance make him a very intruiging prospect. So strong and athletic he can virtually score unabaded whenever he feels the need. His effort must become more consistent the entire game. I love his ability to score from mid-range and take his defender off the dribble.






Class of 2012/2013: Freed-Hardeman Reviews

Practice around the state began in earnest yesterday and with the final camp of the fall we close things out with the reviews from our West Tennessee showcase. Talent engulfed the gym in Henderson and we will start our profiles with the Class of 2012. These players will be listed in alphabetical order:

Willie Atwood (Kirby)

Very impressive length and a straight up nice stroke from deep. Smooth above his years, Atwood was one of the better youngsters in the entire showcase. He played hard on defense and showed he is a player to keep an eye on for the coming seasons.

Johnnie Brown (Bolivar Central)

Coach Rick keeps 'em comin in Bolivar with another stable of talented youngsters. Brown was a very athletic 6'3 leaper who will obviously need to work on his skill level on the offensive side of the ball.

Taylen Douglas (Liberty Tech)

Could we have found the next little big man for Coach Williams at Liberty. Douglas is a 5'4 quickness packed dynamo who goes hard to the bucket at every opportunity even if the situation does not merit this action. He will learn, Coach will make sure.

Matt Gilboy (Perry County)

Good size and an impressive basketball IQ. His strength allowed him to score inside and his ability to shoot the ball gave him a step, which he used to his advantage despite not being a great athlete. He plays above his years and as he gets into basketball shape he will be a contributor this season.

Cameron Golden (Ridgeway)

Smooth lefty stroke, excellent ball-handling skills, quick first step and ability to shoot running floater over bigger defenders defined the exploits of Mr. Golden. He must become comfortable using his right hand and his game will flourish.

Myron Johnson (Carver)

Excellent quickness and the ability to penetrate and score off the dribble. Loved his potential leadership skills and how he handles himself on the court. Very bright future for this young man.

Joey Macourek (Powell)

Made the trek from the East to see how he faired against the Western competition. He did fine. Love his demeanor on the court, he plays hard and knows his role as point man. His size will be a factor as he must overcome this with quickness and leadership from out front. Love his work ethic and energy.

Treline Polk (Bolivar Central)

Struggled at first to the tempo of what was happening but once he did he showed some very obvious skills. Quick and good length give him a leg up on his peers but consistent effort will seperate him. He can shoot the ball and is comfortable facing the bucket and going hard off the dribble. I like his size and length and look for him to be one of the next good ones from Bolivar.

Tyler Price (Bolivar Central)

Wonderful stroke, one of the better stand still shooter at the event. Must develop his game to include more than the outside shot, he gave effort and did'nt shy away from contact, which bodes well for his introduction into high school hoops.

Fabian Sain (Bolivar Central)

Thick and athletic were the obvious characteristic of this future Bolivar star. Light on his feet and quick to the bucket give him a chance to see some early playing time. He will need to develop his ball-handling and outside shooting as his peers catch up with him in size.

Jarrell Stokes (Memphis Central)

Impressive big man who showed very good hands and understands the post up game and how to clear for boards. He will need to learn to play hard all the time but that will come with maturity and added strength. His body is ready to play immediately but he needs additional work on his offensive game to become elite.

Chase Winslow (USJ)

One of the better shooter especially for this class at the showcase. He understands the footwork dynamic of shooting and it showed as he knocked down several open jumpers. As most players this age strength will be the immediate issue but understanding how to play, he has that gene and will see immediate playing time because of it.

Montrae Williams (Spring Hill)

Smooth yet as we stated before small. Strength becomes the biggest issue for the incoming youngsters and those who grasp this concept will be ready to contribute before their peers who do not. Williams has a nice stroke and as he gains confidence, which incidently coincides with strength, he will be a good player.


Class of 2013

Two youngster from this class attended the event on recommendations from their mentors.

Jequan Lewis (Dickson County)

Way ahead of the curve intelligence wise and obviously understands the game. He dominates his age group and held his own on Saturday. Nice shooting touch, needs to dribble less but showed he was one of the up and coming talents in this class.

Kevin Petterson (Marshall County)

Another above average point guard who understand the game and really has a flair at this young age. Coming off a tough football season he is rounding into shape but you can see his understanding of his position and another youngster with a bright future.  

Freed Hardeman Showcase Information and Preview News

Hello to everyone and a hardy thank you for all who have helped make Tennessee Prep Hoops one of the top high school basketball websites in the country.

Some quick information on the Freed-Hardeman showcase. Those who wish to walk-up we will have plenty of spots and also a reminder that registration does not start until 1:30 on the 25th.

Please keep that in mind.



Also the region reviews will be rescheduled and will be as follows:

Class A Regions 1-4 (November 3rd)

Class A Regions 5-8 (November 4th)

Class AA Regions 1-4 (November 5th)

Class AA Regions 5-8 (November 6th)

Class AAA Regions 1-4 (Novemner 10th)

Class AAA Regions 5-8 (November 11th)

DII Previews (November 12th)

We will undergo a major facelift starting at the first of November with some exciting new features and all of our old favorites as well.


Thanks for your time and Happy Hoops


Class of 2009: Vanderbilt Reviews

deonte alexander.jpg

Sorry for the delay everyone but now we tackle the final class of players the rising seniors or Class of 2009. Not as well represented as some of the younger classes but solid none the less. To kkep with our forum we chose 9 players, from 2009, that shined very bright, 9 more who shined bright and others who definetely deserve some mention. The players will be listed alphabetically


9 Who Shined Bright:

Jamarious Alderson (Clarksville Northeast)

This young man came to play. He is blessed with so much talent it is so nice to see it come out and for him to play so hard the entire game. His outside shot has always been solid and if he plays with this effort and intensity all season he will be rewarded with accolades and coaches from the next level paying him much attention.

Deonte Alexander (Glencliff)

Tay kinda took a backseat early with his offensive game learning his teammates and letting some of them show their offensive prowess. He has become a very capable point guard and a leader from the spot as well. He showed patient moments of scoring and knows when to exert himself on offense.

Dustin Baxter (Upperman)

A superb player who can score from inside or out. He plays with a passion and will cut your heart out to win. I love his energy and the tempo he plays the game at. He's a much better athlete than people think and with his effort on both ends of the floor, he's a dream player for any DII or NAIA institution.

Trey Carouthers (Harpeth)

Thats the player I saw in April and May. The guy who was flying all over the floor making plays on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor. Scoring off hard drives and throwing down a couple in your grill. Playing with a smile and a purpose, welcome back Trey.

Anton Christian (MLK)

The biggest surprise of the camp for me. I knew of him but did not expect to see this type of athlete and player. A great athlete plays with toughness and can shoot the ball very well. He goes hard to the glass and defends like his life depended on it. I believe he could be a Top 25 player in the state before the end of the season.

Steve Cook (Chattanooga Christian)

If you watch him you can't help but be impressed with his demeanor and leadership skills. Cook takes charge of his team irregardless of situation and makes everyone around him better. He has good offensive skills and is aconsistent jumper away from being very good.

Collin Crane (Karns)

Great size and plays his guts out on the floor. His 6'5 frame makes him an ideal two on the next level and his shooting prowess makes him even more of a weapon. He's a much better athlete than one thinks and he gives maximum effort on both ends of the floor.

D'Angelo Mason (Gallatin)

Another surprise at the camp, Mason showed much quickness and was a very explosive player around the bucket. Great intensity on both ends of the floor and the ability to shoot helps him as well. Look forward to his progress in high school this season.

D'Angelo Williams (Spring Hill)

Solid defender who showed a deft lefty stroke from all over the floor. I love his length and ability to score off the dribble. Someone will get a very good player who seems to improve every time he steps on the floor. Loves his potential.



10 More Shined:

Jermahl Bertrand (Hillsboro)

This young man has improved his game and his effort tremendously. He has made himself a viable candidate for the next level and when he improves his outside shooting and ball skills he will go far.

Gerald Corlew (Maplewood)

Big surprise with his ability to lead a team and control the tempo of the game. Played with effort and hustle.

Wes Long (Summertown)

Big strong player who has one of the better shots in the mid-state area. He understands the game and uses his skills to his advantage. He will need to improve his lateral skills to guard on the next level and could be even more efffective if he used his superior strength and size to score more inside.

Will Moore (Chattanooga Christian)

So wonderful to see Will back in the fold after some serious injuries. He showed he still had the smoothness and had moments of explosion that I'm sure he is glad to see. Once he is back in basketball shape his game will be back to where it was before the injury.

Carrin Nash (Upperman)

Great size and good on the glass and from the perimeter make Nash a must have for the next level. He has good strength and is not afraid to mix it up inside.

Cameron Pridemore (Grace Christian)

Smart and heady from the point guard position. Cam is more than capable of running the show and can score if called upon. He plays defense hard and is not afraid to go hard to the glass.

Ryan Slusher (Grace Christian)

Probably the best effort I have seen from this talented youngster. He played with fire and seemed to be enjoying himself on the floor. He plays at a nice tempo and can score off the dribble or from the outside. His potential is limitless if he continues with this mentality.

Robert Sutton (Glencliff)

Nice player who can shoot from mid-range or deep. He plays hard on both ends of the floor and can play either guard spot. Look forward to a solid senior campaign.

Kyle Teichman (Brentwood)

Great system player who can score inside no matter how big or tough the defender. I love his work ethic and determination to get better.



Others who deserve mention:

Brandon Burns (Marshall County)

Montae Brown (Spring Hill)

Daniel Rial (Dickson County)

Patrick McPhail (Overton)

Brandon Upchurch (Clarkrange)

Jay Cannon (Knoxville Halls)

Brandon Hunter (Gallatin)

Blake Cardin (Independence)

Joseph Darnell (Cornersville)

Themarius Head (Centennial)

Nick Smith (Aaron Academy)

DeAngelo Bullock (Knoxville West)

Jacquail Jacox (Maplewood)

Chris Moses (Kenwood)

Caleb Maxwell (Aaron Academy)