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Carson Newman Showcase…..Class of 2010 Reviews

tyler vittetoe.jpg

Moving on to Thursday the Class of 2010 is on the docket. My staff and I chose 14 players who caught our attention and will review them in alphabetical order:

Logan Blair (Sullivan South)

Big, strong and active. This hard working banger is soon to be on the rankings list and will command some attentio from the smaller schools. Great effort on the glass.

Austin Gardner (Morristown East)

One of the best shooters in a camp devoid of that skill. Will need to add the mid-range game and off the dribble moves to make this a weapon for him. Solid player.

Mitchell Hill (Cookeville)

My coaching friend said "If he was 6'4 he'd be playing in the SEC". High praise from a former D1 coach. Hill is solid with his lefty stroke, his ability to run the show and his basketball IQ. He knows when to score and when to dish, his game is straight up solid.

Linwood Holloway (Knoxville Central)

Known for his effort and all out hustle, Linwood showed some serious stroke on his shot. He played better defense using his size to position and force his defender where he did not want to go, this combined with his effort makes him a nice player for the next level.

Devin Jackson (Knoxville West)

Always has the sweet stroke but is conscience of using the dribble more. He needs to keep his head up so he can drop some dimes, but his effort is there and it is obvious he has worked on his weaknesses. His shot selection is something he needs to tighten up.

Cameron Langley (Maryville)

Slight built but so smart and saavy. He does things effortlessly but lacks the physical strength to complete those tasks. He can shoot better than he showed Saturday and he'll be vital for the Rebels this season. Get in that state of the art Maryville weight room and your confidence will soar.

Julian McBee (Knoxville Central)

Huge surprise to me. This youngster stood around 6'7 and had instincts that will take him far of he continues to work. His strength will be an issue but his aggressiveness to the glass will not. Wanted to dunk everything, although not a bad philosophy, I loved the intensity, now lets work on the skill.

Travai Pryor (Austin East)

Playing for the first time since the summer, T.P. got tired and it showed near the end. When he is focused and into the game, THERE IS NO ONE IN THIS AREA WHO CAN CHECK HIM. I hope he realizes this and uses his gifts to his advantage. Lefty with extreme strength, can score off the bounce and has an adequate shot from deep.

Zach Sherrill (Stone Memorial)

Another player who has obviously worked on his skills. Zach showed fearless abandon going to the bucket for finishes, grabbing loose caroms and playing hard defense. His game will need to feature a mid-range shot to make him a complete player and work on his ball-handling. Guys his size will need to be wings on the next level. Love his improvement.

Tyler Smith (Union County)

Despite the large knee brace, Smith is coming back from his injury. He showed flashes of his old explosion going through the lane for an attempted dunk and gave effort on the defensive side of the ball. I love this kids intensity and hope he can fully recover from his injury. He looks like he's headed in that direction.

Marcus Stewart (Cocke County)

Athletic and always looking to go to the glass. He has much room for improvement in the shooting arena but will score his points going to the bucket. His defensive effort is solid and will improve with time.

Sheldon Wade (Austin East)

Small cat and new to the area, Wade showed he could score and when he made the effort could make his teammates around him better. He will need to shed some of the scoring mentality to run the point, but has good instincts and plays hard on defense.

Tyler Whittman (Ooltewah)

Very good shooter who will need to quicken up his release. When feet are set he was draining them. Whittman will need to improve his game off the dribble and work on his ball-handling from the backcourt positions, but I think he has that in his game just wanted to show everyone he could shoot.

Tyler Vittetoe (Union County)

We know he can shoot and when he gets hot, forget about it.. I was impressed with a little bit of defensive effort and some very nice passes to open cutters especially on the break. Keep improving those aspects of his game and he will be playing on the next level.


Others who caught our eye:

Troy Hopson (Greeneville)

Ryan Sharpe (Jefferson County)

Chaz Barnes (Alcoa)

Antonio Dailey (Austin East)

Jacob Lanning (Jefferson County)

Hunter Carpenter (Hancock County)

Caleb Barrett (Knoxville West)

Cody Burrell (Walker Valley)

Jackson Coursey (Father Ryan)

Jeramie Haney (Cocke County)

McKinley Maples (Gatlinburg Pittman)


Carson Newman Showcase…Class of 2011 Reviews

kedren johnson.jpg

For Wednesday we turn to the rising sophomores or Class of 2011. My staff and I chose 10 players who had outstanding camps and a few others who peaked our curiosity. The players will be listed in alphabetical order.


Cory Billingsley (Sweetwater)

Ever so smooth lefty goes to the bucket at every opportunity and seems to finish on command. His outside shot is adequate but could become a more formidible weapon with some extra gym work. He will need to work on his quickness and lateral speed for the defensive side of the ball.

Jaden Cook (Tennessee High)

Understands the game and knows how to play. Shot the ball ok but must work on shot selection. Decent handles and was unselfish with the ball.

Kendren Johnson (Marshall County)

One of the best in this class statewide. The kid has good size, special ball-handling skills and can score off the dribble and takes punishment going to the glass. His game is pass first and his strength allows him to finish the play. He will be a high major player when he solidifies his outside game to give him a weapon so people won't play off of him.

Brandon Lopez (Austin East)

Gritty tough guy who is getting better each time he gets on the floor. His leadership and unselfish game make him a precicious commodity for a coach. His offensive game is coming around with mechanical tweaks needed on his outside game. Love his intensity and effort.

Dominic Matthews (Marshall County)

It seemed I refered to my player list a dozen times and each time it was Matthews who made me look. A tough built kid who plays with heart and abandon. Can score inside with his body and will certainly need some work on his lefty stroke.

DeAndre Matthieu (Knoxville Central)

The littlest guy in the camp but don't tell him that. Dre is astounding at increasing the tempo and finding open guys or scoring on his own when neccessary. He needs to grasp the concept of good pass vs. bad pass but his vision and basketball IQ are already things he uses to make up for sheer size.

Thornton Miller (Greeneville)

Not anything like I expected. A 6'7 kid from Greeneville with a sweet lefty stroke. His game is decidedly outside and Coach Duncan will make sure he matriculates some of that inside as he gets stronger. A weapon is his shot which will need to be quicker, but is very nice to say the least.

Phillip Stanford (Knoxville West)

Active, athletic and seemingly always around the ball, this guy is constant motion and always looking to score. He is much to good an athlete not to be a better defender and has a tendency to only go right. These are things that will come as he matures but his style is fun to watch.

Jason Steele (Johnson County)

Burly, tough and hard nosed describe this guy. He was extremely active inside be it on the offensive glass or trying to keep his defender off of it. Spent alot of time on the floor and seemed to relish in the moment. He showed a nice little mid-range shot and if he gets to 6'7 could be a guy who really makes a splash on the recruiting trail.

Philip Stephens (Knoxville Catholic)

Great hands, good effort describe this hard working player. He gave maximum effort and never did his motor die down. His lateral quickness and athleticism will need constant work but he will make up for lots of that with sheer effort.


Others who played well:

Alex Kiser (Stone Memorial)

Skyler Brown (Seymour)

Bryan Everhardt (Greeneville)

Phillip Cox (Union County)

Brenden Downs (Tennessee High)

Zach Ballinger (Knoxville Carter)

Jon McCroskey (Gatlinburg-Pittman)

Jahmahl Thomas (Austin East)

Darius Gallaher (Harriman)

Chase Buckner (Union County)

Josiah Rechenbach (Fulton)


Carson Newman Showcase..Class of 2012 Review


Can you believe the freshman class is the Class is the Class of 2012. Unbelievable.

First I wanna thanks everyone who came out to the showcase on Saturday and helped make it a success. I will be previewing the Class of 2012 today with 2011 on Wednesday, 2010 on Thursday and 2009 on Friday.

My evaluators and I chose the top 8 players from this class and they will be listed in alphabetical order;

Braylen Bennett (Knoxville Carter)

Athletic and unselfish to a fault. Can score has great size for a freshman and will be an impact player this season.

Donya Burnett (Station Camp)

Great first step and instincts that bely his age. Athletic and strong can finish inside and must improve his outside work to get to the next level.

Christian Haile (Shelbyville)

Intense defender which is very rare at this age. His offensive game needs to come around but his penchant for making plays on defense will endear him to his high school coach and he will see playing time right away.

Anthony Lewis (Knoxville Carter)

Stature: small. Heart:Large.  This little fella was fearless and was always in the thick of the action. His decision making will need work and will improve as he gets older. Loved his demeanor and work ethic.

Cody Malicotte (Campbell County)

Very rare breed of good footwork and great hands for a player this young. He can score inside with either hand and knows how to get position and grab offensive glass. He will need to add some mid-range game if he remains at 6'2.

Jack Montague (Brentwood)

Is way ahead of the game with his court saavy and passing skills, his size will always be a challenge. Jack has great vision always knows who the open guy is and once he adds strength will be able to score a little to make himself even more of a threat.

Matt Shown (Alcoa)

Another solid inside player who has good technique and post skills for a youngster. Has good hands and can finish inside and will be a more viable threat when he adds strength as most kids this age will be.

Tanner Torres (Anderson County)

Another youngster with a pass first mentality who always seems to know the open player if that player does'nt realize it. Torres has spectacular vision and once his size and strength come around will be devastating going to the bucket drawing defenders and leaving teammates with easy buckets.


Others who had solid showings as well:

Casey Smith (Morristown East)

Ross Cannon (Knoxville Halls)

Dalton Keck (CAK)

Colby Knox (Anderson County)

Eric Meadows (Clinton)

Willie Coursey (Father Ryan)

Jared Tharp (Union County)



Unsigned Senior Event News….April 19th Event

Unsigned seniors just a quick note to remind everyone about the event this Saturday at Carson Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

I have confirmed 10-15 coaches will be in attendance so don't miss out on this event.

Due to scheduling conflicts this showcase will be the only unsigned senior event we do this summer so please take advantage.

Plenty of spots are available so don't miss out on this opportunity.

Unsigned Senior Showcase (April 19th) Information

Unsigned seniors, I wanted to take a moment and encourage you to register for the Tennessee Prep Hoops Unsigned Senior/Junior College Showcase taking place at Carson Newman Colleg on April the 19th.

I have confirmed at least 12 coaches for the event ranging from DII, DIII, NAIA and Junior College have assured me they will be in attendance.

If you are looking for an opportunity this is the event to attend. You can register on the banner at the front of the website. if you have questions or concerns email me at andre@tnprephoops.com.